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  1. The only thing you want to recon is the APR if it was not favorable for you. Damn the limit, what is your apr.. You have to be cunning with this wolf.
  2. Same here.. Now, this is off the list of re-builders for dummies. I thought it was closed to inactivity, I feel sorry for whoever relied on that on their TU report. Wonder if they are going to stop reporting all together and suppress like BML...
  3. Tradeline has reported to all three, with an opening date of 7-1, this is a new account. Overall it is what it is for me, 1 less store card.
  4. Well I received my card yesterday, I'm hesitant about opening another new account I have a brand new Wells Fargo account less than 4 months old... This will keep me at a pretty stanky standstill. Sigh. It clearly says the old account will be closed. My card does list member since '12. I went ahead and activated it. They increased my limit to 4500 from 2100. No complaints on that end, just hate staying stuck at 9 months average age.. One day, all of my accounts will be 12 months old or more. Again All of this would not have been possible without getting my real start here with the information Ive obtained. I started with a Walmart Store Card 150.00 limit.. called in and asked for 50.00 ( judge me) to 200 , asked for an increase 3 months later, got denied. One week later auto cli'd to 900. 3 months later auto CLI'd again to 2100, 4 or 5 months later Upgraded to the Walmart Discover and CLI'd to 4500. Not bad for less than a years time.
  5. Logged in this am to check fico's, and noticed the second card image.. It says card is on the way !!! I had given it up for a mis-mailing. Will post all details when card actually arrives.
  6. I too was thirst yOP... My first line of credit was a secured fingerhut line.. yeah.. my credit was in the crapper.. im talkin mid 500's.. anyhoo, that combined with my secured Cap 1 has led me to 15k in credit across various lines... my goat being a 7k line with Wells Fargo. It is what it is.. I started with a 300 line with fh around just shy of 18 months ago.. and its at a whopping 600.. but I dont use it but once or twice a year.
  7. They want to see how you handle those accounts which are relatively fresh.. you are giving guestimates of AAOA... but 3 or 4 years is still young. A decent age is 8 years. Just handle those new accounts right and relax your itch to app. Congrats on the loc!
  8. Bump... For Unanswered question above... So to clarify, if you have a Walmart card and get the upgrade to their Discover card, does GECRB just update the original trade line or is the net result two trade lines from GECRB? and has anyone received said card ?
  9. Sorry this is happening to you. I know you know the answer to your own question as to what triggered Chase to balance chase. I think its just something you have to be patient with. I know BC can happen with any bank but, Chase has been rather aggresive with it lately.
  10. What is your APR ? Mine is sky high. I wont be using it after November. I cant afford their fee's, but the line looks good on paper.
  11. Yes, First CLI was the luv button 2 months in, denied. Increased the following week. Second CLI auto @ 5 month mark, 900-2100 Upgrade @ 9 month mark, 9th statement has cut, waiting on 10th.
  12. Great News in the mail today, I opened this account roughly 9 months ago.. Really surprised there. Cant wait to see my new card. Yay!

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