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  1. Yeah exactly my bad for not being clear
  2. I transfered someone 30$ from my checking account that is linked to my mortgage app. These funds are not needed for closing. Is an underwriter gonna question this?
  3. Is the underwriter gonna question an external transfer of money to someone else from my mortgage account.
  4. http://s11.postimg.org/e3vlz7tgj/fico.png 3 years into this credit journey and I am finally here. This website has been golden.
  5. I will be joining you guys this upcoming cycle. Looking forward to this it has been awhile.
  6. Sure did!! no it didn't. Something else happened in order to get a score increase. Addresses have ZERO effect on your FICO. Maybe your AAOA increased, util decreased... Something else happened. I was about to say the same thing....
  7. Check out the medical forum for dealing with medical collections....they are easy to get off.
  8. Its been so long....nice to see there are some new developments.
  9. You should read the stickies on top of this board....also a way to get deletions is by non stop disputing on EQ and TU. Experian not so much you should try a jack attack(lookup) on your first dispute attempt.
  10. Did you ever send out a DV? Make them validate before you pay anything. Also, never pay a collection agency a dime without getting them to agree to a PFD in writing. Also, if AT&T still owns the debt which more than likely they do. Pay them directly and dispute it as "not mine" on you reports.
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