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  1. Hey CB, How have you been? Its been a long time. I am so glad you are still here. Needless to say I am back because I was unable to stay on top of my credit. The Economy gave me the one two punch in the gut. Great to be back and thank you again for all your help.
  2. Hey everyone! Thank you again for being here. It sucks but I am back after being gone for over ten years. I have been searching and searching your site for a description or forum on what a Jack Attack is. I have spent over an hour reading and changing searches. Nothing comes up. Where is the Jack Attack forum/ or topic that describes what it is?
  3. Thank you all for jumping in so quickly. I already feel a little better. However. this is true. Wells Fargo is the only account that will actually give me any information. They said it was experian and they even supplied a phone number. I am at lost with words. I will be able to give more details tomorrow. Please check back tomorrow, please!!
  4. Please Help!!! Just found out that every account I own has been frozen by Experian. Including my Wells Fargo checking and savings. They only gave a phone number to call. However you have to pay to access the information but they froze all my accounts. What do I do? I got a hold of someone at Experian and they didn't know anything. In fact I kept getting redirected to web support. HELP!!
  5. Before I continue, can I just clarify something? And are these sueable? From what I have read, SOL is only good in defense if they sue? They have violated by: 1. reporting after the SOL in California 2. Reporting without proper validation 3. Harrassing me at work, before and after C&D letter.
  6. Hi pryan67, sorry to bug you in this area. just needed some advise. Could you look at the last question in this thread? I appreciate it. http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?s...pic=75343&st=50
  7. Thank you Sassy. I was just looking for a letter because I am terrible with wording. I understand the FDCPA violations and that they don't consitute deletion, but from my understanding I thought that if the CA did not verify then it's grounds for deletion. Am I correct? Should I now shoot off a letter to the cra's stating that that the CA has no grounds for collection and that they have not verified the debt? I will definitely keep reading in the newbies section and learning. I have already learned so much. Thank you for all the help.
  8. I filled a complaint with those places. But I want it off my credit report. I just need the letter to send to the cra.
  9. O.k. I got all my green cards back. I did not get a green card back from my second validation letter to the CA. But the USPS gives you tracking online, will that work? Can someone lead me in the direction of a detailed letter to send to the cra requesting them to remove the CA and account from the report?
  10. Bump! I would also like to know that answer to this. So I can be prepared when and if it happens to me. I am currently waiting on validations.
  11. Yes they are in Cal. But the account is closed. They didn't contact me, they called my payroll dept. and hounded them with questions. All of which my payroll did not answer.
  12. How is this for a 1-2 punch letter to the CRA? Should I add for them to investigate or is that SOP? Experian P.O. Box 2002 Allen, TX 75013 To Whom It May Concern: After closely examining my Experian Credit Report obtained on 1/27/2005, I have discovered the following errors: ERROR 1: The following account is listed on my report: I have never opened this account. It is not my account and it should be removed. Credit Solutions Corp. Account number: 245020 I would appreciate immediate correction of these items. Sincerely,

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