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  1. I have some old billing statements for a paid off student loan (2-3 years now). I have a statement from them that it's paid off. The rest are old billing statements. Should I get rid of them? Should I scan them into a PDF instead? I figure the paid off note is close enough. The original loan servicer left the industry so it was sold new a new servicer 4-5 years ago. The old servicer I had problems with as they reported inaccurately on my credit report. Ended up getting it resolved, but made me a bit paranoid to keep every statement.
  2. Yeah, it's big to me too. I really should focus on it, but I'm having some life issues at the moment which making me save for other things.
  3. So I'm not funding my 401K for now, I'm going to wait a year while I have a good amount of savings for things I may need to buy later (e.g. engagement ring, car, or down payment on a house). After that, I want to focus on retirement accounts as much as possible. Saving as much as possible. I'm trying to allocate a "fun fund" where I put x amount per year toward it. It includes monthly trips, and yearly trips abroad.
  4. I have a Roth already, now it's a matter of getting my 401K funded. I do want to have at least 1 year of savings and then entirely focus on my 401K.
  5. I am thinking about converting my Citi Dividend to a World Elite Mastercard. Is it worthwhile still?
  6. They legally can't? I mean, I was traveling and couldn't check it.
  7. Hope so, it is only 4 days late. It would suck to go past due. IME student loans?
  8. Sallie Mae switched to this Navient. I made a payment, but it didn't go through. I also thought I had set it up as an automatic payment, but it looks like I didn't. So it went past due. I paid it again 4 days later. What is the likihood I will be dinged with a 30 day late?
  9. I agree with this statement. If you have 3 loans out at 10 years and let's say you consolidate and close them. You now have a 4 loans with an AAOA of like 8 years as opposed to AAOA of 10 years. You're average goes down. Of course over time this will improve, but the strong weighting of age of accounts to your FICO score I think has a higher effect. Just my thought and experience. I'm interested to see if this has actually helped people here.
  10. How many loans do you have? If you've had them for a while, they're likely helping your AAOA a lot. Let's say they're 10 years old, they may be your oldest credit lines reporting, you have a bunch of loans with long history. If you remove them, you now have changed the weighting of that to just be your one loan. The biggest helper (I'd say) with consolidation is lowering your debt-to-income ratio and any utilization (which I don't think is figured in at any score). This is my opinion, but maybe someone else can jump in, or perhaps talk to a financial planner.
  11. Yes, the FTC issued guidance on this to the DOE General Counsel some years ago. There are some information on the matter (not available online and I don't have access to) which state this interpretation of removing adverse credit reporting under these circumstances for student loans. They should report it current because they agreed to a retroactive deferment or forbearance and acknowledge that period in which no payment was due. You cannot have a time in which no payment was due and be late on the loan at the same time. Some companies will acknowledge it and some will not.
  12. You cannot sue under FCRA only the FTC can. If you want to claim this reporting harmed you in obtaining that is up to you. I know some folks have done this and there are some cases about it with student loans. I think AES has some terminology when they accept a forbearance/.deferment that the person understands that they won't remove the lates.
  13. Great question. So the account is on an old address I lived at in another state. I moved to a different state during the alleged charge off and all that for the account. The different state is the one I live in now which the SOL is 4 years from last payment. Last February, I got served in my old address. The old state I lived in has an unusual rule where you can do a pocket service -- initiate a lawsuit without filing with the court. Anyways, I hired a lawyer in my old state (thank goodness for the Internet) and got them to dismiss the case. I never gave them my new address. My attorney recommended I update my addresses with my CR report (which are now updated). It is extremely unlikely they know I live in a state with SOL of 4 years..

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