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  1. i'll try em out, maybe get some servers and other equipment for this new project in the spring. lets see. i'll keep u posted.
  2. i mentioned a list of distributors mecca electronics alliance game distributors vpd games inc diamond comic distributors they'll probably ask for pre-payment for a little bit; which is fine. but they normally have even the hardest items in stock. Except for vpd and diamon, they are located in NYC area. I would have mentioned HL Dalis, which is also located in NY. But their sales people are real rude and I would spare you of dealing with those wing wams.
  3. well, i don't know whats up with some of you peeps. But you have something against me. I tried to be helpful, but apparently that's not enough. whether the information was either outdated, a bit incorrect, or whatever. I provided the information to the best of my knowledge. Then criticized, because its not liked by an individual or I explained it wrong or missed a few details. Well, i'm not geraldo rivera (for which i'm waiting for his assasination.) I began coming to this site, seeing what new tricks can be pulled out of the hat. and I learned some. Now whatever I share, its either have worked for me or someone I know. so for you to scorn me in a thread, I don't think that's just. Cause I've honestly provided information into this site, and hopefully some have benefit from it. and for those who did not benefit from this site, well i'm sorry it didn't work out for you. But don't try to cut my head off, cause u think i have a mission to provide mis-information on this thread. But i'm gonna leave this room, quietly. Be the better person, because apparently I'm the one who's going to step out and just leave this pile of Mierda alone. I don't have to take anyone's mierda, as none of you are giving me nookie so i can atleast tolerate the good and the bad. So ya'll can go baise vous-même
  4. think whatever you want to think. don't care.
  5. I read what he wrote. I appreciate the information, but its not like I am suing them anymore, I got what I wanted. I should have said, small claims is no longer an ISSUE. And I'm sorry for using a freakin' WRONG WORD.
  6. well, small claims is never an issue. I got what I wanted, eventually.
  7. well, send freakin' staples to HELL!!!
  8. well, i'm waiting from someone on ebay to give me my new xbox @ my house. i'm getting impatient. Staples couldn't take their own staples card, that F'ed Up greg. I had that happend to me once @ office depot. I only paid them $1.00 every month for six months, just to F with them. They couldn't say I wasn't paying, I was paying on time, just paying them a DOLLAR. LOL anyway, i have a busy day. so i'll touch base later tonight.
  9. computergal overstock.com has an auction section, which is easier than being an approved merchant with them. check it out.
  10. best bet, sam's club, if u're a business member. You get first dibs at it, before the consumers come in. so my suggestion, try costco, bjs, sams and whoeverelse.
  11. did u ever call that guy i spoke to from lowes?
  12. they are distributing about $1000.00 per distributor or major STORE. So they are going to make it real TIGHT, to keep prices high and the hype going. Another Tickle Me Elmo. For the distributors, its already pre-ordered. Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Circuit City, Gamestop (pre-ordered) Toys R Us, its gonna be a stampeed. I'm camping out @ sam's club next thursday, i was told that's when the new release comes out and buy like another 20 of those suckers, we'll see.
  13. sorry computergal, i was eating some gasy food, today. Didn't meant to have u put a whole gas mask and isolation suit.

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