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  1. It is my understanding that this is a violation (or at least it used to be) of the agreement with Visa/MC etc. I tried Google, & it was mostly 2+ year old articles I found. I have a problem with my Boss implementing this policy @ the agency I work for, & I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction to show that this should not be allowed. Is the Signature on the back of the card still the only thing that should be reviewed? Or can/should we now "demand" ID for large purchases on a CC? Thanks!
  2. Penfed is reporting 3 CC accounts opened in 2010 on my CR. I only opened 1 CC, but due to internal security breaches on Penfed's end, they had to issue new cards w/ new numbers. This is dragging my AAOA down to <5 years, & not only hurting my FICO, but my Insurance Premiums as well. I have disputed via USPS, & even escalated my complaint to the NCUA. Everyone told me that since the accounts in question were reporting "closed/PIF", that Penfed was doing no wrong. Since I know FICO takes open & CLOSED accounts into the AAOA, & even provided proof of the AA letter
  3. I have a BOA 123 card sitting in the sock drawer, & I pull it out every 3 months to buy lunch & keep it active/open. I never wanted this card, but I was issued it when BOA killed my beloved Schwab 2% card (RIP 10/31/2011). Since I receive higher reward %'s from other cards in every category, I see no use for it. However, it does have a $25,000 CL, & I would like to think there is SOMETHING out there I could PC my card into that is actually useful to me. The 3 cards issued directly from BOA are worthless to me, but I was hoping maybe there is a partnership BOA card I co
  4. Thanks everyone for your knowledgeable insight. I don't spend more than my $2900 CL @ Target, & I don't plan on it. I was just asking because Pops has a Target Visa w/ a $20K CL. So I thought it couldn't hurt to try & convert it, if the potential credit limit was 1000% higher Thanks again, back in the sock drawer she goes!
  5. I remember a few years back Target sold half of their portfolio to Chase. Then last year sold the rest to TD. I don't know who bought which accounts, but I was wondering is anyone had success with converting a store card to a Visa? I have the Store Card @ $2,900... & I would sure like a higher CL, & I think the Visa conversion is the only way that could be possible. Thanks
  6. Hey ICANHASMUNY, I should have elaborated in my post, it is merely a hypothetical scenario. I enjoy helping friends improve their credit, & get junk-debt buyers off their back. Since I am familiar with the standard means of disputes/validation/whychat's methods, I was wondering if talking on the phone could be added to my arsenal (although I know it is generally frowned upon). With my state's very favorable conversation recording laws, I believe I could make a CA violate the FDCPA multiple times in a 5 minute conversation. Not in the interest of suing them for the fines, b
  7. Can a person talk on behalf of another person, to a Collection Agency over the phone, if they have a notarized Power of Attorney? I know only a lawyer can do such things in court, but can anyone with a POA deal on behalf of someone over the phone?
  8. Just a hypothetical question here, as nobody knows for sure. I just wonder if once the Cap1 takeover of HSBC is complete this Summer, if our new Cap1 cards will be able to be combined? I have a Cap1 Venture One, that is stuck @ $7,500 until the end of time. According to a letter about the takeover, I have a new $9,500 1.5% no AF Cap1 card (used to be a $9,500 HSBC Weekender) coming in the mail. $17,000 combined into a single Zero AF 1.5% everywhere card sure would be sweet... It's my understanding that Cap1 doesn't like to consolidate accounts... but with such a massive influx
  9. I posted an inquiry last year about Amazon's STORE (not VISA/MC) card giving me a low $700 CL... & appearing to be limited to $2500 tops via online requests for a CLI. CreditBoards led me to the Backdoor phone number, & I went from my $2500 to $10K w/ a 5 minute phone call & w/o a HP. Here I am 8 months later, & I decided to call earlier this afternoon & ask for $15K. After a few minutes on hold, the Underwriting fellow asked: "You have not spent more than $1300 on your card during any given month, so why do you need a higher CL than your current limit of $10K?"
  10. Well thank you BW, I really appreciate your time & insight! Have a good night my friend.
  11. How would any FICO algorithm determine if it was a spouse, or just a family member with the same last name?
  12. No my AU account is reporting (1993, when I was 9 haha)... but does FICO still consider AU in calculationg AAOA?
  13. Touche. I will just let it drop off next year & refrain from opening new unneeded accounts. 1 last question... Does FICO still take into account non-Amex AU accounts into AAOA (piggybacking)? I have read conflicting reports, starting around 2009. Thanks BW!
  14. It was my understanding that both open & closed accounts were used to calculate AAOA. Am I mistaken my friend?
  15. Because it is the only TL I have on my reports between 2004 & 2010. It is anchoring my FICO AAOA, & I need it to not fall off. They could give me no rewards & a $50CL, I just need that 2004 Open Date.
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