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    Opened three cards this month and my AAOA has been dropped to ~6 years. Am thinking about opening a no fee Amex (my backdating is 2003) just to pad my AAOA. Think this is worth it? I do not really want another amex (have plat and spg) but am considering for the backdating. Is ~6 years a decent AAOA? EQC lists my length of credit history at 17 years 10 months and my average age of accounts at 6 years 6 months.
  2. This is crazy. Isnt the ideal CC candidate someone with a high limit that isnt afraid to use it...and isnt worried about carrying a balance...and always makes more than the minimum payment but doesnt PIF? Seems like the issuers make the most profit on these indiviuals. There must be another set of criteria at play for them to reduce CLs like this...some additional profiling that makes an individual a risk...even with perfect payment history. Job changes, deposit history with the bank on other accounts, buying a home, buying a car, retirement, reduced income, divorce,........ Must be some set of things that can trigger. I cannot imagine that this is a common practice...even though it feels like it from reading here. I wonder what the forula is because it seems unlikely to me that they would target their prime customers...i.e. those I noted above..
  3. . Wow congrats on 38k on sapphire - great limit! Do you have other chase cards or just the one? Wondering if they would prefer 3 10k cards or one 30k card on your profile? Or maybe it doesn't matter and is just based on overall exposure limit. Anyone think 3 10k cards or 1 30k card is better for FICO?
  4. Thanks for replies...seems like there are not many chase or citi limits beyond 25k - from what I can tell. I have read about a few higher here and there but seems like 25k is common on a single card but 30k or 40k is very uncommon on one card. The fidelity cards seem to have some very high limits as well...
  5. Does anyone know what is considered a "high limit" by Citi and Chase? I know that it is very tailored to the individual but what I am referring to is the ~$25K Amex limit where a FR is needed / usually required to go beyond. Does anyone know at what point Chase and Citi start dig into the details? Anyone have high limits with Chase or Citi for an extended time and not have any "audit" requested? Thx in advance!!!
  6. Just wondering (bored today.....) what the consensus is for how hard it is to get: Amex Charge Amex NPSL Amex CLI I am thinking it looks like this for the majority of applicants.. Amex Charge > Amex CLI > Amex NPSL
  7. FYI...I do not think the service is free. Not sure how much it costs but I believe you get a 15% discount with a WEMC.
  8. That is good to know. I have good income and a long relationship with Chase but am now getting lots of love from Citi. Was worried that the sudden increase in credit lines from Citi might cause problems with my Chase accounts.
  9. Interesting. So how do you know when you are near your overall exposure between all accounts? I know there are people on here with $100K+ of available card credit spread across many many cards...anyone ever run into this? I am up to about 11 cards and plan to consolidate a few but am worried about my limits getting too high and having something cut.
  10. Out of curiosity at what point, if any, do creditors (banks) become concerned with what you are doing with other banks? For example...lets say you apply for and get two Chase cards with 20K limits on each - so 40K...then...6 or 7 months later you apply for and get two Citi cards with 20K limits...so another 40K. Would this / could this be an issue for Chase? Do they care about your total credit exposure or just what you have with them? Do banks set an overall exposure limit for you? Thx in adavance!!!
  11. Well I applied for and was approved for the AAWEMC. Could not find anything about the Prestige that seemed "better" than the AA card. Am I missing something?
  12. Any opinions on these cards? I want to add a high-limit Citi card (also want a WE MC) and cannot decide which one. Any opinions? Should also add that I have CitiGold checking...do either of these have any enhanced perks based on that?
  13. Thx Brian. The lates occurred around some life events (birth of children...) and we automated the payment to avoid any futures issues. Hopefully that will suffice. Any thoughts on why they are questioning the transfers from savings? Is that considered a red flag?
  14. Our loan application is in UW with Chase. The UW sent back a few conditions one of which is explaining 3 late payments we had on a now closed HELOC. The lates are from 2009 and 2010. Any recommendation on how to explain to the UW the lates? I really have no explanation other than that we just forgot to get them in on time. Any advice here will be greatly appreciated. Also, with Chase once you have "conditions" from the UW does this mean that you are approved but just need to supply supporting documentation or is nothing decided at this point in the process? One other question. They are requesting explanation of large deposits in my sposes account. The deposits are where she moved money from her savings into her checking account to cover day to day expenses...anything particular way we should explain these and could they be a problem?
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