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  1. Crisis averted... I called customer service and they told me that was due to a system update but that my member since date is 2003. They are also sending me a new card with a 2003 date on it as the original I recieved says 2102. Backdating still in place...sorry if this is a wasted post
  2. I have been an AU on my spouses AMEX Delta card since 2003. I applied for and received my AMEX Plat about two months ago. On the AMEX website when I log in it has always said thank you for being a member since 2003...and it has reported on my CR as having been open since 2003. Today I log into the website and notice that the thank you for being....is gone and it now says the following: Welcome to American Express. We're happy to have you as a Cardmember. Is this normal? Please tell me they are not screwing with the backdating...
  3. Yep, I just added the C* detection. It's pretty basic but it will help some of the newbies since most of the pros either know they're being chopped or can spot it easily in their own INQs. How is it noted in counter?
  4. Saw something posted there recently that said someone called in and the response was that they are no longer accepting applications from non PC PB clients...not sure of accuracy but it does seem that the stream of app approvals over there has come to a complete stop... it will be interesting to see if they unwind non-PCPB cardholders; maybe make them downgrade to Select. Anything is possible...but I suspect that the so called back door was really a purposely opened door that added to the pool of cardholders. These companies have way to many controls in place for these to have
  5. Saw something posted there recently that said someone called in and the response was that they are no longer accepting applications from non PC PB clients...not sure of accuracy but it does seem that the stream of app approvals over there has come to a complete stop...
  6. Hold out for a MS Surface!!! Have a feeling that there will be some big stuff with it that is not being discussed / anounced yet.. That said...I do love my iPad!!!
  7. Not sure what they are going for with this but thought I would pass it along... Chase Sapphire Partners with Pandora to Provide Listeners with Personalized Music for Summer Exclusive Partnership Kicks Off the First Day of Summer with Full Day of Limited Interruption Listening and 14 Summer-Themed Genre Stations http://finance.yahoo.com/news/chase-sapphire-partners-pandora-listeners-123000580.html
  8. I should have another data set to add pretty soon. I am at 63 softs on EQ per the tool this morning (10 hards). Pulling USAA, AMEX, and EQC...also pulling credit karma and EX but will be dropping EX soon as it seems it is redundant with AMEX. Thinking I should see bumps early next week if everything goes well.
  9. How do you detect C*? Something in the softs?
  10. Anyone have this card...I did not see any entries in the pulls database. Wonder what the reqs are????
  11. Question....for FICO does individual revolving line utilization count or is it the overall ultilization across all lines? What if one card is 40% util but the overall revolving credit line is at 5% would the score be draggd down by the one line?
  12. Another thought here...I would guess that EQ...do not want to see split files. You can be pretty sure that they know all about B*...and love the idea of 1000s of credit requests per day feeding their associated businesses of supplying credit reports and scores. It is a self feeding business....
  13. Also wondering....has anyone received or heard of anyone receiving an auto CLI on the PD card?
  14. I believe it might vary from card holder to card holder but my charge limit is 3 times my hard limit which means I can run it up to around 100K a month. If my limit were yours it would give me 60K in charging power. You can also call and ask for a temporary charge limit increase if you have a large purchase, like a new Bugatti. Ok got it....the rep mentioned that the account could flex/revolve to 3 times my limit and it didnt occur to me until later that I didnt know exactly what that meant. On a side note they also told me that my CSP would flex/revolve to 2 times its limit as well (h
  15. Quick question...I know it is answered somewhere in here but I am being a little lazy today and do not want to try and find it the 5,000,000,000,000 posts in this thread... Called in today and had my CL increased on my PD card. I had the minimum 15K and asked for and was approved for increase to 20K (didnt want to be greedy). So...with the revolving option at 3X limit does that mean I could theoretically go to 80K (20K limit + 3X limit(60K)) or does it mean a total balance of 3X the limit...so I have 60K total that could be utilized?
  16. She has had her delta card since 2003 and puts a lot on it and pays it off or close to it every month...I guess that helped a bunch...
  17. Had her call in tonight...she was approved for the BCE (only 2K limit but approved). She also asked for a CLI on her Plat Delta card...approved for 5K CLI (so CL on that card is now 25K - also good for me as I am still an AU). They also offered to reduce her interest to the standard rate...not sure what it was before. Funny that she only got 2K on BCE and then got an easy 5K CLI...but I am not complaining...thanks for the idea of getting another AMEX...not sure why I didnt think of it. Now need to wait and see how much it increases her FICO... Thx!!!
  18. IMO the Blue Sky is better than the HHonors for general travel. Regardless, if she already has an Delta Platinum, I doubt she's worried about getting another travel card. The BCE will probably be best for a no-fee AmEx in this situation. I think the BCE would be best for her...not sure if her score is high enough at ~680...hopefully they can do it with a soft pull since she alredy has an amex
  19. Thats a great idea on the amex. I need to take a look at the no af cards. Appreicate the advice!!!
  20. I have been looking at my wifes credit score and wondering if there is a way to bump it up...it is about 680. She has a Amex Delta Plat ($20K limit) that she has had since 2003. She uses it a ton and pays it down (current balance is $400). This is her only revolving credit...will adding another card help her at all since her util stays low and it has a decent limit? Wondering if having more than one card is good for FICO? Thoughts???
  21. Got it. That said...from some ftalk threads it seems that funding investments with your card is a big no no and the most direct route to getting your accounts closed...in case anyone got the wrong idea from this post.
  22. Interesting...my gold investments are in GLD...have been thinking about buying some bullion and stashing in my safety deposit box...wonder how that would be accounted for...
  23. They are good! This looked just like a normal Amex communication...it made me pause for about 30 seconds...and...without getting into careers and the like...let me say that I am very technically savy. Scares me to think what could happen to my in-laws or others (email only users) who get this type of message....
  24. well Pd does not report which is one of the main reasons I like it. my limit allows me to charge 100K using the flex spending feature. the hsbc premier card is okay and I read that hsbc is upgrading its perks. Isnt the HSBC card a Crap One card now? Were I in your position I'd feel the same way. But I'm not. At this point in rebuilding, I think going after reporting cards with higher CLs might be more strategic than getting a non reporting Pd card. I'm using my Amex a lot and perhaps that will entice some to give higher limits. Or not. Since I'm retired and my fi
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