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  1. I rarely if ever have my phone with/on me. During the week it stays in my car and my blue tooth picks it up. On the weekends I throw it in the kitchen and do not look at it until Monday morning when I throw it back into the trunk..just because I have to answer calls for work. For me this card would be utterly useless if that is how they intend consumers to use it.
  2. Try Citi AAdvantage. I just signed up with a 75k mile bonus
  3. I love prosciutto, but then again I like all pork especially Berkshire, the fatter the better
  4. We just got back from an almost free 2 week trip to Greece thanks to Amex and churning a few other cards with "travel/miles" rewards. The flight was paid through SUB with the Delta card and and transferring MR points over to Delta. Hotels, cabs and ferries through the other cards Right before the trip I got the offer for 60K SUB to upgrade to Platinum and took the offer. The lounge access on this last trip paid for about 1/3 of the annual fee with 4 layovers too and from...DW and I drank and ate a lot. So now I am sitting on 89k MR with the platinum and we each have around 18k in skymiles left. We both just got offers to sign up for the Citi AA card with 75k SUB and we each have around 45k in miles left from our trip two years back. So my question is what would be the best way to transfer the MR points from Amex so we can use them on our trip next year with AA? I see that I can transfer them to BA, but can you use those miles for booking AA flights? The DW still has the Barclay AA card and I closed mine almost two years back. So I could also apply and get the SUB from them again and with all of the SUB and left over miles we will have more than enough for another flight to Europe. TIA
  5. I had a tea at that place once, years ago. I did not purchase the drink as it was bought by a client. His funky flowers coffee and my tea came to like $10!! My tea tasted like S^%$ and I have never returned and never will. JMHO
  6. ronsetoe

    "B" Credit

    I was just approved for a CITI MC with 25 inquires...for a data point. It was only for 10k though. There was a long time member houstonlyn?? I think that was her posting name She had a thread that basically stated that an AA letter for inquires meant that they "just weren't that in to you" or something along those lines. good luck and don't worry about inquires. I would be more worried about carrying multiple balances on cards-as you stated in another post
  7. I have not gotten the letter and my card is a regular MC with a 15k limit, always been a regular MC
  8. card processing is Elavon not Elan
  9. even more annoying is the old bag that starts balancing her checkbook after she writes a "CHECK" for her groceries. I think I am coming up on 10+ years without writing a check. JMHO
  10. I have churned more in SUB's with cap1 than any other lender. Between the DW and myself it is in the thousands. I have also had quite a few banks pull more than one. Like CV stated twice...inquires are part of the game and in the grand scheme the matter very little. Example..DW was just approved for the Macy's American Express starting at 8k with 19 TU inquires. Not much of a SUB except for the 25% off but she is there every week buying more crap. She was also approved for the new 1.5% Amex with 17 on EX, that has a $300 SUB. A few months back we both hit up WF for the $200...etc.. good luck
  11. What happened to the pimped out Prius?Did you pawn it and buy that dope grand am!
  12. If it were my "good friend" that owned a store they would have to take my card, as I NEVER have cash on me. I do keep about a dollar in quarters in my glove box for meters, but most meters take cards now so I just might have to get some gumballs. JMHO

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