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  1. I've been on CPAP for a few years. I just bought a new machine this summer online. I got the model I wanted with a heated humidifier. Its all in one unit, easy to travel with, I got it for about 450.00. I just used BCBS to get the sleep study redone then bypassed it to buy the machine. I have a 750 ded. and I could not choose the machine I wanted, all they offered were the big bulky machines. I got free head gear and a few different kinds of masks because the girl at the clinic felt sorry for me and gave me a few samples they had, so I lucked out there.
  2. I am in Citrus County and I got Universal Property and Casualty for 1480 through a local agent. This was after Horace Mann cancelled all policies in Citrus County at the end of May.
  3. I got the Lane Bryant catalog card when my scores were in the low 500's. I had to get the store card recently because the store stopped taking the catalog card. My scores for that were in the high 600's.
  4. I live in FL and I just got HOI through Horace Mann. $645.00 . You have to be a teacher or work in a school. They also have great rates on car insurance.
  5. I had TU do the same thing to me with a WFFNB/Lerner. I disputed with TU and they deleted no problem.
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