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  1. True, if there are blemishes I am sure they will nit pick on those as well.
  2. Zeroed out my debt a few months back and my scores skyrocketed as a result. Figured it was time to REFI my truck loan and PenFed hooked me up with an instant approval 1.99% 60 month loan. I then asked them if they can boost the limit on my $17,500 Visa with the same inquiry and they said "no problem!". After a couple days of "pending" status it turned to "approved" for limit of $25,000! I finally figured them out. If you have any CC debt showing they treat you like an unwanted red-headed stepchild. No CC debt, you become their cherished son. I also hit up Andrews and got the 3rd degree for pay-stubs, probing questions, etc. Hope I get at least $10K out of them for all the hoops.
  3. Thanks! I can't figure Discover out sometimes. I use the card for almost everything and pay on time always. Paid it down to zero after carrying a balance for a while even. Still no love.
  4. Tried to raise my Discover from 10K to 20K. They did a hard and only gave me $500 more. Ridiculous tightwads. Did the increase request on Amex Blue Biz card and with soft inquiry went from 9K to 15K. This is more like it!
  5. Thanks for all the congrats everyone!! I found out about the merger, looks like Citi will keep the rights to the credit card and Barclay will be out of the picture. I would like to try getting a US Air card from Barclay (thanks for the tip) before the merger is complete, however I burned Juniper/Barclay bad in the past. The only reason I have one of there cards is because they took over Sallie Mae. Lol. I am surprised they did not give me the boot, its pretty ironic.
  6. I have been using my "training wheels" Citi Shell Gas card for some time now in the hopes I could get a real card from Citi one day. The day is here at last. Score! They sent me an invitation letter which probably helped to qualify. Approved! Congratulations, xxxx xxxxx. You have been approved for a Citi® Gold / AAdvantage® Visa Signature®. Your card(s) will arrive in the mail within 1 week at the address you provided. Upon arrival, follow the instructions on the security sticker to activate your card for immediate use. Please print this page for future reference. Account Details Card Name: Citi® Gold / AAdvantage® Visa Signature® Initial Credit Limit: $13,000.00
  7. I think its too late to dismiss also from what I read online. It sucks because I really was unaware of the lawsuit until now. There is not much they can do anyways. I don't hold any real estate in my name or other significant assets. My truck is financed to the max as well. If they try to garnish I will try to get an exemption approved. If that fails, bankruptcy as a final option.
  8. Sent DV and they responded with copies of all my old statements, original application, etc. I also got a copy of my judgement from 2004 too but I was never served on that and never even knew about the case. Should I just give Investment Retrievers the usual Cease and Desist then wait and see what happens? Even if they don't try drastic measures I need to find a way to stop them from pulling hards all the time. Any ideas what I should do next if anything? Thanks
  9. Well if they can't report it anymore that's good to know. They seem to be able to do hard inquiries anytime though which is very damaging in itself. I am concerned about garnishing though as well. I found 3 judgments from around 2004 in the county I used to live in. Nothing here locally yet though. I am sending a validation letter to IR for starters and keep monitoring my local courts.
  10. Got a new hard inquiry on my Experian well after SOL for old debt from 2004. Called Investment Retrievers and they said they have a judgement on me from 2004 for Chase and will be renewing it. How can I get this jerks to F off?? Can they keep adding negative entries on my credit file after federal SOL?
  11. Sorry but that still doesn't add up. PP did right by you and refunded/covered a fraudulent charge. Why at that point did you not cancel the AMEX chargeback? For some reason you continued to pursue a chargeback w/AMEX. You must have exited the funds from PP before they got hit by the AMEX chargeback since you've ended up with a negative balance. That to me sounds like the definition of funny business. You say you didn't want to get stuck with a huge fraudulent charge but you don't mind sticking it to PP so that they pay for said huge fraudulent transaction twice, all the while calling them jerks. That's a good question. I did not cancel the Amex chargeback because Paypal with their Mickey Mouse style accounting practices, would leave me burned on the foreign conversion fees. Amex on the other hand refunded all of my money. Now that the funds have posted on my Amex, I just sent an instant payment to pay off Paypal like I promised them I would even though they tried to screw up my credit. And yes, I transferred the money out of Paypal immediately because I know how those bozos operate. I trust them about as far as I can throw a freight train. Sure enough they tried to steal money from my linked bank account although I was careful to keep chump change in there in case they tried such an illegal action. I use quadruple layered gloves when dealing with Paypal ever since they tried to steal $20K from me a few years back with one of their bogus "account freeze" maneuvers. Took me months to get the money back and almost gave me a heart attack. Just try Googling Paypal and see all the ways they rob people.
