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  1. Thanks jop3! Just wanted to leave an update on what happened with me. My LO confirmed that they were working with them. I called CBC back and did the conference call. The CA could not find the account anywhere. It was nothing like a collection call. We spoke to someone in upper management, and we were treated like valuable customers or something. I know...... it was weird. I called my LO back and she verified that everything was good. Yay! PB
  2. Looks like someone else came across this too..... http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=391495&st=25
  3. My husband and I applied for a mortgage and was told that we can begin shopping for a home because we were approved for 150k. I got a call from CBC Innovis wanting to call the one collection agency on my report along with me on a conference call. They could not find the account when he called so he needed me to be on the phone with him to verify it has a zero balance. I told him I would have to call him back because I was busy. The collection was from 08 and it is passed SOL for MS. Is this standard? Do I have to do this in order for our loan to go through? I called our broker and left a message to ask her, but no response yet. I've also mailed a letter to the CA last year and never received a response. It's only on EX (the devil) and they verified it when I disputed it :-( I ment CBC not CBS
  4. Hello hello CB!!!!! I can't find this answer anywhere........ 1.)If married and filing jointly 2.)One spouse has SL in repayment ($34,000) 3.)The other spouse is sill in school, and SL are not in repayment yet ($22,000) Does SL debt of the spouse still in school count when applying for IBR? Thanks PB
  5. I received the same exact message this week. I sent my letter CM only. I mailed it on Monday and received the message every day that I checked until Thursday. When I checked on Thursday, all tracking info had been updated, and it showed delivered. I have very little experience with certified mail, so I revisited the post office while on an errand. I was told that they place a pink slip in the recipient's PO Box, and the recipient has to go to the front desk to pick up the letter when they empty their box. ***blank stare, exhausted from staying up all night with a toddler, too tired to ask for an explanation, exits the building*** Hope that helps a little. Good Luck!
  6. Thanks for responding. I was hoping to get a response from someone that has actually dealt with them, but no such luck :-(
  7. Basically, an old cell phone bill ($360) has gone to CA (Frost Arnett) from Cellular South now known as C-Spire. It is reporting to all 3 CRA.The debt is less than 2yrs old and OC refuses to pull it back from CA when I spoke to them on the phone. Since I've had no luck with phone calls, I could possibly try writing a letter next. I asked OC if this alleged debt was still with them, and they said it is now with the CA. They also said that I can pay them, and they will notify the CA when the amount has been paid (which doesn't really help my score.) Anyone have any luck with PFD or getting them removed from your report? Any info would be helpful and appreciated. Thanks, PB
  8. I decided to recheck everything before sending off my letters, and I just realized that EX did not include one of the collections in the response to my HIPPA dispute letter. (4th poop stain DOFD 1/2009) It was updated on the report, but they did not even acknowledge that it was disputed in the letter at all. Should I still continue as planned or resend the HIPPA letter to EX for the missing collection? Thank you so much for your help PB
  9. Hi Whychat, I'm currently helping my husband repair his credit report using the HIPAA process. Here's what has happened so far……. Opted out Deleted old addresses Gotten credit reports from EX, EQ, & TR directly (All three reports show 5 medical collections with a balance due on each) Sent Pre-HIPAA Dispute Letter to EX, EQ, & TR…..Followed directions, used personalized Christmas paper even though it's not Christmas….lol,used my pretty purple italic font, hand addressed the envelope, CM, no RR, etc. Received the following responses…… CA #1 was reporting four medical collections on each report 1st poop stain DOFD 5/2010 Deleted by all 3 CRA 2nd poop stain DOFD 5/2010 Deleted by all 3 CRA 3rd poop stain DOFD 5/2010 Deleted by all 3 CRA 4th poop stain DOFD 1/2009 Deleted by TU,verified by EX & EQ CA #2 reported one medical collection on each report DOFD 7/2005 Deleted by TU, verified by EX & EQ Ok, this is where I need help. Since TU deleted all of them,is it possible that the remaining two may not have a current relationship withthe OC? Should I send this http://whychat.5u.co...cavalhipaa.html to CA #1 & CA #2? Then send the follow up letter to EX & EQ once I receive my green card? Or should I just pay the OC of CA #1 with the HIPAA letter insert (a) and leave CA #2 alone? Thanks, PB
  10. Is this a joke? *blank stare* It's sweet that you feel bad Bob, but please don't. Kindness is taken for weakness every second of the day. It could be JUST ME, but I CAN NOT imagine a deserving person (IF THERE IS ONE) ever bringing himself/herself to ask you that question. A truly deserving person would have values, morals, and a brain that functions well enough to tell them that this is WRONG. Oh yeah, and awkward.
  11. I MUST also add that I AM NOT giving any advice on Whychat's HIPAA Process. My intent was only to point you in the direction of your answer. Newbie here, and I don't want to step on any toes.
  12. Instructions per Whychat's site http://www.whychat.5.../hipaadisp.html DO NOT send it RR -WAIT FOR THE FULL RESPONSE FROM THE CRA BEFORE CONTINUING WITH THE HIPAA LETTER PROCESS Also, you may want to read this post http://creditboards....0 It's recent and Whychat says....READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!! Make sure you HAND ADDRESS the envelope, use personalized stationery and purple or teal font, ( preferably italic this is helps prevent the automated scanning/reading/response computer programs from "reading" your letter as they can not read handwriting or distinguish font in the same color family as a background pattern). DO NOT send it RR -WAIT FOR THE FULL RESPONSE FROM THE CRA BEFORE CONTINUING WITH THE HIPAA LETTER PROCESS I hope this helps, and Good luck! I'm currently using Whychat's HIPAA Letter Process for my husband, and I've done a LOT of searching on CB.
  13. You're on the right track now, and this is exactly the Right place to be. This is a great place to get help with repairing your credit! Remember to read A LOT, ask questions, wait, and ask more questions if you need to. My situation is similar to yours, and there are many others here that are on the same journey. Don't give up. WE CAN DO THIS!
  14. Newbie here! I wrote EX in regards to an old address, and it came back verified. I tried calling, and the CSR told me that he could not remove it because it was tied to a collection account. I spend quite a lot of time on here reading, and I've come across some pretty good advice. Again......I'm a newbie, and I welcome corrections at all times. 1.) If it doesn't bother you to talk on the phone, you can try a few repeated calls to EX until you finally get a CSR who will delete it for you over the phone. *Not good for me because I hate phone contact* Of course there's no paper trail this way, but I didn't have a need to keep record of them deleting my old address. 2.) continue on with you credit repair. It will probably come off in the process of your other disputes anyway. 3.)Don't say that it's an old address. They are required to report old addresses for you. Instead, tell them that it belongs to a relative. You can also say that a relative use to live there but has moved, and you are concerned that this creates an opportunity for Identity theft if offers are sent there for you. 4.)I was reading through posts yesterday and came across this thread with a tip posted by DollarBill. http://creditboards....5 I decided to try it, and EX deleted my old address today. Hope this helps, and good luck:wave:

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