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  1. Attention: To anyone still needing the email address that I used please message me through credit boards. I have responded back to everyone who has messaged me but it seems that a multitude of people request for the info in the thread. It just takes to long to send emails while searching through the thread so please send me a PM and I will respond. I am trying to log in a little more often but since we bought our house and our credit has improved I do not have much need for the board. Well, I will be back trying to repair my credit soon (successfully repaired my husbands) but for now I am focusing on painting and unpacking : ) Good luck everyone! If you keep working at it you will succeed.
  2. It took less then a week for the account to be deleted from all three of my reports. Three days I believe but it has been so long now. Congratulations!
  3. I just thought that I would share this link that my broker shared with me. It seems that they have a permanent exempt factor that many people will be able to use with the new FHA guidlines. I have copied and pasted part of the article below but you can read it for yourself here. "But according to the alert, a borrower can be exempted from the rule if the disputed collections account stems from a "life event," such as a medical bill, death, divorce or loss of employment. "The borrower may provide a written explanation and documentation as it applies to all types of disputed and collections accounts if it makes sense, and is consistent with other credit information in the file," according to the alert."
  4. I am in underwriting right now for a USDA Rural Guaranteed Loan. It is definitely the way to go in my opinion : )
  5. When they deleted my unpaid charge off it was still within the SOL.
  6. I don't think any of us know the answer to that question. It is always worth a try.
  7. Your welcome of course . As you stated below it is Chase that really deserves the thanks. I think I am in love with them now! Also, a HUGE thanks to Credit Boards!
  8. I have no knowledge of what is correct etc. I can however tell you that when my lender fulled the Residential Mortgage Credit Report my Equifax Fico was exactly the same as the score they pulled for Equifax. My TU Fico score was off by around 20 points. The lender pulled a much lower score then what TU Fico was giving me.
  9. I just wanted to post the following information for anyone that is having problems disputing things with the credit bureaus etc. I was having problems getting someone at Citi to remove a consumer dispute statement from my credit reports. I was able to get the dispute comment removed from Equifax but the other two required Citi to request for the removal. I filed disputes requesting that they have Citi remove the dispute comments but with no success. On 02/01/12 I filed a complaint towards Citi with the BBB. I explained that I needed the dispute comment removed from all three bureaus and that I was not able to reach anyone with Citi that could help me. I received a letter in the mail today from Citi dated 02/10/12 that they received my inquiry and that they have contacted all three bureaus requesting that the comment be removed. This is great because I now also have a letter that I can send to the bureaus if needed and for when we go through the underwriting for our home. : ) I actually was able to get ahold of someone with Citi executive offices around the 4th or 5th that requested for the comments to be removed but it is nice to know that if I had not gotten a call from her that the issue still would have been resolved. Just thought that others that are having the same problems may want to try filing a complaint/dispute with BBB.
  10. I got a call the next day after sending the email and my account was deleted from the credit reports within a week. I don't even think it took more then 4 days but not sure.
  11. YAY! Thank you for taking the time and sharing
  12. I know someone asked for an example of what I sent to chase. I myself sent an email advising them that I had an unpaid C/O that I wanted to make good on but wanted to know the best way to do so and also asked if there was a way to have it deleted from my CBR. I was just completely honest about the situation with my father in law becoming ill and the financial burdens it put on my husband to help him financial while going through treatment. I apologized in the email and thanked them for their time. I hope that helps. As for those thanking me for sharing....You are very welcome. I am only able to repair my husband's credit because of learning from what others post on the boards and if we don't all contribute our experiences and knowledge then this board is doomed. I did not know anything about a GW until reading it on another website's board. I contribute to this website along with another that has helped me greatly. I found out about GW, searched for Chase CEO contacts via google and was blessed with reaching the right person : ) By the way, I know only a few people have posted about Chase success but there are many more from the other website (I don't know if I am aloud to mention what site) that I frequent that have had the same success after using the contact I shared. Good Luck!
  13. I did not think that homes got removed from the MLS right after an offer was accepted. We do have pre-approval and the seller accepted our offer but we still have to get the bank's approval due to it being a short sale. Just seems unfair to the seller if the listing is removed when it is a possibility that the bank may not approve or our financing falls through. Is it normal for a short sale to be removed from the MLS before the bank accepts the offer?
  14. I wanted to post a little about what is happening for us right now. Basically we are in the process of buying a home and we still have unpaid charge offs. We have been told numerous times by our mortgage broker that we will not have to pay the charge offs and that he has successfully gotten many people into homes with worse credit then us. I was told that there was no way to be financed for a home with unpaid C/O's which is why I am sharing. We are using the USDA Rural Development Guaranteed Loan (I am in love with this loan : ) and have been pre-approved along with already putting an offer on our dream home and it has been accepted by the seller. We are waiting to hear from the bank as it is a short sale. My broker explained that the finance companies he works with will over look unpaid C/O's as long as they are at least 2 years old and no payments/activity since and I have compensating factors. We have a low DTI, great job history, 20,000+ in vested 401K, and will likely have a median score of 660 when comes time for final CBR once we get the things listed below off my CBR. He also stated that the unpaid C/O's can not be for more then 5,000, but that if they were they only require that you pay them down to 5,000. The only thing we have to clear up on our credit is consumer dispute comments that were listed on our Sears account (already been removed) and TU was reporting that one of our accounts was included in a bankruptcy!!! Ruuhh Roohhhhh. We have never filed bankruptcy and I have already disputed the comment, contacted AMEX to let them know of the inaccuracy, I also have contacted the law firm that reported such info to AMEX. Anyways, we are confident this will be resolved. My husband is a junior and his dad did file for bankruptcy. When I spoke to the law office she said it looked like it was cpded wrong??? My current credit status is listed below. I had 1 unpaid Chase account that was deleted from my CBR's: The Bad: 2 Amex C/O's 06/2008 1 Sears C/O 06/2008 The Good : ) Never late on any: Car Loan 01/2005 20,000 PAID Car Loan 02/2011 9,000 Cap 1 06/2011 500/25 received CLI on both Cap 1 accts at 6 month mark. Started with 300 CL Cap 1 06/2011 500/15 Orchard 06/2011 300/10 I have already spoke with Amex and we will be making a settlement of some sort after buying. I have been advised by my broker not to pay or settle until after we close. I wanted to make contact with Amex to make sure no legal action took place until then. I wrote a few emails and got a call back from a Senior Manager of Credit Administration. He has been very nice and understanding and is even helping with the bankruptcy issue. So there... that is what I have been up to. I will let everyone know how it goes and if we are able to close as has been promised. The broker I am dealing with is known as a "bulldog" in our area. My realtor said that she has never seen him fail at getting anyone he pre approves financed. I am praying and extremely hopeful.
  15. I tried sending you guys the email address via PM but I keep getting a message that I can't send another message for a certain period of time. I guess I am limited to what I am allowed to do. If you want the contact email PM me and maybe I will be allowed to reply.

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