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  1. Nope Chase still owns it as they are reporting the balance owed on my credit file as of June 2016 no others have contacted me on this file I sent out a letter today to try and resolve so I'll see what happens If the balance is not too crazy high, try settling with Chase before they sell it off to a bottom feeder collection agency like Investment Retrievers who will hound you to the ends of the earth.
  2. Authorized user should be sufficient for you if you want credit reporting. I believe Amex gold business card is reported to Experian Business files and not personal credit files but if I am mistaken someone please correct me. Co-signing for the card is not necessary as you have full benefits with an authorized user card regardless. You may consider Citibank AA Advantage Visa instead of Amex if you want good airline points for long haul trips. American Airlines has cheap rewards to Europe 20000 miles one way in the off season.
  3. I kept getting a great offer in the mail for the previous occupant of our house. 75000 bonus member rewards after $10K spend for Amex gold biz card.The card also has no annual fee for the first year which is a great deal. I decided to try "hijacking" the offer for my own business. I put the code in on Amex website and changed the business name to my own and put all of my own info on the app. I got the "please call" notice which was just a security screen, no big deal. The agent then approved me and said the card would be express mailed ASAP. Just so people are aware that this is possible in case you keep getting offers for some other business at your house.
  4. Congrats! I just got the same card for myself and wife too. Total of $150,000 American miles on the way. I also just got approved for the business Amex gold card with 75000 member rewards points bonus for 10K spend. These will become British Airways Avios which are great for short haul flights.
  5. IIRC Discover combines limits. If they are willing to PC, close the it and move the limit to the Escape, then PC the Escape to an it. Discover said they would not combine the limits. That was my first try.
  6. I converted my Citi AA Gold to the Citi double cash card to avoid annual fees. I plan to dump Discover IT because of the ridiculous $6500 toy limit. I have $15K on Discover Escape (with annual fee) that I will keep if they convert it to Discover IT (no annual fee) with the same limit. If they don't, I will dump that one as well. I may dump Sallie Mae Barclay too just because they won't give me the US Airways card (on their permanent s**t list). Might dump Care Credit too since I have insurance now and never use it.
  7. Update when you hear back, I'm on their list as well... Well, I called the Barclay Recon line this morning. The guy said he talked to his supervisor and it's not going to happen. I even asked if they could just close my Sallie Mae and move the credit line to the new card. So even though there is no new risk to the bank, no dice. Lame. At least I got approved for an Amex Biz Platinum yesterday with 100K bonus miles to ease the pain.
  8. Thanks guys! I should try a recon with Barclay. I could argue that they already service a Sallie card for me so why not another?
  9. Get the Target Red Card Amex re-loadable debit card instead. Not a credit card but you can load $5000 a month from rewards card on the card and earn free points. It's not available in all states though yet.
  10. I waited several months for my inquiries to age and its paying off now. Penfed $25,000 increased to $28,500 New Chase United card approved for $20,000 (Chase is now my largest sponsor) Andrews spontaneous credit increase from $5000 to $8500 One fail: Applied for a Barclay travel card and flat out denied due to "past history with Juniper". The silly thing about this is I have a Sallie Mae card with Barclay and they continue to service it regardless of my blackball history. I won't waste any more inquiries on Barclay since they blackball FOREVER.
  11. They can pull hards whenever they want if they have a court judgement on you. This activity in itself can destroy your credit score and it amazes me there is no law against the practice. A zombie collector did a hard on my Experian about a year ago but luckily I have not heard a peep out of them since.
  12. That's funny because WAMU thinks I burned them on a HELOC years back which is really quite impossible since it was secured by my house. At the time I did not fight it much because it got lumped in with all of my other charge-off accounts.
  13. That's cool they do the combo/merger trick still. Seems like most other banks won't do that anymore even though it saves them money by only having to service one account instead of two. I may be on their S-list too since I have a $19K truck loan and the 25K card already. I may try hitting them up though for another card to try the merger trick. I would love a $50K card like I used to have in the good ol days.
  14. I burned Chase for $50K back in 2002 but it seems like their computer forgot about me finally. I applied for the Chase Sapphire Preferred and just found out from their status line that a card is on the way for $20K! I think the only bank left that has me blackballed now is US Bank. I can't wait to see when US Bank buys or merges with one of my card banks if they 'absorb' me like Barclay did or kick me to the curb.
  15. I wonder what the max limit is on Penfed cards. I am at $25K now but more is always better.
  16. Posted from a California based lawyer: Like collection agencies, private creditors (credit card companies, hospitals, etc) are not legally permitted to garnish your tax refund. Once your tax refund hits your bank account, however, the money is fair game for a bank account levy. Bank account levies aren’t permitted in every state, but if your state allows the practice, a private creditor can sue you, obtain a judgment against you, and use its judgment to seize your tax refund from your checking or savings account after you deposit it. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act states that its illegal for a debt collector to threaten any action to which it is not legally entitled – this includes threatening to intercept or garnish your tax refund. If you can prove that a collection agency threatening to take your tax refund, you have the right to sue them.
  17. One renewal only. That's good news. I just have to stay judgment proof for 10 more years. Found another good tactic for the garnishment issue: increase the amount of deductions withheld for taxes and that income is immune from garnishment. I will update my W4 to withhold a couple hundred extra a week.
  18. Yes, the judgment was in California in a city I used to live in years ago about 5 miles drive from my current residence. They just renewed the judgement for another 10 years followed by the truck loan records subpoena. So this is the last 10 years or can they renew again and again?
  19. CreditEmpire

    Coin Card

    This is cool, no battery to die. I signed up for the beta release.
  20. I don't work at the job listed on my truck loan anymore so I am hoping they waste money for a garnishment on a job I don't have. They will get my truck records next month so after that we will see what happens next. I am keeping next to nothing in all of my bank accounts in case a bank freeze is on the way as well.
  21. CreditEmpire

    Coin Card

    I think the concept is great, now we just need a company in China to copy it and make one with a rechargeable battery and memory for 100 cards. I will hold out until that happens. Having to replace the hardware every time the battery dies would be aggravating to no end. I think 2 years battery life is a wish-full estimate.
  22. Just got a subpoena from IR's sleazy lawyer to relinquish my truck loan financing info. I think they are just trying to find out where I work so they can garnish my checks. I would like to avoid Chapter 7 since I have great credit now and this is an isolated attack. I am gearing up for the financial review to combat the coming garnish order. Any other tips from those who went down this road? I am in California.
  23. Got the word back from Andrews FCU. Approved for a wimpy $5000 limit. I will take it though in the hopes they bump me up later down the road. Pretty good run so far. I wonder where to pull the trigger next...

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