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  1. Applied for an Overstock.com Master Card and got the "we will respond with a decision by mail in 2-4 weeks" notice. Sounds like its declined. Any one else get this message and got approved?
  2. I have blue biz. Mine is backdated to 97 but I did not see it in my recent Exp biz file. I will keep an eye out and post if I see it show up.
  3. My Cap One Sparks has not shown on my personal yet. I actually hope it does since the limit is 20k. Does the Citi Shell card report to Experian biz?
  4. If Amex tries that with me I will close all of my accounts on general principle. They are not THAT important.
  5. I have a Cap one biz card but the interest is sky high. Not sure where it is reporting yet either.
  6. Just an update, West Virginia State Society was helpful and kind enough to send me a conformation of membership email today. I will be calling Congressional tomorrow to follow up.
  7. From my experience, Navy will show you no empathy whatsoever. But it won't hurt to try.
  8. I want to move some personal cc debt to a biz card with no BT fees and low interest. Any credit unions have a card like that?
  9. I applied a month ago for a simple savings membership. No email or calls or anything for 2 weeks so I called them. They said they can't confirm my membership at West Virginia State Society. So I faxed over the Paypal receipt to show the transaction. Another 2 weeks of nothing. Called again and asked to speak with the person I faxed the receipt to 3 days ago. She did not answer her phone so I left a message. Nothing. No call back still. Is this normal with these people? Its like they are taking lessons from NFCU's "stonewalling tactics 101".
  10. Mine showed up online about a week after approval.
  11. Card showed up today with a $2500 limit. Got denied by Chevron and waiting to hear from Valero.
  12. Congrats to a successful flurry!!
  13. Pretty sure they haven't had those mortgages for a few years. They were gone for a while but are making a comeback to a limited extent.
  14. Filled out and faxed over app part 2. Hopefully it all pans out.
  15. I think we should solve the whole problem by having "stated income" credit card applications like they do for some mortgages. That way the bank knows your "full of it" from the beginning and there are no worries about being snookered.
  16. A charge-off back in 2002. Ancient history.
  17. I want a Citi biz card but I figure I will wait until they solicit me. I have their training wheel Shell card on the way which should get my foot in the door.
  18. Filled out a lengthy online app. Got called and the underwriter asked what bank I use for checking. Then she said I have to fill out another paper app too. Is this normal for a gas card? I feel like I am applying for a 50k LOC.
  19. Once your file is cleared by federal statute I doubt you can be compelled to disclose the old accounts. If its not on your file its nobodies business.
  20. If it makes you feel better, I screwed Dell out of a $7000 laptop 10 years ago. Hehe
  21. Its ok, I am having great luck with most other banks and CU's so its no great loss. US Bank also has me on the permanent BL so I won't waste any more inquiries on them either.
  22. Where does Fannie Mae fit in to all of this? Fannie is Sallie's mother right? Its best she doesn't hear about all this or she may give Sallie a whoopin'!
  23. I'm ok now. Just had to have closure. Lol.
  24. Since Chase BL me for life I just could not stomach leaving one red cent of my money in their bank. I shut my savings down today and I'm discarding them like a piece of rubbish. Bye Chase, see you in the next life. Maybe then you will give me a credit card.

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