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  1. It wasn't much but it worked! Target increased my Red Card from 1000 to 1400. I'll take what I can get from them!
  2. After many of our successes with the Capital One Executive Offices, I decided to try something similar with the Target Red Card. I was hoping that TD Banks recent purchase of Target credit products would aid many of us in getting CLIs. I emailed a certain executive at TD Bank about a month and a half ago asking about a CLI. Well, a few days ago I received a call from Targets EO. After playing phone tag for a couple days I talked to a nice young lady who explained they usually do not take customer CLI requests because of the CARD Act and that they are worried about possible future implications if they extend too much credit. However, she said if I could give her my yearly income she would forward my information to underwriting. They need to know a customer's yearly income in case they are audited by the government. SO, I should be hearing back from her within the next day or two. If this works I will PM people with the email address I used. I don't want to give out too much information and have this person change their email address. I will update as soon as I hear back from her
  3. If I had to guess i would say the 1/19 Fair Isaac and the Intersections are duplicates. Probably another duplicate in there as well. You probably got off the original but the duplicate will remain and is still counted by the counter. Also, don't forget you have to B* off older softs as well. Still have one from March and a few from May before you'd get to the June one.
  4. You're fine to cancel the card if you'd like but I'd try calling a rep and seeing if you can't switch your secured card to an unsecured card first.
  5. Wait until the 30 day window has passed. Often this is a stall tactic and they hope you will contact them in response to their letter. If you do contact them within the 30 day window it will add additional time to the dispute process.
  6. Ask for 3X your current limit if this is your first CLI. They wont go higher than this. Also, they'll use your last account review soft in their decision. They wont pull a new inquiry. @max.b- yes they'll give you a limit higher than 1/5 of your income.
  7. @lucky- You are on the C* block. Pulling just USAA wont get you to B*. You need to add two more pullers to get there. @studio- You need to add another puller. MPM and USAA will count towards EQ but the others do not. Add EC or CS if you have an AMEX. EC will allow you to see your softs. You will only be able to see your softs through EC or backdooring your EQ report. How long it takes to achieve B* depends on how many soft and hard pulls you have. Remember, if you have soft pulls older than your hard pulls you will B* those soft pulls off first.
  8. I recently got CLI, rewards and APR reduction through EO. Got the 0% BT checks a few days ago. Hopefully the upgrade offer will be coming soon!
  9. I just explained that I'd like to use the card more but I'm worried about utilization. When I talked to the rep she never asked what I wanted the CLI for. Just verified some info and submitted the request to UW for me. Very simple, easy process
  10. You don't deal with the CEO. There are multiple reps that work in the executive offices and one of them is assigned to you. Once you get assigned to a person you deal with that person exclusively. Never any questions about the email but most email addresses can be found somewhere online. Also, my requests for my Capital One card resulted in a soft pull but my requests for the HSBC card resulted in a hard pull
  11. Talking to a regular account specialist will get you nowhere. You need to email or call their Executive Offices.
  12. Discover will hard pull if your CLI request is very high. Sometimes Amex will base their decision on the last soft AR they pulled, sometimes it'll be a hard.
  13. I need C* to wipe out all my April and May softs so I can go after my latest hards!
  14. Just found out, HSBC card went from $900 to $3k. Capital One dropped my APR 4 points. HSBC is still working on the APR decrease. I also talked to the rep for awhile about future CLIs. She said I could call her back at anytime but I should wait at least 6 months. She said very soon their customer service reps will be taking CLI requests, hopefully within the next 3 months. On a side note- now that Target has been taken over by TD Bank I'm hoping to try the same tactic with TD Banks President of Retail Card services. I've tried a couple possible variations of email addresses but so far no response from them.
  15. If it's a collection account you want it off your file and if it has been on there since 2005 it should've come off last year.
  16. TypIcally for me, if during normal business hours, when I app for a card the inquiry shows up immediately. I've done some CLIs this past week and the inquiries showed up that day if the company required a hard pull.
  17. Time for my success story. I emailed them yesterday. Received a call back yesterday but ended up playing phone tag with the woman handling my case. Finally spoke with her today. I requested a CLI, APR decrease and product change/rewards. Stated she could not do a product change but she added the same benefits as the Cash Rewards card. She also informed me that this would only result in a soft pull (she actually knew what she was talking about) which I confirmed on Equifax. Current limit was 2k so i asked for 5k. Checked online and was approved for 3.5k. Not sure yet about my APR decrease. Next I mentioned I had an old HSBC Direct Rewards Platinum that has been stuck at a $900 limit for the past 6 years with a high APR and no rewards. I told her I'm not sure what I should do with this card because it is not worth it for me to even consider using it. She told me that the HSBC cards are handled by a different group in the Executive Offices because the two systems have not completely merged yet and that she would forward my requests to that group. She told me to expect a call tomorrow. Well they just called today. I asked for all the same things- 5k limit, APR decrease and rewards. Unfortunately, she said she could not do a product change or add rewards to this card (BOO). My other requests they were sending to UW so I should know by tomorrow. Capital One's executive offices are great and quick.
  18. Okay- Sent out initial disputes. Some entries were verified a couple deleted. Received nothing from the CAs in quesiton. Sent out the follow up letters to the CAs that were verified CMRRR (none were to PO boxes). Soon as I got the green cards back sent the follow up letter to the CRAs, just got the last green card from the CRAs today. Two things happened. First, a couple days ago one of the CAs responded with bills, signatures, EOMBs, copy of my drivers license, etc. They had their ducks in a row. Second, TransUnion responded to the follow up letter by saying they are refusing to reinvestigate since they just did and they see the follow up as frivolous. Last bit of information is that the remaining account on TU is owned by the CA that responded. Where should I go from here?
  19. The offer is legitimate but not a pre approval. It is for PayPal's Bill Me Later service. They WILL do a hard pull when you apply. I would recommend not applying
  20. This should be in the Medical Billing and Medical Collections Forum. Post there and you'll get help
  21. I'm getting back on the B* train! Equifax only. Any new developments?
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