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  1. Did you guys not get your $95 annual fee reimbursed? I was hit with my annual fee last month but they quickly reimbursed it at the same time. Looks like to me they are gonna get rid of the annual fee. I've heard a couple of peeps from other forums getting their annual fee reimbursed also. Date Description Amount + 10/30/2015 ANNUAL FEE $95.00 + 10/30/2015 ANNUAL FEE ADJUSTMENT -$95.00
  2. This sucks. My ED just reported to TU today and no more backdate. My other 2 that I opened in January reports as opened in January of 2000. MSD: 2000 Approval Date: 3/11/2015 Date Reported: 4/13/2015 Date Opened as listed on Credit Reports: 3/11/2015
  3. Suuuurrrrreeeeee...... It's First American State Bank backing the card. Their "About Us" page: First American State Bank was chartered in Greenwood Village, Colorado on July 10, 1995 and has grown to become one of Colorado’s leading independent banks with more than $260 million in assets. Founded by Jay Davidson and locally owned, the bank’s mission is to provide exemplary service to independent business owners, discriminating professionals and high net-worth individuals. As a community bank, First American State Bank provides a full range of financial products typical of larger insti
  4. I suppose I did get lucky then but I only did it as an experiment. I only had 3 inqs now just 2 but really don't care much to B* anymore since I don't plan on apping for anything in the near future. Plus I don't go app crazy too much so inqs don't really hurt that much.
  5. I was down to 3 softs on equifax to bump 1 of my 3 inqs so I experimented with quizzle. Paid quizzle $5 3 days in a row and saw that it does still work to B* inqs on equifax. I noticed that paid pulls from quizzle is not labeled ND*. Expensive though if peeps wanna go that route.
  6. I was thinking about getting a business LOC with Chase also. How was the process with getting a business LOC with Chase? I bank with them and my merchant account is with them also so they see how much money I run through my business. What all is involved in the process? I've never applied for an LOC from any banks before but since my business is growing and need more working capital I thought about getting an LOC from any bank that will do business with me. Like you I had a CO with them on my personal CC about 10 years ago and I see they brought this up with you also.
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