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  1. I believe a dismissed chapter 13 stays on report for 10 years.
  2. I did the same thing last year at this time. Never burned them but wanted to get the additional 5% and free shipping. Instant 3g. It also stated the same thing on the receipt about a "temporary credit line" but when I got everything in the mail it was still 3g. Congrats !
  3. Here's another unintended consequence: When you are asked, through security questions, "which address have you been associated....blah...blah....blah..." and, in fact, you had this address deleted, you will fail the security portal.
  4. Do you have your own log in already? Piggybacking D* is dead, so it's based on your own log in only. Actually, I do have my own log in.
  5. What if I've been an AU on an AMEX? Can I apply this January and get the MS date back dated? Thanks for all your wisdom Men.
  6. My UTI was higher than I would have liked - just less than 30% - so this card will help bring that down.
  7. Got my card today too. Exactly 3 weeks since applying on 09/22. Card reportedly immediately - even has an "OK" for the month of September.
  8. I asked for a 30g LOC and they counter offered for 5.5g which I declined.
  9. Received my PIN last week. Received balance transfer checks today. Still no card. Approved 9/23 and reported immediately to all 3 CRAs.
  10. 748 - up from 731 Weird that it's dated October 6
  11. Yeah - and I just got another offer yesterday - it would actually be a good deal if you can get the 5.99% for an "A1 loan grade" as the offer suggests. But I can't find anyone who has applied, who they pull, etc. Not willing to waste an inquiry.
  12. I, too, have been receiving offers from Best Egg. I posted a while back. Didn't get a single response. Not sure why I am targeted either. Think I've received four offers in the last six months.

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