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  1. Any Information to help would be appreciated. Here is the situation. I have my Taxes paid down to under the 25,000 mark. I have had a installment agreement for some time now and have made every payment on time. I sent in the 12277 and asked for a Lien withdraw on my taxes and got back a letter stating that because I had not been In a Direct debit for 3 months they would not release it. Today I noticed that on the IRS website it clearly states the 3 ways to get the lien released. Lien Withdraws for taxpayers entering into a Direct Debit agreement. The IRS with withdraw a lien if on a regular installment agreement converts to a direct Debit installment agreement. The IRS will also withdraw liens on existing Direct Debit Installment agreements upon taxpayer request. Why was my withdraw not removed? How do I fight this? http://www.irs.gov/uac/IRS-Announces-New-Effort-to-Help-Struggling-Taxpayers-Get-a-Fresh-Start%3b-Major-Changes-Made-to-Lien-Process
  2. I have The Orchard Bank card. Does it help my credit to call and try to have the limit increased? I have never been late on it and in the past they have just increased it without asking. It has been awhile, so it it possible that they would?
  3. Update: I got my letter from teh IRS stating that becasue of the amount I owe, they could not grant me a release. I called the number on the front of the letter and talked to them about the situation that I am in. After explaining it to the lady I spoke with, she suggested I appeal. She gave me a fax number to send the appeal to and said the appeal council will look over it and be calling me within a week. Im keeping my fingers crossed and will update when I talk to the appeal council.
  4. I did try to get mine removed, It is well over 25K. I got a letter back stating that it would not be released because of the amount I owe. I have read further up the thread that there was one removed in the 30's. It might be worth a try depending on how much the lien is for.
  5. I was approved for the discover card for 1700.00. This is the most I have ever been approved for. Im so Happy!! I love the credit board!! Thank you guys for everything!!
  6. The amout I owe is over 25K. I dont know if the IRS will release the lien or not, but Im going to give it a try. Has anyone had one released over 25K?

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