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  1. His "GF" was "cheating" on him. Read up on her, yea, not so much on the "could have kept enjoying life for years to come" You can have the best life in the world but...in the long run, it means nothing. In the end, we are all still alone. It doesnt matter the amount in the money in the bank. I am upset about his daughter.
  2. My take on the Dyson animal Meh. Expensive and couldn't keep up with the fur of one Maine Coon cat. We ended up getting a good industrial Hoover and it worked much better
  3. I just got a notice yesterday that Macy's is discontinuing their Major Purchase account. So that trade line will be closed
  4. 16,400 initial, (sp) - then CLI to 16,800. Had it for 4 months - its up to 19k Again, high income and score 700+. Avg limit about 15k (low 4.3k to 35k)
  5. HL May I PM you for the details? I PM'd Uber and he did not answer Thanks
  6. I meant - YOU found your car? I live in a BIG city, I cant even fathom that
  7. No. Dh has a 30k card but all I wanted was the LOC. Neither of our accounts are joint
  8. I have one for 20k Its an actual line of credit.
  9. Having sort of the same problem this morning Applied for membership - got instantly approved. Prequalified for a number of credit cards, auto loan, refinance of an auto loan we just got. No way to apply (not sure if it was my browser or?) - says use the apply button at the right and couldnt locate them. I then go to the ebranches site to create my account with the new account number and it says I already created one with the password I used in the application. Umm, ok. I created one to access the application which appears to be different. So I try using that password, no go. I lock myself out. I go to forgot your password as it tells me to and input all my info - says the email or addess has recently changed for this account and I cant get a temporary password? So frustrating. It shouldnt be this hard to set up the account. I guess I will call them when I have time
  10. Yep - every app goes thru underwriting If you have good income and scores, it should go well. They are somewhat conservative - but we enjoy having the card. Customer service has been bar none whenever we needed it. Let us know how it goes
  11. We have a BMO Harris credit card - 15k limit They pull TU - and everything goes thru underwriting. We have scores in the 700s - about 740. We have been banking with Harris since 1983, I believe. Our bank was a former Suburban bank before Harris bought them in the early 90s. Our paychecks are DD - so they could see what we make. Our income is about (combined) $200k Have the OD protection for our checking (doesnt report - but we only have $1k) Took about a week for the approval Hope this helps
  12. Actually I read your posts over there and you were rude. They asked you nicely not to discuss and you kept at it. And rudely....

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