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  1. I would try for CSP first...it has the reputation for being the toughest of the Chase non JPM cards. After I opened my CSP I spoke with a rep who confirmed that CSP is considered the top of the food chain for Chase...
  2. Jim Cramer aka mad money guy mentioned on cnbc about a month ago that he has the cent card now...can't remember the context but it made me wonder if Amex waives the fees on cent for certain people...although I cannot imagine that card requires any further marketing at this point...
  3. Crap like airport lounge access? Or multiple hundreds back on airline fees? Or 24/7 Conc service? Or roadside assistance? Or flexible pay terms? Or expedited re-entry? Or no forex fees? Or on and on and on.... Depending on your occupation and or lifestye these cards can be super beneficial and actually provide cost savings over the fees....as always YMMV...Cheers!!!
  4. Link is back up on Fairmont website...but not on Chase.
  5. Would you mind pm-ing me the letter you sent in? De-identified of course. Thx!!!!
  6. Bump...............................................
  7. Have been pulling SCP for TU for about two weeks and took a look yesterday, via the backdoor, and saw that I have about 33 softs and 13 hards. Last night I pulled SCP and my hard count dropped to 12. Did a credit karma check this morning and it shows 13. Pulled SCP again this morning and it reported 11 hards. Then pulled Amex (EQ B*) and it says 10 hards for TU...after that pulled USAA and it reported 9 hards for TU. Any idea what I am seeing? I cant be bumping yet...can I? Amex and USAA have always been correct before and I didnt think they contributed to TU B*.... Ideas?
  8. Weird...still not on the chase site and the one in your link does not have the charter member noted on it. Hopefully they are updating the site with a better offer...
  9. hahahah...the old let me google that for you trick...very nice...but as was already pointed out...and...get ready for this...I had already tried it from the Fairmont site!!! But I do appreciate the effort.
  10. Was thinking about the Fairmont card before th charter member offer expired....went to the Chase site and the card is gone...anyone know if they pulled it or are maybe getting ready to make a new offer on it? In either case it is no longer there this evening....
  11. Hoping I do not have several hard stickies....any thoughts on these? I know the CREDCO AUTOMOTIVE is sticky...but what about the others? The colons at the end of the names are what makes me nervous... CREDSTAR:: 02/23/12 CREDCO AUTOMOTIVE:: 01/08/11 FUNDING SUITE:: 03/30/12, 02/27/12 SETTLEMENTONE:: 03/14/12
  12. Thx for the feedback!!!
  13. CoderBlix


    Would you consider this a subprime card? Keep getting pre-approval offers and am tempted as I want the TU FICO....but am worried it will look bad on my report. Am I way out of line here? For what it is worth I shop at Walmart...so not trying o be snob or anything...just want to make a good decision...
  14. Question...I know you need ~85 softs for EQ. Last month I bumped off 5 hard INQs leaving me with 5 more to go...YAY!!! Yesterday Quicken (Mortgage) ran my credit and put a hard on all three reports...BOO!!! I didnt give them permission to run it...but we are working on a new mortgage with them (was originally my credit now just focusing on my spouse)... I called them today and they argued that a hard for a mortgage will not impact my FICO at all...at some point I determined that it was a useless conversation and got off the phone. Question is...as of yesterday I had about 30 softs and 5 h
  15. Noticed that my length of account history on Credit Karma is 6 with an average of about 4....but my EQ and EX reports show 11 and 6. Amex CS is reporting EX, TU, and EQ all as 11 and 6. Also noted that Credit Karma said my % of on time payments has been decreasing for the last three months!!! Not true...any idea what the issue is? Is Credit Karma really that inaccurate???
  16. It has a Chip! One thing I noticed is that the free nights do not apply to the Waldorf Chicago....
  17. http://creditcards.citicards.com/usc/Hilton/HHonors/2012/q3/reserve/default.htm?BTData=PvU%2EB%2EB4f%2EJ%2EBVX%2EKUa3%2EZmI%2Eclt%2EdqU%2EBj%2ED%2Ea1&m=6HRZhhonoZW&ProspectID=A69FF8C8BF24468DA728230FCB7811AB
  18. I want to add another AMEX and was thinking Hilton Sur or SPG...feel like I need to wait to see new SPG promo. Anyone have opinons about SPG vs Hilton Sur? I stay at both equally...so really just looking at which one accums better. Most of my travel is company paid via a JP Morgan corp card so looking at which gets the most through normal spending and which is easier to actually use the points on...
  19. Anyone thought about the Chase United Club Visa? They sent me an email stating that since I already have a UC membership they will reinburse me the cost (~450.00) of the UC. As the Palladium benefit paid for my UC membership not sure that it would work...but made me think. $95 credit for first use and then the say $450 credit for the UC reimbursment..~$550 for opening...not bad. Chase has been pretty good to me over the years so not sure I want to jeopardize that over five hundred bucks..so I will pass..plus not sure i see any benefit in the Club Visa over what I already have...anyway just
  20. Anyone hear about a new AMEX SPG coming out? Saw some refrences to it on FTalk... Anyone?
  21. I know about the new United cards. Any others out there?
  22. Yes it is. And don't worry about reinsertion unless it happens to you. ??? I thought reinsertion was just a fact of life...that it will happen to everyone who bumps TU within a year of the bumps? Not so???
  23. Did both scores come from SW? (Or at least Beacon 5.0 scores?) 797 - DCU (Beacon 5.0) June 29th. 792 - ScoreWatch. Not sure if this is also Beacon 5.0 but I think it is. None of other factors have changed. It is exactly same report minus the two INQs. One of the INQs was a non-factor though, it was scheduled to fall of later in November. Same thing happened to me as well. Bumped 5 INQs the last few days and myfico eq fico dropped 5 points...no other changes
  24. Can anyone tell me if a myfico pull for EQ is redundant with EQ Complete? I want to see if I can maximize my bumps this month...
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