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  1. Actually...just looked at it again...no card type mentioned...just Amex logos...still weird. Did the email identify you buy name. Most of that spam doesn't. Amex's emails show your name and the last numbers of your account. No name...good catch on that.
  2. well Pd does not report which is one of the main reasons I like it. my limit allows me to charge 100K using the flex spending feature. the hsbc premier card is okay and I read that hsbc is upgrading its perks. Isnt the HSBC card a Crap One card now? Were I in your position I'd feel the same way. But I'm not. At this point in rebuilding, I think going after reporting cards with higher CLs might be more strategic than getting a non reporting Pd card. I'm using my Amex a lot and perhaps that will entice some to give higher limits. Or not. Since I'm retired and my file has no employer history at all cards from places like JPM or HSBC might be my best bet. Especially if I use them for banking. Don't really know though and there isn't a lot of solid info on credit card vendors that are more asset based than income based. Whoops...didn't mean to insinuate that the HSBC isn't a good card...just not a real big Cap One fan...in fct I checked it out after reading your post and Heges reply... unfortunately for me I do not have any HSBC banking relationship... And for what it is worth...I believe PD approvals are very sensitive to income and assets...maybe even factoring them more than your score...so if you have good assets I bet you can get approved with the right banker...
  3. Actually...just looked at it again...no card type mentioned...just Amex logos...still weird.
  4. Just thought I would pass this along... Received an email today that appeared to be from Amex (logos color...).looked very official etc... Something seemd wrong about it (the wording...) so I called the Plat CSR and they put me on hold for a while and then asked me to fwd the email to spoof@americanexpress.com. They told me that they would never request anything in this way and it would always be handled via phone call if info is ever needed. Said nothing is wrong with my account....just thought I would mention it here in case someone else gets the email. I have no idea how they knew my email address or that I had a plat card...a little weird. Here is part of the email for your reference... Dear American Express cardholder, Due to concerns for the safety and integrity of your online account we have issued this warning message. It has come to our attention that your account information needs to be updated due to inactive members, frauds and spoof reports. We ask you to visit the following link to start the procedure of confirmation on customers data.
  5. well Pd does not report which is one of the main reasons I like it. my limit allows me to charge 100K using the flex spending feature. the hsbc premier card is okay and I read that hsbc is upgrading its perks. Isnt the HSBC card a Crap One card now?
  6. Yeah...had the select for a week or so when I applied for PD. They closed the select and moved the available to the PD.
  7. when he asked what else he could help with, I asked for CLI on fairmont and was put on hold. rep came back and said he talked to so-and-so and wanted to know how much I wanted. s. rep came back after a long wait and said it was approved. when I checked the next day and no hards; I have not checked for softs. frankly, even if there was a hard for this I'd be okay with it. So maybe the PD CSRs can do CLIs on Chase and JP cards...but the Chase CSRs cannot see or deal with the JP cards???
  8. JP Morgan banker said it can be to me this morning. Was this people at Chase who you spoke with, or JP Morgan? I had the oposit exp...I tried to PC the Select to the PD and was told it is not possible. I closed the Select and applied for the PD seperatly.
  9. If statement date is today, unless you can PIF remaining balance today, whatever balance you have at cut off time today will be reported In a few days. Usually my chase CC reports to EX the next day of statement date and EQ in 2 to 3 days and TU after that. Thx!!! I made a payment online today and called CSR...said she didnt know if it would show up on my report or not. She said the statement date is tonight at midnight and my payment will be credited tonight at midnight Said she had no idea of when credit reporting is done and seemed confused as to why I cared as I had made (counting this one) three payments this cycle... Guess I will find out in a few days...
  10. Same result as I called back and got an additional CLU without another pull (They only pulled TU yesterday). Thanks for the info...how long have you had the card?
  11. One last question on this...Chase has already reported May on my reports...my statement date is today with no payment due...but I do have a balance. Will Chase report June so soon? Seems like they would report June at the end of June not the beginning....???
  12. Same result as in limit...or as in 2 hards and cli?
  13. One last bump....
  14. Nice!!!!! I do NOT want to know what you had to promise that CSR!!! In all seriousness did you get that CLI with a soft because of your PC relationship? Or is it that the norm?
  15. I should have mentioned....this is a real tu fico from Barclays not a myfico tu...
  16. CoderBlix

    Low TU

    Found out that my TU FICO is nearly 90 points lower than EQ and EX. Only difference I see is that there is an old mortgage that was paid in full still showing as open on my TU report (shows as paid and closed 10 years ago on EX and EQ). Anyone know if his might be the issue? It doesn't say anything about missed payments or anything...just says open nd as no history since 2002. It is a really small mortgage from when I got out of college...could having it on there be bucketing me in a lower group? I thought bout disputing but I just opened several new cards and am worried about having a dispute on my report...anyone think it might spook chase or Amex?
  17. Well I do now that my INK card is handled by the same priority services line. In fact when I call either number (from the back of the INK card or Palladium) I get the same people who even ask "are you calling about your Palladium or INK card today". That is a good point...I just checked and the CS number on my Corp card, my CSP, and my PD are all different...but the PD line has never asked me about my CSP...
  18. I have a JPMorgan Corp card and I have a JPMorgan Palladium as my personal card. I am wondering if JPMorgan takes Corp card use into consideration when building a customer profile? I would love to be able to get some benefits out of utilizing the Corp card. Anyone know if the PD card CSRs can see into your Corp card info? I know when I was given my Corp card that they pulled my data (pay, ssn,...). I dont suppose I could get any rewards points out of the Corp card but am wondering about some of the PD perks...like getting a United Club membership after booking a United flight. I stay a lot places and fly to a lot of places on my Corp card...would be great to get some benefits from it. Anyone know? You think that would be a taboo question for a PD CSR to answer?
  19. no. the account is (partially) transferred to ameriprise after barclays approves. Ameriprise does set some of the approval criteria and anytime I've asked for a CLI the barclays analyst had to consult with ameriprise. You don't need an amerirpise account to open the card. In fact, in the years I've had this card I've never once received a solicitation to do so. Good to know...I have no interest in a Ameriprise investment account.
  20. Nothing in particular. I am looking for one more card to add and want something that typically awards a high balance to increase revolving...I know this card has an AF so that is a negative for me...
  21. Never mind...found some threads on this after posting
  22. Any good? Any opions on this card?
  23. the last time I asked my intra-cycle spending limit is 3 times my "hard" limit. You're right, though, that it is not something worth worrying about. I guess you are both right. I called and was told I can charge 3 times my "hard" limit of $25k without any further review. So I decided to forgo any request of a CLI because its moot. My limit is only 15K on PD as I have a CSP as well. Having the min limit makes me want to ask for a CLI just in case there is ever a move to downgrade customers to Select. Can a front line CSR tell you if you qualify for an increase without doing a pull?
  24. Hegemony...I am waiting for the hardcover book. Csr told me I will b getting the 2013 version with some new bennies in it...said it should come out in August
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