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  1. not bad biz started 11/12 11/12 house flipping / rental business buncha nets: Abc Supply 20k Modern Builders supply 10k Allied Building Supply 20k Speedway superfleet 1500 carter lumber, rite rug, few other supply co's few other small ones for start up that everyone uses figured what the hell, and instant,,, home depot called for a pg,, told em f off as i have more than enough builder supply accts... lowes was just for fun, but a surprise at the same time no pg on any and under 2 years old
  2. why would they not ask my income,, however they delegate it, they'd wanna know if i have the cash to pay this off one way or the other,, no one out there PG or not says hey, heres the loan, i dont need to know your repayment abilities and give that to you. its more a fall back that if business dosent produce , you dont fold on their money and have the ability to still pay them.i signed nothing for a pg, nothing is on my personal bureaus and i read the disclosures front to back. this is not a high risk business if you know it, which i do in and out,, its the retards who buy a house, max th
  3. as for cap on, its my assumption.. never took my SS over phone, just ein and since nov hast shown on personal reports.. so i take it as that...maybe my personal income has a lot do with it,,, however i dont ever care,, works for me
  4. imma lender myself, so that makes it quite easier when you do these things.
  5. 4 month old real estate LLC, not a dollar in sales, closing on my first prop 3/18 cash buy for 23k... been a loan officer for 7 years, 240k income ,credit around 680, took a hit from 720 from opening about 9 lines ( Since Dec) for 120k in credit cards, LOC and Eq line- eq is only for 22k, average card or loc is 15k , Util 19% on cards and LOC's, BK in 2004, foreclosure in 2011 on old primary home, ( bought current home in 2008), rebuilt quick from 480 FICO, 3 cars under 3%, 2 jet skis under 4%, balance on cards about 40k, available is around 110k and all rates under 9%, all done in last 12 mo
  6. nfcu gave me a 20k cons loan over a text message with a 612,, usaa gave me a 3k card which i have paid off, and now wont touch me even now that i have a 710 score .nfcu is where its at ,
  7. they gave me one for 7k and i have not a dollar in business income yet and been runing for about 6 weeks, 721 score ( Trans was pull) 12% util, i have 3 personal accts ( 20k flagship, 15k Navcheck and a 10k cash R visa sig currently, year member feb 2013.. took about 2 hours from pull for approval.. asked for 6 months paystubs. ( 240k income) pull personal only, dont report to credit... around 10%
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