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  1. Adults talking baby talk, e.g., "sammich," "nom nom," "passghetti."
  2. Nobody said it is too thin for an FHA loan; Privacy Guard however said that a reason for my lower score is that I have a very thin file. I would like to raise my scores as much as I can before applying for the mortgage and would like to know the most effective way to go about that. Maybe this is completely unnecessary?
  3. Hey all, years ago I had deplorable credit, but now it seems I have a credit file that is "thin." I would like to be able to get an FHA mortgage sometime in 2020, and need to fatten this baby up. Would I be better off increasing the limits on my four existing open credit cards (thus increasing my available credit), or should I just get a couple of new credit cards? Will recently added credit lines hurt me? Should I take out and pay off a secured loan? I am in a situation where I now have much more cash than credit, so I would like to do whatever will do the most to beef up my file. All four of my cards are very low limit, $1000 and below. One is a secured. Thanks!
  4. Not a business partner, just my significant other. We love each other dearly but have no plans to get married. I would prefer to have only my name on the deed since I will be paying for the lion's share of this, but I also don't want my partner to be a housemate. She would be ponying up about 100-150K toward this, and, in the HCL city where we live (Boston), this would make all of the difference between being able to buy a nice enough place and being able to buy a much nicer place. So yeah, a contract. Has anyone out here ever drawn up such a contract? What would you stipulate? I was thinking that we would agree on how much of the mortgage she would be responsible for, that I would buy her out for her portion if we ever parted ways, and that this payment would reflect the market value for her share of the property as determined.... how?
  5. My partner and I are planning to buy a condo. I'm going to be the main investor, since I will be putting down a big honking down payment. My partner will put down a little honking downpayment. The mortgage will be about 1/4 of the total cost. My credit is pretty good (low 700s) and will be even better in a couple of months once I have paid off some tradelines. My partner's credit though is.... pretty awful. It will get better eventually but not anytime soon. I am thinking it might be better to take the mortgage in my name only, and then we can write up a separate contract/agreement covering what portion he will pay and how we will handle it if we ever part ways (I think I would just buy him out). Surely others have faced something like this before. Advice?
  6. Hey there, I have *zero* experience in landlording and could use some pointers. My BF and I just renovated the "mother-in-law" apartment in our house. It is so cute now, but it is not a full apartment and the tenant would have full access to the house and would be sharing our kitchen. It has three rooms, a full bath, and a private entrance via our back deck. I feel strongly about conducting a solid background check. In particular, I want to screen for police records, etc. I also want to verify employment. Sorry, Pacific Heights scenarios are floating through my mind. Is there a service online that runs background checks in a way that is reliable? I have googled and there seem to be many, but they are expensive, and I don;t really know what is the best resource to use. I am hoping that someone on this board has done this before. Any advice is appreciated! Thanks!
  7. I just got my first paycheck reflecting the new tax tables: My taxes have gone down for the grand total of.... *drumroll* $120 a month. I will reserve commentary on what I think of this since this is not the place for political commentary. One word of caution to everyone: please WAIT until you actually file your taxes in 2019 before you get all excited about how much you will be able to up your 401K contributions. That's when you will have a better idea as to the bigger picture for your own finances. Will you get a refund? Will you owe? You don't know yet.
  8. I know. I had to laugh at that claim. "We'll just call ourselves a mediation firm, and that way the law won't apply to us! Yay!" They were CAREFUL to make it impossible for me to get any real information about them, location etc. They even mumbled the name and then resisted when I demanded that they repeat the name. Otherwise I would be after them.
