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  1. Recently FINALLY hit 620 mid and got pre approval for mortage with VA loan.....Im 99.9% sure my mortgage broker said the same scores are good if you purchase within 90 days?
  2. recently had 2 removed from BBB complaints,took less than 2 weeks and both were off.My scores went up about 28-30 points
  3. Personally Id battle the smaller collections and not CAP1.I recently had 2 medical collections removed from BBB complaints....and I have tried it all for almost 9 months.
  4. Ok....I did pay the OC.Copy of receipt,copy of cashed check and a letter requesting removal were sent to the CA.They have listed it as "Paid in Full"...and stated in their return letter since they previously verified it(they did) they can therefore list it as "Paid in Full" even though I paid the OC???? Help?Advice,next step?
  5. I know its been discussed,but still confused....PLEASE HELP.I paid the original creditor for a collection.I sent the CA a copy of the cashed check,receipt from the hospital and a letter to remove the listing,as it was paid to the original creditor.I ALSO filed a complaint with the BBB.I received a letter submitted to me and the BBB....basically stating its "Paid in Full",and since it was "validated" byt them as a collection earlier that it will still be maked as such. Advice please?


    Ive never gotten ANYWHERE with HSBC.....They are Cap 1 now too.Ive tried 623,goodwill letter,and numerous disputes.And I I want it to take 2 late payments off from 4 years ago.
  7. Been seeing a few buying around me lately......didnt know if things changed.A town "rumour" said the Obama campagn made some changes to lower fico for homeowners to try to sway a vote......who knows?anyone?
  8. Looks promising,and fast response.....now lets see if the follow thru. BBB Processing 09/13/2012 web BBB Case Received by BBB 09/13/2012 web BBB Accredited Business Case Reviewed by BBB 09/13/2012 Otto EMAIL Send Acknowledgement to Consumer 09/13/2012 Otto EMAIL Inform MIP AB of Case 09/17/2012 WEB BBB RECEIVE BUSINESS RESPONSE : We have requested that the account be deleted from the consumers credit file. 09/17/2012 OttO EMAIL Forward Business Response to Consumer 09/17/2012 WEB BBB CONSUMER SATISFIED- WITH LETTER : (The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
  9. Anyone have any collection dealings with them?They seem very non compliant and hard to deal with.....
  10. I was not being sarcastic. http://creditboards....howtopic=444684 Thanks,my apologies if it wasnt meant that way....but where Im from remarks like that are usually meant to be smarta$$.Thanks again So in your opinion this is not a valid way or dealing with it?I have seen this same/similar thing all over the internet.......If its not right,I dont wanna waste anymore time.Appreciate it http://ficoforums.my...n-MOV/td-p/9859 http://www.creditinfocenter.com/repair/MethodOfVerification.shtml
  11. I was not being sarcastic. http://creditboards....howtopic=444684 Thanks,my apologies if it wasnt meant that way....but where Im from remarks like that are usually meant to be smarta$$.Thanks again
  12. Yes...phone really.I have read it on this site and many others on the "Method of Verification" and it all states to handle it the way I did. You may request a description of the procedure used to determine the accuracy and completeness of the information, including the business name and address of the furnisher of information contacted, and if reasonably available the telephone number They COULD not produce me any evidence of this,even electronic.They just said it was done that way,and the original creditiors could not provide evidence they were contacted. Appreciate your answer "e oscar" is legit and your early moring sarcasm as well......So where can I find this info "e oscar" is legit for my future reference
  13. Got report back,all verified of course....called Transunion.They basically told me it was all "electronic" or mail and they do not call people.I called HSBC and they told me specifically THEY DO NOT ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS from CRA,but they have "exchanged " letters.I asked for copies per FACTA,they said they could not produce any....I got name,numver and title of that supervisor. Next called Sallie Mae,they have received NOTHING electronic or by mail....also stated they DO NOT discuss infor over the phone with CRA.I have the number,first name and supervior id number for them. Advise on next step?IM CONFUSED.....does "electronic" or "mail" count as verification especially if they cannot provide it?Or do they actually HAVE TO CALL the original creditor to verify?Please help
  14. Somes interesting,others is a big staged hoax.......Im from South east Louisiana,we usually just watch some of the shows to laught at how much its bs or staged.Its TV and all about ratings,but the media does a pretty good job at making southerners seem a lot more ignorant than they are.There are just as many rednecks in upstate New York,and white trash in Detroit Michigan.Personally I do enjoy Call of the Wildman though..lol

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