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  1. They should love me whether I "flurry" or not! lol.
  2. I know some have had better luck with them. They don 't like me though for some reason. I will focus on Andrews and maybe SDCCU when the next app flurry starts.
  3. <br />if you don't owe balances on other cards how can you do a BT to penfed?<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />Good point! Having debt on cards results in a slightly lower credit score. I have about 10% debt but my scores are still over 700.<br />This is enough for them to deny balance transfers. It is however possible to balance transfer to a card with no balance. Then you request a<br />refund check. Seems like the only way to BT with Penfed.<br /><br /><br />Weird. Haven't heard of a bt request being denied before. Almost like they have Amex like attitude of wanting to earn money just from interbank fee. Btw, why bt to Penfed? The 9.99% interst is pretty low but a lot of guys lower and of course the ever popular 0% bt offers.<br /><br /><br /><br /> I have a 4.9% intro rate but I can't use it now. Penfed and I are both losing money because of this silly policy.
  4. Andrews gave my wife $20k recently on a Visa. Once I clear my debt I will apply there first thing.
  5. I decided to close membership accounts with DCU and Nasa. They are such tightwads with credit I see no point in keeping them around. I gave them some time to show some guts but all I saw was their yellow stripes down their backs.
  6. <br />if you don't owe balances on other cards how can you do a BT to penfed?<br /><br /><br /><br /> Good point! Having debt on cards results in a slightly lower credit score. I have about 10% debt but my scores are still over 700. This is enough for them to deny balance transfers. It is however possible to balance transfer to a card with no balance. Then you request a refund check. Seems like the only way to BT with Penfed.
  7. Penfed gives good limits but if you owe any balances to other cards they won't let you make any balance transfers. So now my card is like a $17000 paperweight with no useful function. This policy sucks and they really need to change it.
  8. I was offered $500 instead of a hard pull. Took me from $8100 to $8600. I should have taken the hard pull and bumped it. I can't ask for another increase now. Probably have to wait 6 months. Now that I know they will do non-hard increases I will hit them up again in 6 months. I use the card for almost everything so they seem happy with that. If you don't use it much they are tightwads with the credit line.
  9. I was only $2400 shy of an even $10K on my Discover so I tried the "increase limit" button. I was amazed that they gave me the option to raise it to $10K with no hard pull. It said I may get more if I allowed a hard pull but I figured that's cool for now.
  10. I also got the notice in mail today and mine is also being sold to barclays, and from visa to MC. Barclays never liked me , they have always denied me for too many opened accounts and too many inquiries thing. I wonder maybe barclay will close my account after transfer??? according to sallie mae i should have my new card by october 16th. I am really worried of this 7.5k account being closed by barclays. by the way the card i have is cash back visa card with sallie mae, NOT the Upromise card. If barclays keeps my account open, then will i be able to product change? I technically owe Barclays $50K from bad accounts through Juniper. It will be interesting to see if they close my Sallie Mae once they take it over.
  11. Did anyone notice their Paypal Mastercard account number was one digit different than the online information? Mine is for some reason. Strange.
  12. I just applied and received a $2000 credit line! Thanx for the tip! Cool, congrats!!
  13. Thanks guys! Its funny because the account already showed up on my Trans Union report but I don't even have the card yet. I wonder, does GE ever go above $5000 on their cards? I know most of their cards are the store type with lower limits. I have the Care Credit card also at $5000.
  14. I use the card for pretty much everything so I can get miles. They are stingy these days for sure. I remember the good old "Private Issue" days when they gave out real limits.
  15. I despise Paypal but when I noticed GE is behind the card I went for it. One harmless inquiry on my Trans Union file and I got an instant approval for $5000.
  16. Brother.... I'm guessing you haven't seen their (Alliant) new debit card yet? That thing takes FUGLY to the next level.... The lime green one or did they change it recently?
  17. Well, I got an automatic limit increase from Discover. From $7500 to a whopping........$7600!!! Any increase is a good thing of course but it just seems kind of silly.
  18. Not a co-brand card but Alliant's cards immediately come to mind as FUGLY to the max. I have the beach one with the dog on it but the plane one looks awful as well.
  19. Wow, so I guess this happened to you too. I just started a thread for the same thing. I think its just that they are so huge now that the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. Its cool, I just won't apply to them anymore. I was never late either on my Cap One biz card or any others since I had my meltdown in 2003.
  20. Ok, so I had a CO with Capital One way back in 2003. A few months ago I applied for a Sparks card after they solicited me and got approved for a whopping $20,000 limit. So recently I get a solicitation email for their personal cash back card and I applied. I get a letter in the mail saying they denied me due to past or current delinquent obligations with Capital One. WTF??? So I am black listed with their personal department but their biz department loves me. Crazy! Anyone else ever seen this happen? Now I am afraid they may communicate with their biz department and shut down my biz account. I definitely won't apply for their personal cards again so as not to awaken the sleeping dogs.
  21. That's good that there is an option for spouse there. Most CC's don't have a spouse option under the "other income" section. There is usually a blank "other" under the other income section. I tried putting wife income there for a credit union card and they shot me down saying that it could not be counted. All depends on the institution I guess. Glad it worked for you though, congrats!
  22. They are conservative alright.... DECLINED How does credit profile shape up...what reasons were given? Excessive inquiries, recent accounts.
  23. All that hassle for nothing. DECLINED. Its ok, I will just use their competitor's card at Shell.
  24. They are conservative alright.... DECLINED

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