  12. So far nothing else. The hackers got my Ebay and Paypal logins somehow. I changed all the passwords and got new credit numbers for all the cards linked to Paypal as a precaution.
  13. I filed chargeback thorough AMEX as a backup in case the Paypal one would not go through. I even make it very clear when I filed the PP chargeback that I have an AMEX chargeback as well. So no funny business, I was upfront from the beginning. I only asked for Paypal to avoid going to collections long enough so I can pay the money back once the Amex credit posted. At first Amex tried to screw me and stick me with the bill for stuff I did not even order, but I re-disputed and finally won. So I held onto the Paypal refund until I got resolution from Amex. I just wanted insurance that I would get my money back from one or the other, that's all. So now that I was informed I can avoid damage to my credit by paying the bill, I most certainly will. PP are jerks because they ignored all of my attempts to explain my situation then automatically sent it to collections even though the dispute was not finalized with Amex. Sorry but I was not going to be left with a huge fraud balance on my Amex if I paid PP back prematurely and Amex sticks me with the bill.
  14. No more daily pulls does suck. That was their most powerful advantage over Credit Sesame Street. The link for accounts is nice but does not work for most credit accounts due to the "verification questions" that confuse their password system. Not pleased overall.
  15. I got a double refund on an unauthorized charge, one from Paypal and one from Amex. I was waiting on the Amex one since it took a lot longer than the Paypal one. As a result Paypal reversed the refund and put a negative balance on my account. I tried to email them but they have a worthless robot that responds to all emails. Then the jerks signed it over to IC Systems. I did the DV letter about 2 weeks ago and so far nothing. I can pay the money back but wonder if I should bother since its already in collections. Should I just wait and see what happens or pay the money back before it gets crazier? I don't care much about being banned from Paypal either so not sure if I even care about the negative balance.
  16. Good news, Amex finally finished the dispute and will be crediting my card back. Glad they backed me up, thanks Amex! In contrast I have a small dispute going on with a merchant charge with Sallie Mae Barclay card and they keep putting the charge back on, asking for me to call them all the time, etc. Major hassle! Just a warning that you should not use Barclaycard for any large purchases since they will try to burn you and they suck up to the merchant more than any other bank. Discover is pretty good with disputes too but they did burn me on a $100 ripoff by Living Social. As a result I will think twice for big purchases on their card now.
  17. Thanks for the info. I plan on setting up an office in Canada in the future so I wanted to get a head start on building credit there. Seems like they are even more paranoid than US banks as far as new customers. I will give the tire card a shot.
  18. If you have strong credit in Canada PM me please. Thanks.
  19. What was there reason for not issuing it with perfect credit? They requested income documentation and weren't satisfied with the kind of documents I submitted...meanwhile other creditors issue me 5 figures without requesting any income documentation at all! A bunch of real hardnoses, I thought, but apparently they're giving credit to other people; I'm guessing CreditEmpire has a real straightforward 9-5 type bluecollar job that their underwriters feel is "safe". I don't think they asked me for pay stubs when I applied and got $7500. For the increase no pay stubs either but I just sent them stubs for my auto loan so they probably looked at those. I work two jobs actually, one is full time white collar and the weekend one is blue collar. I made sure they know my wife makes good money too even though she is not a co-applicant. They are not supposed to count it but they consider it I think.
  20. Thanks for the advice everyone. I just sent a written dispute letter to Amex certified mail. I am still within the 60 days time limit for the bill with the unauthorized charge so I should be ok. I will keep everyone posted.
  21. Some joker used my Amex for a large purchase on Ebay and I notified Amex back on Feb 1st. The dispute seems to be taking a long time for unauthorized use and they have left the balance on my card - no provisional credit. I don't have to make any payments yet however. Getting concerned they may try to "stiff me" with the charge. Any ideas if this time frame is normal?
  22. Their BTs go through fast since they are usually electronic. If you are not approved for BT they will send you a nasty decline message right away so yours must have gone through.
  23. Good point. Andrews sent me a nasty decline notice today for the Visa. I just opened a checking at First Tech but I am waiting to hear back on a bill pay glitch. Need to make sure bill pay works before I move direct deposit. If I can get that up and running I will just keep the minimum balance in Andrews so they have no benefit from my money.
  24. According to FCRA, hard inquiries must be authorized with the exception of collection agencies that seem immune to the requirement. Not that the government would do anything about it anyways.

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