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  1. Hi CB! Wanted to do a follow up since June. Chase sent an email offering a SP for CLI and increased me to 15K this is the CSP card Barclays is now at $10.5k they did an automatic CLI this month And good ole Citi gave me a whopping 1k CLI up to 2.7k on that one and I took a HP for it but have now put a couple things automatic payments each month on so will show more activity and try again later. I plan to CLI AMEX again in December and Discover but so far so good, thanks for all the help here
  2. Yes, I used the airfare credit last year and they just sent me a notice saying I had another $100 for this year I can use. Will look at changing it to something else before next AF.
  3. I did get a soft pull for Citi and they upped my limit a whole $1,000 more! Oh well, they said the card has been inactive so that's my fault. I will use the card over the next 6 months and see if they will match some of my other lines. CV- I ended up keeping the Amex gold for now. I paid the AF last month and really just because of the $100 airline credit you mentioned. Guess it pays for the fee, but I don't use the card for much else maybe a concert ticket or two. Probably will do one of the options you suggested next time the AF comes around. Thanks for all the respon
  4. Appreciate it! Going to probably go this route. Read some reviews online and people seem to be happy happy with Goldman.
  5. Hi Folks! looking for a small personal loan around $5,000 based on scores alone. No income verification. Anybody have any advice? My scores are around 740. I could probably just do a BOA deposit from my card and then just pay it off before the term for zero interest, but not sure that's a great idea? It's for a camper. Want to pay half and finance half from private seller not a dealership. Don't want to have to verify income.
  6. Hi Folks! been a year since this post and thought I would do a small update with my CLI's. I haven't done as well as some on the board. I also really want to do another app spree, haven't applied for anything since this spree so might be time? Any good travel bonus point cards out there currently? Thanks again for all the help! Barclays is now at $6,900 Citi is still at original limit, tried once for SP CLI and was denied, oh well maybe I should cancel AMEX Gold of course is charge so not sure on limit AMEX Blue Cash now at $13,800 yippie! BOA now up to $5,900 Discover now $7,500
  7. I know and I am very sorry. 😞 Congratulations 🎈🍾🎉 I hope you end up getting it to 20k and I Didnt mean to hyjack your thread. And yes I got a HP unfortunately.
  8. I requested a CLI and got one today from BOA, will they use the same pull if I know app another card? I got an email right after my CLI approval telling me I qualified for a few other cards but don't want to take a second HP
  9. Thanks for the feedback, maybe I will apply after my gardening is over in 2 weeks!
  10. Hi Hege, yes I was reading that thread so checked out their website and saw: Receive a $100 statement credit after $500 is spent on eligible purchases3 in the first 120 days from account open date So was curious who they pulled and what the limits were like! I will be doing a little app spree in 3 weeks and trying to plan ahead
  11. Anybody have this? Wondering which CB they pull and starting limits? Didn't see anything in the database. Thank you!
  12. Just as a follow up, I did ask for CLI and received 3x. Will now wait 181 days and try for another 3x, this is easy, I have never even used the card!
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