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  1. DGF also has a 2011 BK, and FICO's around 700. I got her to join NFCU a year ago, and I've been coaching her on CLI requests. After a year, she now has a 50k limit on her one NFCU card. (pisses me off - I've got 800+ FICO's, and I've only got a 43k limit with them ) If you haven't been actively "grooming" your accounts, that might explain the lack of love. What are your utilization numbers like - both with Navy, and across your other accounts? Jeff - I have a 20K card with NFCU and a 10K LOC and both are almost maxed out. I am considering filing BK. If I do file BK do you think I would ever be able to get NFCU card again?
  2. This is GREAT info. Funkihouse, do you know what the average cost is to file a suite would be?
  3. Just spoke with Experian and I was able to get all of the address removed except 2 of them of that are tied to 3 debts each. I will call back in 3 weeks and try to get those removed. Now off to call Equifax.
  4. You can try. I moved in the past year and was able to get the last address off.
  5. I just called transunion and got them all removed and all of the old phone numbers. Now I will try the other 2 and report back. Thank you so much for sharing this info.
  6. I am absolutely in love with this letter! I cannot wait to put it to use. Thank you for taking the time to type it out an share it with us.
  7. Thanks for posting your letter. I just edited it for myself to send a letter to Enhanced Recovery to ask for validation on 2 debts.
  8. I was just reveiwing the Medical Debt Validation letter from Why Chat's and it stated " DO NOT send it RR -WAIT FOR THE FULL RESPONSE FROM THE CRA BEFORE CONTINUING WITH THE HIPAA LETTER PROCESS" I have been looking to see waht "RR" mean but have not found it in the glossary. Can someone tell me what that means? Thanks!
  9. From my understanding you should the letter certified mail with return receipt so that they have to sign for it and you have proof they have received it. Priority mail will not prove that for you unless you add Signature required to it.
  10. That is precisely my point, I can't speak for Sassy, but thats exactly what I mean. Do you remember the great credo from the eighties "question authority"? In this case I take it one step further, I don't just question authority, I call it what it is. A speculative business venture that simultaneously preys on the defenseless and skirts the law. Even if you are paying CA on a debt you owe, your not really paying your debt, your putting profit into the pockets of people who have no right to it. (CA's buy these debt's for pennies on the dollar) that might be ok with you but it isn't with me. We've been dancing back and forth you and I on this and something is not getting through I fear. CA's are duty bound to follow the FDCPA and as a consumer you have rights, if you choose not to pursue validation, that's fine, but to assume that people who do ask for validation are just avoiding the inevitable is not fair. If you don't know the law then a CA will assume the position of power, they have no right to that power I say. Validation swings the pendulum back to even weight on both sides. All they have to do is prove your obligation and then negotiation can proceed. WOW...that was a powerful post! You really gave me something to think about and really edified my belief that validation is always the way to go! Thanks
  11. Hey There Everyone! I am new here but unfortunately not that new to the credit repair process. I have gone through it once before and now find myself 7 years later going through it again. But no matter what I am not going to give up; I'm going to fight this battle & win and NEVER enter this Battlefield again!! I look forward to sharing my journey here on CB.
  12. Hello Everyone! I am new here to Credit Boards but I'm not all that new to credit repair. I actually cleared my own credit up about 6 years ago but unfortunately it needs to be done again. So, this document is really helping get back on my grind and to get everything setup correctly so that I my credit cleaned up without too many issues ( I pray). Thank you so much for sharing this information, I am only in chapter 1 and I am already intrigue by the info Randy is providing. I will be sharing my journey here on CB and look forward to all the wonderful support.

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