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  1. Yep, Chase Amazon Card for 4K and still 4K. No change :-)
  2. BofA CLI from 3K to 5K online approval via Luv Button. New Account App: Chase Amazon.com Visa Signature $4K online approval during checkout of Amazon Cart. Got $80 OFF purchase. Very Happy. Also tried AMEX CLI after BofA, but did not know about them using last soft pull (before I paid off my other balances) denied
  3. Long winded post, but bare with me You could try financing through where you find the car. DH had no credit in June of last year except one car loan from '06 paid off '10 we purchased an RV-Travel Trailer, not a Motorhome. We got financing through the dealer and were approved 10K @9% thru Park National. And just last month we were approved for a $15K Auto Loan thru BofA, but the car dealership was not a "preferred" dealership with them, so we would have had to wait for all paperwork to make its way between the 2. DH decided to have the dealers in house finance guy see if he could match the ra
  4. Chase has also been known to issue temporary limits on this card on approval, so it may arrive with a higher starting limit. Don't want to get your hopes up but it happened that way on DWs account. You can always call and find out too. Congrats... I hope not... Already have Chase Freedom. The minute approved for Chase Amazon Card, it showed up on his online account with Chase and 4K CL. I can't see them changing it now. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Thanks for the heads up though
  5. UPDATE: Hubby wanted Fender Flares for our "new to us" Tahoe and a brush guard or whatever to really deck it out. Very sharp. Auto Loan still has not showed on any CBRs. When purchasing accessories on AMAZON a few days ago, the $80 OFF popped up again and my DH went for it figuring he'd get rejected. After 10 seconds it popped up approved for 4K. Hey, we'll take it. Really surprising as Chase has been stingy about CLI of Freedom we have now. Now we have a 4K card with them too... Credit is weird if you ask me... But it is nice to be able to get it
  6. I was in the same boat (I usually post about my DH in first person.-Easier than saying DH or my husband every time I post, etc... ) Anyway, He has the good credit, I had none. But I take care of our Credit as he works a lot as a Production Manager.) I couldn't bring myself to pay for my Ficos, so I went with CreditKarma and my scores (Vantage 3.0) were TU: 652 EQ: 578 -so I assume my Ficos were lower. I did pay $1 for EXP credit track intro, and get this. They couldn't even give me a credit score! That was on 2/18/2016. I pre-qualled Cap One sight and they suggested Platinum and QS (QS has
  7. Hmm What is the purpose of waiting to get the card? By then the loan will report. Does Synchrony not like recent inquiries? Yeah, that was my fear as well. Once the loan shows, it will drop scores at least 20 points, probably 30 or so. I guess it can't hurt too much to apply now. I just don't want to hurt my chances to apply later, like next year. Never heard of Synchrony until researching Amazon Card. Don't know how they are about re-applying... Wondering if they will offer same perks for sign-up if already tried. Ya know?
  8. No other cards. Done for now. Really want to let the accounts age, and get the balances down on the Installment Loans a little more. Only thing coming up is CLI again with BofA in 4-6 months if conditions are right. They have been awesome. 2 CLI's since opening 06/2015. And they were who originally Approved the Auto Loan with good APR IMO. Expected at least 7%, heck our RV loan last year was for 9% and Fico was almost 100 points higher Just interested in AMAZON since we buy there ALOT. Coul dwait till around Christmas though if they offer something better then.?.
  9. Would still like to get AMAZON card, but not sure if I should now. Had multiple hits on Equifax, some on Experian too. Score only went down a few points so far, since we were "shopping for best rate" but when the loan gets posted, I expect a huge drop to credit score. Should I go for it now, or wait for a while? Advice please. I'm not getting Chase. Have them and they are pain in the butt and stingy on CLI. -Think I have 6-7 inquiries on EQ(3 new from loan) and 3 on TU (2 new -1 from loan), and 5 on EXP (1 new from loan) other inquiries were all 6/2015 with like one 10/2015 on EXP *edited t
  10. OK, so I have not yet app'd for the AMAZON yet. And I am glad not, because we just got an AUTO LOAN! Super excited. Posted in TODAYS APPROVALS -Auto Finance Section: https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=313924&p=5430677 Super excited. Been needing to buy bigger V8 Vehicle to pull our Camper. Could hardly believe it when approved. This site has been such a BLESSING! Love you guys (in a purely platonic way of course)
  11. APPROVING BANK: Bank of America BUREAU PULLED: Equifax CREDIT SCORE 669 CUSTOMER STATE OF RESIDENCE: Ohio NEW/USED Used YEAR OF VEHICLE 2007 MILEAGE 120K RETAIL/LEASE Retail AMOUNT OF LOAN $15,000 ADVANCE PERCENTAGE 125% (not sure what this means, but it said I could finance 145% of car... or it could have been 125%) TERM CONTRACTED 72 mo or 60 mo APR/LEASE RATE 4.79 or 4.04% Went with 72 month MONTHLY PAYMENT $275 MISCELLANEOUS COMMENTARY: Thought FICO was higher, CK FAKO for EQ was (before hard inquiries) 724 and TU FAKO 734 while Experian FICO08 708, was
