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  1. I have a nissan sentra that is paid off but the past 3 months it has cost me over 3500 to fix everything.I spoke to the auto mechanic and he said that it would better to get something better.I found a truck that is 18,000 I am going to put down 2000 plus the trade in my credit score is at 600.I have been on time with all my bills and wondering if like ford or dodge will approve me? The nissan is paid off 2 yrs after i purchased it.
  2. I had a 1500 credit limit had it for a yr and I have purchased items I just looked and it is know down to 500.What is up with that?
  3. This happened to me.I paid for one of my scores on the 9th and then fri I looked and it saaid that I purchased the other 2.I called and the lady said I did.I told her that was not right. I only paid for one.She was very short and not helpful at all.I am goooing to call back on MOnday and talk to some one else.
  4. Thanks Myfico was not nice about this.I am trying to buy a house and just wanting tot keep an eye on my scores.Can we buy the vanatage scores? Thanks Deanna
  5. My went to myfico and purchased a year of the deluxe.well I thought that the scores and reports would update.well the person who told me that was wrong.I dont have the money to keep buying the scores and the reports that is why I paid for the year.Is there any thing out there that if you pay for the year the scores and reports update? Help.
  6. I was told the same thing but I need to get a loan in the next.Then what do you do.
  7. What city and county? I live in allen tx -collin county.When I spoke to the one group she said they do not pull the credit.Well they pulled mine 3 times.She told me they where non profit and it did not matter what my income or credit looked like.I just went through a nasty divorce and I do have bad credit.This there anything out there? Thanks
  8. I recently applied for a downpayment grant from a place that I thought was a non profit.Well they total did not tell me the truth when I spoke to them.Does any one know of any non profit that will help? Thanks
  9. My home is worth 110,000.I owe my ex in laws 37,000.I am not under a court order but they just want their money.I have tried ask them what they want to do theey say to sell or keep the house. My interest rate now with them is 6% and I have alot of equity with they value of the home. I am just trying to find the right thing to do.I have 2special need boys and it is hard. What is this rapid rescore?
  10. I am trying to either refin my home to pay off my ex in laws? The problem that I havee is that my credit score is at a 540 and i am trying to clean this up .Is there any company out who deals with problems like this? If i can not get a loan then what can I do? There is enough equity in the house . Any help would be helpful.What is my next step? Sell the house or what???????
  11. This collection agency called my ex sister in law and told her what the collection was all about.This was from 1999. This agency got her number from somewhere but not from me. What caan I do?
  12. Right I owe him the 25,000 and I would like to get some extra to do repairs.So I would like to get 50,000 total.
  13. the remaining of my loan is only 25,000. the house was appraised at 105,000.
  14. I have had 2 years good on the loan.My score is 520. My payment on the house is 450.00. I am just trying to payoff my ex father in law and have some to fix up the house. I dont know if I should refinance of just sell?
  15. My credit is not so good. I only owe 25,000 The house was appraised at 105,000 We brought it in 1995 I will be they only one on the loan I have been at the same job for over 2 years. I bring home about 20,000 I only owe about 2,000 in credit debt My house payment is 400.00. I hope this helps .

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