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  1. Is this the predicted EQ chop week? I know Bob W posted something a while back with dates that I cannot seem to find.....
  2. Ugh!!! I have credco on my report as well and it didn't fall off...is it always sticky??? Any idea what makes one hard sticky and another not?
  3. In regards to developing a better relationship with credit card cos for CLIs or more cards...do they like to see multiple payments a month or just one overall payment? Does this even matter?
  4. I think Fidelity is the only tentative one that might count. The Auto counter doesn't have it in the white list, so not getting counted at the moment. But do let us know how many drop tomorrow! I had one hard fall off today (a total of ten to start and down to nine) and no other changes to any softs or hards occured so I am thinking that the fidelity didnt count and one of three below most likely did. Total confirmed softs found: 76 INTERSECTIONS: 01/23/12 (1) FAIR ISAAC: 06/01/12, 01/21/12 (2) Total unconfirmed softs found: 3 Total possible softs found: 79
  5. So this is where the bilderbergers meet!!!! I suspected a few of you may be members....
  6. If you add an inquiry today you will need an additional 85 pulls starting tomorrow to bump off that inquiry. I would wait until clean slate, then app/cli or whatever, then work on bumping those off. Thx for clearing that up...I wasnt sure if the 85 were in total or only counted after the last hard.
  7. I should have B* on EQ this week... Question is if I know that I want to app for something should I go ahead and do it prior to reaching B* (i.e. now) or wait until the hards have fallen off? If I app now and add another hard will it just be pushed off with the others or will it "reset" or disrupt the work I have already put in for B*???
  8. I think Fidelity is the only tentative one that might count. The Auto counter doesn't have it in the white list, so not getting counted at the moment. But do let us know how many drop tomorrow! I shouldnt see anything drop tommorow should I? I thought it was ~86? I am thinking that after tommorows pulls I will be at max 78...
  9. Any idea if any of these count? Came up as non-counting...wondering if the Fidelity will count... I am at 64 softs without these and have 10 hards... CD-INTERSECTIONS: 04/25/12, 03/15/12, 02/29/12, 01/21/12 EQUIFAX: 02/27/12, 03/22/12 ND-EQUIFAX: 03/22/12 ND-EQUIFAX CONSUMER SERVICES: 07/07/12 EQUIFAX INFORMATION SVS: 04/05/12 EQUIFAX INFO SVCS.: 03/27/12 FIDELITY BROKERAGE SERVICES: 07/06/12
  10. I see several messages about utilizing this card with a Chase Freedom...are there really any differences in this card and the Freedom with 5% back?
  11. Thx for the replies...what CA did they pull?
  12. Anyone have any experience with Fidelity and their Amex or Visa? I re-opened a brokerage account with them today (had an old 401k rollover with them a while back and the account was still active) and saw the 2% card. Any reccomendations? What sort of credit profile are they are looking for? Thanks in advance!!!!
  13. Same thing happened to my wife a few weeks ago. She asked for CLI on her Amex and the approval letter that came in the mail said FICO 720. We had her credit pulled for a mortgage the following day and it came back at 665...same CB...
  14. Not feeling the AU or Bank Account route right now...worried about anything that could impact her credit as she is technically an employee... The Serve card is interesting...might give it a deeper look... I did see this on the Chase PC website... "A special debit card that can be linked to your checking account and given to children, home staff or others, with specific monthly spending and withdrawal limits that are set by you for each cardholder" That feels different than the ING one where she would be an account holder.
  15. Anyone know of a card that I can use as a Nanny card? I have a nanny during the week and have given her cash for things like lunches...trips to the zoo...art classes...and it is really hard to keep track of. I do not want to make her an AU or anything like that...not really into trying to manage buying pre-paid cards either...and I really want to be able to track what the money is spent on. Would like something I can give her that I can manage online and just move money onto as needed. Any suggestions?
  16. Tell them to f....off. You are rolling that fairmont card with a mega limit...they can keep their subprimer...
  17. Haha 42...the answer to everything!!! Now if we could just build a computer to tell us what 42 means.... A little hitch hikers guide to the galaxy humor....
  18. JP Morgan Palladium JP Morgan Corporate MC Amex Platinum Amex Delta Plat(AU) Chase Sapphire Preferred Citi Platinum Select Starbucks Gold card
  19. there were plenty of people like me who did not use the "back door" but rather called the number listed on the chase website and a personal banker emailed an application and it was processed; no questions about PB or PC status. Agreed. I was approved through calling the number as well. That happened when they open the card to everyone. I was referring to last couple of months when their reinstituted their private banking requirements. You are all missing the point...if you have a PC or PB account they already have you! That's why it is on the website...advertised to the
  20. Spouse had her credit pulled for CLI...by AMEX. EX came back as 720. Had it (EX) pulled today for mortgage...came back as 665. What gives? Does AMEX use some sort of modified EX FICO? Maybe the mortgage lender? This is her mid score and wanted it to be 680....
  21. Noticed that MCWE was a major US Open sponsor last week....seems like they would want more cards on the market than the few that are currently available....anyone heard if new ones are on the way?
  22. Received the hardcover benefits book today...CSR told me it would be the 2013 edition with expanded benefits...what I got today was dated 2011. Maybe there will still be a new version..anyone get a version newer than 2011?
  23. Crisis averted... I called customer service and they told me that was due to a system update but that my member since date is 2003. They are also sending me a new card with a 2003 date on it as the original I recieved says 2102. Backdating still in place...sorry if this is a wasted post All the way from 2102, that's some serious backdating lol lol beat me to it Saw that after the post...knew it was coming....
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