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  1. Well in that case all I can figure is they remember my previous chargeoffs although I never burned them personally. Its ok, just glad theyare keeping me on board.
  2. They are awfully friendly for not liking me. Maybe its a regional thing for California applicants.
  3. Yeah, Freddie Mac drives a fur upholstered Caddie and will ruin your day if you rough up Sallie. Haha
  4. Did I type Capital One in this thread Brain? I thought we were talking about Amex. Lol
  5. Must have changed their policy then. They pull all three whenever I apply.
  6. The more you spend, the more Sallie puts out. Cash back, that is.
  7. Amex pulls hard on all three bureaus for any of their cards.
  8. My current wallet cards: Discover Miles to save points for a trip to Europe. Sallie Mae 5% if they don't take Discover. Amex BCE because I can't leave home without it.
  9. Had a charge-off with CITI bank many years ago around 2003. I figured I would boost my biz credit with a Shell gas card and noticed CITI is behind it. Instant approval! Gas cards are easy to get but the real victory was knowing the world of CITI is still an option.
  10. Congrats! They are tightwads for sure, but have some good features. They have double points for utilities, cable bill, etc. so I am switching the bills over today. Wish I could pay the mortgage too.
  11. Amex blows Discover away with soft limit increases and bigger limits. I still like Discover for their no-fee cash though, and the fact that they forgave my previous Private Issue trashing.
  12. True, if nurtured properly a credit file will take on a life of its own and a large income will be implied whether the income is there or not.
  13. Banks and credit bureaus will absorb pretty much anything you feed them. I knew someone before that had a dozen paper people he invented and credit cards galore. It didn't turn out well since he ended up doing 3 years in club fed. Some white lies here and there are no big deal, but disaster can strike if it goes too far.
  14. I always carry my 5% card since most of my charges are groceries and gas. I just wish the charges would post faster. Seems like they are "pending" forever.
  15. AU cards are enough to jumpstart. She should have no problem getting her own card now.
  16. The bottom line is its good for teenagers to keep them from getting buried in debt they can't pay. When it comes to a responsible adult married couple it does more harm than good. Its another example of the govt. treating us like children.
  17. Absolutely not, unless the homemaker lies about what their employment status is. An underwriter who sees "Employer: Homemaker" will know that the income listed on the application is not PERSONAL income, but HOUSEHOLD income. The bank is not being fooled. ETA: As mentioned before, the "ability to repay" amendment to Regulation Z was put in place by the Feds, not banks who were worried about being overexposed. Banks are extremely sophisticated parties. They are not, nor have they been, fooled by stay at home spouses applying for credit with their spouses' income. Good point. If the banks were happy about the regulation, you would see every bank asking for pay stubs and every application would look like the Chase Auto Loan one above. In my last dozen applications, only Alliant and Nasa asked for pay stubs and pushed the "individual income" issue. The Card act has some good provisions, but this household income thing is yet another attempt to apply a cookie cutter "cure-all". Ultimately, the banking industry doesn't need or want the government to tell them how to run their business.
  18. first week i believe. last 3 times were something like 3rd, 4th, 6th. Good to know. Thanks!
  19. Trans Union was pulled at least. Here is my Credit Karma report: INQUIRIES Jan. 18, 2012 You have a new credit inquiry on your credit report submitted by DISCOVER FIN.
  20. Congrats! Penfed was great to me. I applied and never got hassled for anything. Wish it was always that simple.
  21. Not sure about Texas but in California your credit is cleared after 7 years from last account activity or "occurance". If you send a payment, this time clock starts anew. Bankruptcy also adds a 10 year blemish. So if you just wait it out the statute of limitations will clean everything.
  22. Be sure you don't pay on the old accounts. It will start the "occurance" clock all over again for SOL.
  23. Credit Karma is updated instantly as well, unlike Credit Sesame. OT but does anyone know what time of the month Sesame updates?
  24. I know what you mean. I am having flashbacks to the early 2000's. I am rebuilding way faster than I expected.

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