  12. I am trying to help my sister and her husband with some medical collections. I have posted questions, and gotten good advice on how do go about helping them help themselves. I am trying to get her, or him, to create an account here on the CreditBoards and ask questions themselves.... But until then. I was just wondering if you have or have thought about having a List of known Junk Debt Buyers, or if not: At least a place where people can post first date of collections; collectors name, and whether they were successful in removal? Or would that just be too confusing? I know from reading the t
  13. As stated above they're not hit-or-miss. They're Vantagescores. You can't use them to determine your scores generated by other models. They're only relevant to creditors that use a TU or EQ Vantagescore 3.0. AFAIK they're not used for the Amazon Store Card. It's never just about score but you can refer to the Credit Pulls Database. There's a link in the blue bar near the top of every page on this site. Don't conflate money and credit. They're not the same thing. Money can help but it does not guarantee good credit. There are plenty with money and poor credit. There are plenty with no
  14. Ok. Wow. Thanks for pointing out the multiple Amazon cards, I had no idea. I have a mortgage since 2012, a car loan from 2006 paid off in 2010. A personal loan from Nov. 2015 small-2K And 3 tl's from June 2015 (that was my firs app spree) 2 are $0 balance and another has balance. UTL is 15%, but got a CLI on one card (one with balance) but not showing yet, and probably won't until first week in March, should take UTL to under 10%. Current CLs are 2K, 1K, 3K-increased to 5K. By "hit or miss" I only meant that sometimes (certain situations, etc...) the Vantage and FICO are close, and in othe
  15. I (or rather my DH through me ) am very interested in app'ing for Amazon card. I have been a PRIME MEMBER FOR 2+Years and constantly get the offer on my shopping cart, though I am waiting for the $80 gift card not the $20, or the meager $5 they keep switching between. Why on earth they think $5 is going to get someone to app for their card.... I am going to get th $29 3B FICO scores starting mid march. just don't want to get quarterly ficos until my CLI's and updated balances show in about a month. Current CK Vantage 3.0 (FAKO) is 734 TU and 724 EQ, though should go to 760+ after new balan
  16. How would one know if in "credit steps" still waiting on card. Also, how do I know when "statement generates"? Thanks! What was your starting limit $300 on one, the other I don't know (I did the two-for one QS and Platinum, the other approval did not go to the "create your account" page, it just said an error occurred, but I got two emails on Monday saying my "card was on its way", different last 4 digits on account numbers). My husband has good/excellent credit. I despise credit, but understand that if one does not have it, life is not so kind. I figured since I take such good care of
  17. It's not just about the card. It's not just about usage. Your credit profile and income will primarily determine what you qualify for. Even if a card is "highly likely" to automatically offer CLI's that won't mean a thing if your credit profile and income don't support the CLI. Point taken.
  18. How would one know if in "credit steps" still waiting on card. Also, how do I know when "statement generates"? Thanks!
  19. I know from experience (my FAKO credit scores went from 627 and 641 to 734 and 724 in 21 DAYS) that paying down your credit cards and lowering utilization can really bump your scores. The things you need to know though is: When do the cards report to credit bureaus. It wont help to pay them down after they've reported and you have only 14 days till you go to get the loan. You get me? My cc's report on closing date listed on acct or bill. Now some cards will report for $0 balance early, CHASE reports 0$ balance within days of payoff, I know this too from experience. So make sure you pay these
  20. I know this is older thread, but still RELEVANT and since it was listed under Master of Master Masters Thread, I thought I'd add my 2 cents Chase reported $0 balance after PIF mid-cycle for me (Yay ) So far BofA has not reported CLI approved a week ago. They report at statement closing first week of month. So just waiting on that. AMEX after PIF did not update until usual statement closing.
  21. These dates are from Collections Agencies not from the Original creditor (hospital/doctor) When does the SOL clock start? When CA first reports? When services originally rendered (or 30 days from? -as the case may be)? Is the SOL for medical 4 years, or 6 years? I read somewhere that medical bills are considered open-ended contract with a difinitive due date??? So much info..... Lots of old laws showing under searches -some still had 15 years for written contract though that was updated in 2012 I believe? Just need these few questions answered so I know what to tell them to do... I am trying t
  22. Sorry, tried to edit this post. Most are from 2012, 2013, a few from 2011, and one from 2014.
  23. They had Medicaid. Most are from 2011 and 2012 with some 2013. I have looked into your (whychat) process. I already had them opt out, I got them on CreditKarma to see what their credit looked like. According to your guide I should have them get their free annual credit report from each of the bureaus. And have old addresses removed first. then send the HIPPA to credit bureau first, right?
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