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  1. Thanks for all the replies. I was surprised that EX left the liens on there since the other two deleted. I will check to see if my former address is still listed. Maybe that's the problem but I can't remember. I was really mad that there was even a lien because the IRS knew that we were in the process of refinancing our home to pay it off in full. They refused to wait and as it turned out, it was paid off in TWO WEEKS! ugh! I won't give up...! Any other ideas out there?
  2. How can two different credit bureaus investigate and remove and one not? is there anything else I can do to get it off??? Can I ask experian what kind of investigation they did? the lien was in 2005; this month disputed and had it removed on TU and EQ. So whatever investigation they did they weren't able to verify right? Please help! thanks!
  3. I appreciate that! Centex...r u out there to chime in on this? Everyone on this board is so helpful!
  4. Wow! That's a good question but from what it says, I believe they are one in the same! To make me even more confused!!! The reality is that the end of month is the expiration of six years as well. On my fico credit report, it says "last activity July 03" but doesn't say what day of July. Is there a way to find that out????
  5. Thank you all for your responses. It is not Kopolow Law firm. the name is Jeff Sloan. I've been doing some investigation and I think the Truth in Lending Act calls Open Account (which NV has a 4 year limitation) as "a plan which the creditor reasonably contemplates repeated transdactions, which prescribe the terms of such transactions, and which provides for reaosnable finance charge..." I understand that the law is a bit fuzzy as to whether it's a written contract or open-ended account, but do you think this would apply? You all are awesome!
  6. Yeah I figure that they are just trying to trick me. I am going to go down to Justice Court and see if anything has ever been filed. Unfortunately, you can't look it up on line like other courts. I'm not taking any more telephone calls either. So is my next step to just wait to see if they do file something and answer the complaint with the defense that it's time barred? Or should I send them a letter stating that it's not a valid debt and for the sake of argument, even if it were, it's time-barred?
  7. Hello everyone. I hope I am correct on this. I just looked up the statute of limitations on credit card debt for Nevada. It appears to be four years. The last date of activity on a visa card on my credit report (which is due to fall off at the end of this year) is July 2003. I just received a call from a lawyers office asking if I wanted to settle before they file suit. When he looked back at the paperwork, he said it was given to their office in December 07. He said they filed suit but dismissed it (HUH?) Then he said, "I just want to get this off my desk and taken care of"). Am I correct in assuming they can't do anything litigation wise? Also, any suggestions as to how to handle this? I just printed off the info on this particular account from My Fico and it shows the last date of activitiy as July 2003. Thanks for your help!
  8. Our house was sold in the divorce. So we don't even own it right now...
  9. I had a mortagage with Homecomings and there are 3 paid 30 day lates on my report. It is my understanding that they have damn near gone under; closed most offices; laid off nearly everyone. If I dispute now, do you think I'd have a good chance of either getting it corrected for lack of response or getting it deleted??? I could care less which one! Thanks
  10. I don't get the point of this topic if it's not to ask questions. Am i missing something???

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