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  1. After carefully reviewing my options, I ended up going with the Capital One Venture Rewards instead of a card with an intro 0% interest. Reason I went with this card is my girlfriend and I will benefit since we plan of doing a lot of traveling. Thank you for all the replies, I greatly appreciate it.
  2. Hello, is there a cardfinder available on this forum? Some time ago there was one but i'm unable locate it. I know karma and sesame both have their card db based on their metrics. Is there an alternative resource? I am currently looking for a card with good reviews and has 12 ~ 15+ month 0% interest intro. Please advise if you can.
  3. Happy New Year! Karma provides Equifax and TransUnion. Quizzle provides Equifax. I was under the impression that Sesame provided Experian but I see it's now powered by TransUnion. Are there any similar services that provides general credit reporting services for Experian. Thanks
  4. It would only be her word, the owner of the private property against theirs at this point. No visual proof the vehicle was parked on private property.
  5. It appears that Massachusetts is the only state where it's illegal to repo cars if it's on private property. A public street is fair game but not private property according to this: http://massachusettsbankruptcy.blogspot.com/2010/12/repossession-and-trespass.html I'm trying to gather as much data for her, but it appears there may be some attorneys who may represent her if she pursues a lawsuit. From what I've seen so far, she may be entitled up to 10% of the vehicle's amount plus other statutory damages and legal fees. The financial hardship was not disclosed.
  6. Hi CB, I am helping a friend who got her car repo'd from private property. According to Massachusetts law, this is illegal. Below is sequences of events that occurred. Spring 2014 - Due to financial hardship, payment for motor vehicle loan were falling behind Fall 2014 - Behind approx $4,000 Winter 2014 - Contacted LFS (Lexus Financial Services) to discuss options for curing loan. Stated to LFS I was able to cure motor vehicle the loan. Was stated by LFS full balance of approximately $25,000 was due in order to cure vehicle loan back to satisfactory conditions. August 14 2015 - Early morning: Sleep was disturbed by heavy duty vehicle in private driveway Mid morning: Discovered vehicle was repossessed Contacted LFS and was informed to contact the repossessing agent Contacted repossessing agent and was informed that a fee of $25 (fee supposedly imposed by LFA according to repossessing agent) was required in order to remove personal belongings from repossessed vehicle Unable to make required payment of $25 in order to remove personal belongings from vehicle August 19 2015 - Contacted LFA to discuss the following details Stated to LFS they have not delivered any physical forms pertaining to the “Right of Defaulting Buyer under the Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Installment Sales Act” to current residential address on file The full amount in order to cure motor vehicle loan was $29,738.39...at the time of the repossession LFS stated before repossession, amount to cure vehicle loan was approximately $4,000 - must call LFA obtain actual balance before repossession LFA stated the $25 personal belongs fee is a fee imposed by repossessing agent LFA states vehicle will be put up for private auction after September 1, 2015. LFA stated if vehicle goes through auction, the proceeds from the sale will go towards the balance of the vehicle. I will liable for the balance, called a deficiency or a deficiency balance. Notes gathered: In Massachusetts, it's illegal to repossess vehicles on private property without owner’s consent By Massachusetts law, 21 days notice (Right of Defaulting Buyer under the Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Installment Sales Act) is required in order to cure motor vehicle loan was never delivered to address on file by LFA nor are such details expressed in recent billing statements. Vehicle was unlawfully removed from private property which is illegal in the state of Massachusetts LFA stated a call will be returned within 72 business hours. No call returned Being misinformed regarding actual balance in order to cure vehicle loan Emotionally distressed Please advise on how this matter should be handled? Thanks
  7. For those who use Fidelity as a broker with a margin accounts, which of the 3 did they do a hard pull from? Thank you.
  8. Some woman called me at 7:55 this morning trying to collect a debt dating as far back as 1995. This is something from GE Capitol. I told her I don't recall the account. She got real snippy and would not let me finish my statements. As I was trying to politely explain myself she just kept cutting me off. The room around me was suddenly getting dark. More and more she just kept cutting me off and that's when I decided to let her have it. There was a brief moment of silence then I heard sniffling and a low crying moan. The things I said I cannot repeat here. This crying went on for approximately 5 minutes. Moments later I heard an associate asked is this woman was ok. A guy picks up the phone. I told him to send this "so-called" debt validation to my postal address and not to ever call my phone again. I would prefer to handle all interactions via postal mail. I regret nothing.
  9. Earlier this month I sent a dispute to EX. The dispute was for two lines that show as open with balances of a significant amount. These lines are supposed to be reporting as closed with zero balances. Sufficient proof was submitted. I received an "updated" report today and it shows that the items I am disputing are still pending and has a completion date of Nov 12th. They updated one of the items from open to closed (of course they did it to the one with the low balance) and has not done the same to the other one showing a very high balance. Are they required to send me an updated report of the final results of my dispute?
  10. Are they doing hard pulls for checking and savings accounts? Any idea on what scores they are looking for, with the visa? At first I applied for a secured which required a saving account so they needed to run a EQ soft. But then this occurred below... http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=501923
  11. I recently got a DCU Visa, Savings and Checking account. CC = hard pull Membership = soft pull. They knew I was very cautious about additional hard pulls.
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