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  1. Can your employer be seen with a soft inquiry or only from a hard?
  2. Do mortgage applications submit your disclosed employer to CBs?
  3. Been a while, but was able to dispute online a few years ago to see my credit report and don't remember needing an e-mail address. I just enter my details and go from there. Now it is requiring me to credit an account with an email? Is this required now?
  4. I created an account with TR like 10+ years ago. It was with an e-mail address that I no longer use and can't access. Anyways, I tried logging in today after about as long and it appeared that they sent a verification code to my e-mail address that I've long stopped using. How can I update this or what can I do?
  5. I have student loans and that's it. But I don't have anything else, like a house or car.
  6. No lates, no issues on CR. My score is around 750, and 800+ on non-FICO scores. Looking to maybe get a house in a year or so. I thought a personal loan (another type of credit) might be helpful on my credit score? I don't really need one, I suppose I could use it to consolidate payments, but not required. My strategy is to get a loan for 36 month and pay it back within 6 months or so. Good idea or no?
  7. I have a Delta Gold AMEX card, I got an offer for 50K miles for the Platinum so thought about upgrading. Does upgrading submit new information to CBs? For example, when I got the card I lived at another address (I think the CBs have only that address on file). Would upgrading have the credit card company send my new address info to the CBs? I assume the only thing that changes is the card type, but maybe not.
  8. I had two MileUp cards that weren't doing much so I thought about changing it. Since the cards are closed now, it may not matter. But having a higher CL would be nice.
  9. Had my MileUp card closed, called to see if it was possible to move the limit from that card to my Platinum Select. They said they don't do that. Anyone have success? In any case, I heard it's a hard pull anyways so it might be just as effective to ask for a CLI? I'm at $19K now.
  10. I have some old billing statements for a paid off student loan (2-3 years now). I have a statement from them that it's paid off. The rest are old billing statements. Should I get rid of them? Should I scan them into a PDF instead? I figure the paid off note is close enough. The original loan servicer left the industry so it was sold new a new servicer 4-5 years ago. The old servicer I had problems with as they reported inaccurately on my credit report. Ended up getting it resolved, but made me a bit paranoid to keep every statement.
  11. Yeah, it's big to me too. I really should focus on it, but I'm having some life issues at the moment which making me save for other things.
  12. So I'm not funding my 401K for now, I'm going to wait a year while I have a good amount of savings for things I may need to buy later (e.g. engagement ring, car, or down payment on a house). After that, I want to focus on retirement accounts as much as possible. Saving as much as possible. I'm trying to allocate a "fun fund" where I put x amount per year toward it. It includes monthly trips, and yearly trips abroad.
  13. I have a Roth already, now it's a matter of getting my 401K funded. I do want to have at least 1 year of savings and then entirely focus on my 401K.
  14. I am thinking about converting my Citi Dividend to a World Elite Mastercard. Is it worthwhile still?
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