  9. Wow, these people are ruthless. This weekend I got a call from a debt collector claiming to be a "mediation firm" for their "client" who they said was ready to press criminal charges against me over a debt I supposedly owed. It had all the trademarks of a scam: Refused to give any meaningful information about who they are, where they are located, who their client is, etc. Bogus phone number on my caller ID-- I am not sure how they did this, but they were able to make it appear to be a local number Extremely threatening and frightening language: "Theft by Deception!" "Malicious Intent!" Extreme sense of urgency: "Our client will file suit on Monday morning if this is not resolved and a warrant will be issued for your arrest!" Called my boyfriend (!) before calling me and told him that they would call my employer if I did not call back immediately When I demanded validation pursuant to FDCPA, they coyly stated "Oh, we are not debt collectors. We are a mediation firm." I did not fall for it, but somewhere out there there is some naive person who will sh*t in her pants over this call and cough up whatever they tell her to pay-- and this makes me furious. Obviously, I can't trace who they are because they refused to give me any real information. They said their name was "Richardson Solutions," but I found nothing in Google, and they would not disclose their location. So I can't throw the book at them. I want to do something to make their sorry existence a lot less comfortable. Any suggestions? Btw, I get a call like this every other year or so. I believe the reason I am on their list is due to my once using a Payday loan service about ten years ago. Karmic lesson: NEVER go to a payday loans service or check cashing service. They are evil.
  10. I don't have any issue with a righteous pizzle about bike lane. And these bikers were very obnoxious. I have a huge issue though with opening the door in traffic and possibly causing an accident. Once you do something like that, congrats, you are now the Flower Pot in the scenario. That is not the way to make any point. I don't think I am getting "hysterical." I am banning him from my car, not burning him at the stake. Among other things, he was very rude to me as the driver by doing this. If we were pulled over, I'd be the one getting the citation. On the subject of bike going between cars: I think it should be illegal everywhere. It's a hazard, and it is rude.
  11. You are going to LOVE this: My family is defending this POS and their biggest concern is that poor wittle Chris will have to take a bus because I am being such a meanie. Aaaaaaaaaagggggghhhhhhhhhhh. Besides the fact that he actually put someone is danger, let's address the fact that he put ME at legal risk. I'm the one who would be sued! I'm the one who would be pulled over by the cops! I'm the one who have skyrocking insurance because of the damage to the door on my brand new f*cking car! Aaaaaaaaaagggggghhhhhhhhhhh! I am divorcing my whole family. I am fricking changing my name and moving to Spain.
  12. That's pretty much where I am at, and I am still fuming about this. This could have turned into a major chocolate storm. The big irony here is that he himself is a cyclist and has been doored! I'd be fuming too. I bet the cyclist would have sued both of you, and then it would be up to you to sue the d-bag. I assume that's how it would go down. Perhaps one of the many attorneys here could clear that up. A person like that is human cancer. If you hang around `em long enough they'll eventually do something to ruin your life. Well, I hope this doesn't happen. Luckily there was no accident at all. But who knows what they can do? I'm making a really nice economic recovery in my life, but I have no funds for lawyers. I am more than happy though to throw this d-bag to the wolves if need be.
  13. That's pretty much where I am at, and I am still fuming about this. This could have turned into a major chocolate storm. The big irony here is that he himself is a cyclist and has been doored!
  14. Hey guys, Well I just had to permanently ban a relative from ever again riding in my car. Luckily there was no accident. Last night I was giving a cousin a ride home from work. We were in heavy traffic and surrounded by some loud bikers. My cousin got hot under the collar because they were riding in the bike lane, and then, before I knew what he was doing, he decided to make his point by opening his door on the passenger side. The bikes were all a good distance away, no damage done, but I read him the riot act. Opening your door in traffic is effing ILLEGAL, and as the driver and owner of the car, I would be the one shouldering liability for something I could not prevent. So no more rides for this douche bag, and I am seriously considering a no passenger policy. But I have a question for those of you who are knowledgable: How can I as a driver protect myself from possible fallout caused by a passenger's stupidity? If a police officer saw this and pulled us over, who would get the citation? Who gets sued if there is damage? I am really livid and freaked out by this.
  15. I have no idea! Has anyone had luck getting lates removed? I asked in another threads how long they tend to matter. I think my scores will improve a lot once I get the collections off, and pay off what balances I have left. These are reachable goals. I have a secured through my credit union. I am considering adding more money to the savings account that secures it and asking for a CLI. That would help my utilization. As for Amex: I already settled it, but if I called them back and offered to pay off the rest, do you think they would change it to paid in full or (heavens) let me back in? If if they don't give me a card, I would do this if it would improve things. I really doubt that I can get this one removed.

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