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  1. I cant say the thought hasnt crossed my mind...wondering if there will be special future promotions...for holders of the card. Otherwise im not sure it makes sense.
  2. Just got an invite for a starbucks etched metal card..... Starbucks is partnering with Gilt to introduce the first ever metal Starbucks Card. Only 5,000 of these stunning etched steel designs are for sale for a limited time. Each Card costs $450 and comes pre-loaded with $400 and Gold level membership.* It's the perfect gift for someone special or for yourself.
  3. This card couldnt dethrone a First Prem offering... Plus it is super ugly....
  4. How does it compare to other price protection programs? I just bought a full kitchen appliance outlay for my new build home on my Palladium...wondering if I should have used my Citi card instead...
  5. Ah ok. I will check the terms in morning. Thx for the reply...guess I will update credit pulls with fako
  6. Anyway you can get a backdated amex? That might help your score a bit...I don't think corps help with backdating tho...
  7. Does Amex no longer send out your FICO with your card??? Got my SPG in the mail today but no FICO anywhere...
  8. NEW YORK (Reuters) - Wal-Mart Stores Inc (WMT) and American Express (AXP) will hold a conference call on Monday to make a financial services announcement, the two companies said in a statement on Sunday. Details of the announcement, which will take place at 8:30 a.m. EST, were not disclosed. Walmart, the world's largest retailer, has long tried to serve the large group of its low-income shoppers who have little or no access to credit. The retailer offers check cashing at low rates and other services as it tries to appeal to shoppers without bank accounts. Walmart has said in the past that about 85 percent of transactions at its U.S. stores are paid for with cash. (Reporting By Jeanine Prezioso and Soyoung Kim in New York,; Editing by Bernard Orr and Diane Craft)
  9. I have been thinking about getting it as well..just not sure of value add over mint.com...I am rarely on my home PC...mostly mobile (iPad/phone) or a work laptop...any experience with mint to compare with?
  10. This might be a hack/phishing site...looks like the same server is also hosting something called my credit pal.com....I wouldn't try to login...could be legit but I am getting cautious in my old age....YMMV
  11. Trying to improve my wifes credit score. Her EQ FICO today is 702. I suspect her TU and EX are slightly higher. She has about 9% util and no baddies left for me to go after. She only has two credit cards. Amex Delta Plat with $25K credit line and a Amex BCE with a line of 2K (opened 4 months ago). Both are dated 2003. We are building a house and have already secured all of the upfront credit for construction but will need to apply again in March 2013 when the home is completed. Want to get her mid score in the 720 - 740 range prior to March so that we can get a better rate - if possible. Wondering if opening another card...maybe a Chase or Citi would help? Seems like I read on here at one time that the sweet spot for cards was 3 or 5+...cant remember. She has 10 INQs on EQ and 10 on TU from the mortgage process (thanks Quicken!! ). Anyhow...any opinions on adding another card in this situation? Oh...and I am B* ing for her on EQ and TU... THX!!!!!!
  12. Heg, was that a condition for retaining Pd card when you were approved? I have not heard of moving $ being a requirement per se. no but since you have to be CPC or CPB to hold the card I am curious what will happen to those of use who weren't at least CPC when we applied. My guess is that you will not hear a thing about it...I believe that one of the reasons the card exists is to attract CPC level clients...not to retain CPB as has been stated on another board. If you have put some decent numbers on the card no way they will pull it...they want your money in a CPC account...then they can start making offers for mortgages, car loans...where the real gravy is.
  13. Pretty sure my Citi Platinum Select is 0% and no annual fee...
  14. Thinking this might be a fake...I mean how many Michael Jordan's are there in the world??? Would be interesting to see the proof.... If it was a Cent I could see that as a little more believable...
  15. Pd for larger purchases...not sure if I will be keeping AMEX...
  16. Centurion is the AMEX Black card. Invitation only...250K-500K min yearly spend...plus outrageous fees. Very cool if you can afford it and if a few grand here and there is nothing to you...supposedly great perks too.
  17. The EX unlimited reports do not affect B*...so no help there...
  18. Seems a bit redundant, don't you think? Maybe a little....but CSP is used 8/10 times regardless.
  19. This may or may not be interesting or valuable to the board but I thought I would share...if only to add to the CB info archive. In my current job I work with a lot of outsourcers and have teams in various US cities and around the world. One place we are investing in is Uruguay (this is a hot spot for outsourcing now due to being closer to US time-zones). When talking with the Sales Exec for the staffing company we are using he told me that their biggest client that uses their Uruguay services is American Express. He said they just keep adding more and more CSRs... Maybe this is common knowledge but I had no idea that AMEX was using South America for its call centers. My experiences with the Uruguay resources is that they are very very strong willed and will not always take direction...makes for an interesting dynamic in the call center no? Again...maybe useful maybe not...but maybe it will give someone additional insight when dealing with the AMEX CSRs... YMMV
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