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  1. I wish this were true. In my practice though I have found there is still a huge amount of stigma, shaming, and hatred. I have disabled clients who have been spat upon for their smart looking EBT cards.
  2. This is another reason why you should not call it “welfare” in my opinion. It is not in any way the same thing. It is a stimulus designed to save the economy and to prevent a huge portion of our population from being ruined in this pandemic. This actually is a major emergency. My gripe is only that it does not do enough. We need to make a longer and more thoughtful plan, preferably one that doesn’t get us killed.
  3. Lol! I think that is exactly what we have here. Its never a welfare check if it is yours. I would argue that the stimulus *should* go to people who will spend it immediately so that it will actually act as a stimulus— e.g., the folks who are not already wealthy, the jobless, small business owners, etc. That’s how stimulus payments work. I read an article not too long ago by an upper income person who kvetched about how he was missing out on the opportunity to buy more equities. He was truly missing the point in my opinion.
  4. Come on now. I've just been working on a paper about welfare stigma as a risk factor for depression, so I've thought about this at great length. We all know perfectly well that the term "welfare" carries a great deal of stigma and has been used to shame and beat anyone who needs assistance for decades now. It's a very loaded term. Using it in this context is not neutral. It's also been used for *political* purposes to justify destroying any kind of a safety net in this country and push a very specific economic agenda-- which of course I can't criticize here since "political posts" are supposed to be verboten on CB, right? The accurate and neutral term is stimulus. Please call it what it is. "Welfare check" betrays a definite political agenda.
  5. Yup. I am old enough to remember the Reagan years and I know a dog whistle when I hear one. We absolutely must figure out how to help individuals who are affected by this crisis if we want to save "the economy." Who do we think creates the economy?
  6. I have an issue with referring to stimulus payments in this time of extreme economic crisis as "another welfare check." It's incredibly biased and loaded language.
  7. Hahaha! Oh that is good news. So I won't have to rebury the bodies then?
  8. Adults talking baby talk, e.g., "sammich," "nom nom," "passghetti."
  9. Nobody said it is too thin for an FHA loan; Privacy Guard however said that a reason for my lower score is that I have a very thin file. I would like to raise my scores as much as I can before applying for the mortgage and would like to know the most effective way to go about that. Maybe this is completely unnecessary?
  10. Hey all, years ago I had deplorable credit, but now it seems I have a credit file that is "thin." I would like to be able to get an FHA mortgage sometime in 2020, and need to fatten this baby up. Would I be better off increasing the limits on my four existing open credit cards (thus increasing my available credit), or should I just get a couple of new credit cards? Will recently added credit lines hurt me? Should I take out and pay off a secured loan? I am in a situation where I now have much more cash than credit, so I would like to do whatever will do the most to beef up my file. All four of my cards are very low limit, $1000 and below. One is a secured. Thanks!
  11. Not a business partner, just my significant other. We love each other dearly but have no plans to get married. I would prefer to have only my name on the deed since I will be paying for the lion's share of this, but I also don't want my partner to be a housemate. She would be ponying up about 100-150K toward this, and, in the HCL city where we live (Boston), this would make all of the difference between being able to buy a nice enough place and being able to buy a much nicer place. So yeah, a contract. Has anyone out here ever drawn up such a contract? What would you stipulate? I was thinking that we would agree on how much of the mortgage she would be responsible for, that I would buy her out for her portion if we ever parted ways, and that this payment would reflect the market value for her share of the property as determined.... how?
  12. My partner and I are planning to buy a condo. I'm going to be the main investor, since I will be putting down a big honking down payment. My partner will put down a little honking downpayment. The mortgage will be about 1/4 of the total cost. My credit is pretty good (low 700s) and will be even better in a couple of months once I have paid off some tradelines. My partner's credit though is.... pretty awful. It will get better eventually but not anytime soon. I am thinking it might be better to take the mortgage in my name only, and then we can write up a separate contract/agreement covering what portion he will pay and how we will handle it if we ever part ways (I think I would just buy him out). Surely others have faced something like this before. Advice?
  13. Hey there, I have *zero* experience in landlording and could use some pointers. My BF and I just renovated the "mother-in-law" apartment in our house. It is so cute now, but it is not a full apartment and the tenant would have full access to the house and would be sharing our kitchen. It has three rooms, a full bath, and a private entrance via our back deck. I feel strongly about conducting a solid background check. In particular, I want to screen for police records, etc. I also want to verify employment. Sorry, Pacific Heights scenarios are floating through my mind. Is there a service online that runs background checks in a way that is reliable? I have googled and there seem to be many, but they are expensive, and I don;t really know what is the best resource to use. I am hoping that someone on this board has done this before. Any advice is appreciated! Thanks!
  14. I just got my first paycheck reflecting the new tax tables: My taxes have gone down for the grand total of.... *drumroll* $120 a month. I will reserve commentary on what I think of this since this is not the place for political commentary. One word of caution to everyone: please WAIT until you actually file your taxes in 2019 before you get all excited about how much you will be able to up your 401K contributions. That's when you will have a better idea as to the bigger picture for your own finances. Will you get a refund? Will you owe? You don't know yet.
  15. I know. I had to laugh at that claim. "We'll just call ourselves a mediation firm, and that way the law won't apply to us! Yay!" They were CAREFUL to make it impossible for me to get any real information about them, location etc. They even mumbled the name and then resisted when I demanded that they repeat the name. Otherwise I would be after them.

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