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  1. Thanks guys. I like Discover's various perks as well so I was glad they bumped me up. I was on the verge of turning their card into plastic coleslaw.
  2. Inqs. don't pull your FICO down much but they can lead to denials. It depends on the tolerance level of the next bank you apply to.
  3. Congrats! The Amex Blue does look very cool.
  4. Not sure yet. I see an extra inquiry on Credit Karma but I think its from Care Credit last night. Once I find out I will post.
  5. I have had it a little over 6 months now. They are definitely paranoid. Started with the computer, transferred to customer service, then transferred again to an underwriter. Jeeze!
  6. Well I have about 10 inquires on each bureau, and some new accounts so they asked about that. I just said I like to sample different cards so I can find out which ones are best, then I will close a couple. I told him this card is much lower than all of my other cards so if they can please increase to 10K. Countered with 7500 so I am cool with that. Frankly I thought they would stiff me.
  7. Yeah, I had $900 in filling replacements and made sure to pay it off in less than a year.
  8. Got the 3rd degree on the phone from 2 different underwriters but it worked out in the end. Got increased to $7500. Hard inquiry required. Now I won't have to close Discover after all.
  9. Soft pull only online limit increase request. Went from 6K to 17K. Score!! Request a Line of Credit Increase Congratulations! Your request to increase your line of credit to $17,000 has been approved and will be available for use within 15 minutes. Your New Line of Credit Information: New Line of Credit:$17,000
  10. The interest free credit can come in handy for dental stuff not covered by insurance. I would go for the Chase version but they banned me for life. 5k is ok for now.
  11. Just got my GE Care Credit CLI to 5000. Used the computer over the phone. Going to try a CLI on Discover. If they decline I will shred their card.
  12. He should pawn one of his earrings to cover the bill.
  13. Ok, so Jack and Jill are married. Jack makes $50K and Jill makes $100K. What should Jack put on his card app if they live in a community property state? A> $150K B> $75K C> $50K

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