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  1. Is your account still open? Something must have changed since you opened an account. I deposited $2,500, the minimum on Monday, Sep. 28, 2015, into the brokerage and was told by my local branch it would take 4 days for the ACH to clear and allow me to withdraw so that I may open a Scottrade bank account. (You must have $500 equity in your brokerage account. Equity is cash available for withdrawal.) Meanwhile, you are given immediate access to trade with those funds if you like, with some restrictions. Today, my funds are still not available for withdrawal. Talked to a rep via chat and he states, "First time deposits take 10 days". Holiday next Monday, so next Tuesday, Oct 13 they will become available. Great! They get to play with my money for two weeks. Their website says SOME deposits MAY take 10 days to become available for withdrawal but does not explicitly say to which deposits this rule applies. Rep apologizes as he can do nothing further. So, if anyone tries Scottrade, expect a 10 day hold on ACH for your first deposit and before you can open a bank account. I'm still not certain as to whether or not they use Chex or EWS (I'm on EWS). They do use Deluxe for their checks so a relationship with EWS is possible.

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