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  1. About 15 years had credit card IIB. Today was approved for 0.9% with BMW Financial @ 72 months on a 2016 Mini. Current Ex score at 795
  2. Went after another Citi Card to join my Prestige, based upon my credit card profile and selected the Premier with the 50K bonus. Instant approved for 7,400. Other than a couple of product changes I'll do in Jan on 2 Amex cards and my Chase Slate to CSP....I'm done! Will see what Citi does when they take over Costco from Amex as I have the Amex Costco @15,000.
  3. I had the special reservation code along with $100.00 cash back after $1,000 spend within first 3 months.
  4. Received an email offer with special code a couple of weeks ago, decided to pull the trigger and instantly approved for $15,000 which is the same limit as is my Costco TE card. Current income of about $170,000 and FICO EX of 762 with 5% overall utilization.
  5. Kept looking at pre-qual offers from Cap 1 so bit the bullet and was approve for Capital Platinum Prestige approval was for only 5,000. This morning requested CLI from BOA -requested 7,700 - 25,000 was approved for 15,400.00
  6. North Richland Hills
  7. North Richland Hills
  8. APPROVING BANK: InTouch Credit Union BUREAU PULLED: TU CREDIT SCORE: 801 CUSTOMER STATE OF RESIDENCE: TX NEW/USED: Used YEAR OF VEHICLE: 2014 MAKE: Mercedes Benz MODEL: SLK 250 MILEAGE: 5k RETAIL/LEASE: Retail $39,400.00 AMOUNT OF LOAN: S41,770.00 TERM CONTRACTED: 72 mos APR/LEASE RATE: 1.99 MONTHLY PAYMENT: 619 with Gap ANNUAL INCOME: 160,000 DEBT TO INCOME RATIO: 30% with Mortgage MISCELLANEOUS COMMENTARY:Fast process walked in one day received approval letter, went to dealer and worked out deal, traded in 2012 SLK (had equity) provided letter with instructions, e-signed at the dealer ship, drafting instructions provided...off and running
  9. I filed a CH13 in March 08 and have come through the otherside stronger and smarter than before! Plenty of sound and helpful advice to be found here.
  10. I converted a Platinum to the Flagship in Feb 15, and requested a bump from my 22K limit. The agent I spoke to said she would request the full amount, but then came back and said it was denied...a day or so later the limit was raised to 70K. Looks like I was denied the full 80K, but I'm good!

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