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  1. can someone send me a cap 1 EO email and phone #? Thanks
  2. so i called through the automatic system, got approved from 3k to 8k today, thanks everyone
  3. how long have you had the card? and when is the last time u have CLI? My Discover is 6 months in next couple days, wonder if i should ask for a CLI....
  4. So I called Amex for CLI on my Amex BCE, got declined cuz account not reached 60 days, I opened on Feb 15, called on April 19, so I figured they calculate 60 days starting the date of activation, not the day of opening. Do you think I have to wait another 60 days to try a CLI again or I can do it after 60 days of activation of the card? Thanks.
  5. I did a CLI online last month, it's a hard pull (TU), was asked to call in, didn't call, approved from 2k to 4k, did the same for my wife, from 1.5k to 3k also a hard pull TU
  6. Hi everyone, after joining the forum for a few months, i have learned so much to improve and take care of my credit... and not only my credit history, but i also help people in my family as well. Thanks. Here is my question, i have a CA(porfolio calvary collection for a Sprint) which is $300 due to come off my credit report in Dec 2012 (according to experian). The date of 1st delinquency is 03/2006. I have read that a paid and upaid collection woudn't make any difference on your fico scores....so there is really no need to pay for it Well, I was at a Wells Fargo Bank yesterday applying for a Line of Credit which would be approved for $7600 (with a score 675 pulling EX in case anyone care). Anyway, Wells Fargo sees this collection and they want me to clear it with a letter saying this collection is paid or released from my credit report then they would approve for my line of credit. My question is If i pay this CA in full, do you guys think it gonna restart the 7 year mark? I already call Porforlio Calvary for a PFD and they wouldnt do it. Thanks for your input.

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