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  1. I will second the notion that a mortgage will put you in a different FICO bucket and help you more. I was around the same FICO score as you when I bought my house. Before the mortgage reported, I had about 12k in limits and no one would bump me higher. After my mortgage hit, I opened an Amex and chase account. I'm now about $250k in limits with multiple cards >25k limits
  2. thanks everyone, I was more concerned about using discover because I thought there's some reason I avoided them in the past. Perhaps I thought it was like their loans where you pay all interest for term regardless of when you pay it off. If no one has a reason why not to go with discover, then I may just go that way. I also don't want to open another card for a $4500 balance
  3. My existing 0% offer is about to expire and I'm shopping around for a new 0% balance transfer. Most everything is 12 months, but discover is lowest with 3% transfer fee. I seem to recall there's a reason I didn't want to use discover, perhaps something about interest? Does anyone recall? My other 2 options are chase and BofA. Citi is out because thats who has the current BT. I don't want to open another account just for this either
  4. In general, if there is a balance on the card, you will be charged interest on that balance. For example, say you have $1000 balance on a card carried over. You make a charge for $100 and then pay $100. You still will pay interest on the $1000 The exception to this is if you have 2 interest rates applied to a credit card. IIRC, the card issuer must apply any payments to the balance with the higher interest rate first.
  5. They had to remove it, you had them on an FCRA violation in which you could prove they re-aged the DOFD date. They're lucky you didn't sue them
  6. haven't played the CLI game in awhile so I thought it's be fun to try. Amex 43k --> 46k (still no 4506t ) Discover 46.7k --> 48.7k (remarkable) BofA 18.7k --> 23k didn't try citi since I know I'm @ max exposure with them. Quite a long ways from when I couldn't get my total CL over 12k seven years ago Back to the sock drawer
  7. asked for 25k (from 11k) which is about my average for other banks. They countered with 18.7k
  8. Was it the 6.0 that would fit as per Hollander Interxhange, VIN matched? if it was an L76, it has well more than 200k on the odometer.
  9. I'd check car-part.com for a used engine that is in your price range. There look to be quite a few 6.0 L76 engines for ~$2500.
  10. take a look at Mt Diablo lending as well. I found them on zillow and they had excellent rates http://mtdiablolending.com/
  11. Konrad, you are evil!!! Why do you dangle this in front of me????
  12. Also, I seem to recall that Discover's terms add all the interest for the length of the loan upfront. In other words, you pay the same amount of interest if you pay off the laon in 1 month or 84 months

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