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  1. This happened to me too. I've been a member since 2002 and my fiance is 2012. We each had authorized user cards for eachothers accounts, but after three attempts, I closed the AU accounts because the CSR's wouldn't backdate for me.
  2. I have a Fidelity Rewards AMEX and I get 2% cashback without having a Fidelity Investment Account. They just mail you a check for $250. It's easy (unless it has changed recently)
  3. I can see them capping rewards on checks and billpay, where they're not actually making money, but why would they limit rewards on debit card (non PIN) transactions? I don't know how Discover merchant contracts are written, but isn't there at least $0.40 paid by the merchant in addition to the 2-4% of the transaction amount?
  4. This sounds like an amazing deal for a checking account. No fees, unless you overdraft. Cashback for using your debit card! We're talking 5-10% cashback if you are using your debit card for small transactions like buying coffee or paying parking meters! More rewards just makes more sense. You’re already enjoying Cashback Bonus with your Discover card–now you can earn even more. It’s easy – with Discover Cashback CheckingSM you’ll earn: 10¢ debit card purchase 10¢ online bill pay 10¢ check written Cashback Bonus Cashback Checking is an exclusive online offer available to Discover cardmembersCashback Bonus is added monthly to your Discover Cashback Bonus BalanceSame great redemption options–gift cards, merchandise, cash and more
  5. I predict that this is going to be a metal card. My mailer has an image of an "UNEMBOSSED VISA CARD" on it. The card sample image has an account number written sideways on the front of the card, with a note saying "Electronic Use Only". Per the Visa website, "Electronic Use Only" indicates UNEMBOSSED VISA CARD. Since this is a new Signature product, I don't see why they would take the embossed account number off if they were going to keep the plastic. Also, my letter says it will be a few weeks before my card arrives. How long would it take to stamp a new emobssed card? http://usa.visa.com/download/merchants/card-security-features-mini-vcp-111512.pdf
  6. I got the letter too. The image on the letter is interesting. The account number is sideways on the plastic and it says "Electronic Use Only" I wonder if the card is going to not have a raised account number. I wonder if the card will be made of metal like my sapphire.
  7. That's classy. You definately get more bee's with honey I think sending letters to CEO's homes is a terrific idea for when they've stepped outside of the law, but I wouldn't expect any positive results from such actions.
  8. Fair enough, but if a new 11 year old account brings down your AAOA, then you're probably not too concerned with AAOA. Is there any FICO value to having an AAOA greater than 8 years?
  9. You don't need to have an active account to keep your 'member since' date. I had no AMEX account from 2004-2011 and they had no problem finding my 2002 account and issuing a new card. The rules for authorized users have changed recently, but they still backdate for actual members, and actual former members.
  10. SPG Gold and National Emerald Status aren't that valuable to me. I haven't used the lounge access yet either. $200/ year in United Certificates brings the fee down to effectively $250/y which isn't much more than the PR Gold. $250/y is not that much to pay for their concierge service. I've been able to get a weekend reservation at The French Laundry, a last-minute reservation at Bouchon Yountville, and I got presale tickets for The Book of Mormon. I think it's more accurate to say that you can't take advantage of the upgrades and services unless you have a good income. The Platinum Card is not a financial tool, it is a lifestyle tool. It makes it easier to spend money that you were already going to spend and it makes it more fun to do things you were already going to do. The rewards are lousy. The consumer protection and customer service are rivaled by $0AF cards. It's not accepted everywhere like Visa. It elevates your status, increases your access, and lubricates your adventures.
  11. The AF for the Platinum Card is clearly disclosed... I think wolfie was suprised by the short billing cycle and the short grace period. I got my Sapphire Preferred delivered to me on 12/16/12 and the first payment was due on 2/14/13. I got my Platinum on 4/6/12, the membership fee was added to my account on 4/12, which was the close of my first billing cycle [only 6 days?] and the full balance was due on 4/27/12. I think to people who are used to having a 30 day billing cycle and a 25-30 day grace period, the AMEX Platinum is a bit of a shock. Other cards with annual fees waive the first year, so that also makes it easier.
  12. Nevermind, the United $50 certificate was reimbursed. It took 6 days. I'll keep the card.
  13. I have a Platinum, Zync, BSP, HHonors and SPG. I think the SPG has the best rewards, the cash equavalent is $0.01 to $0.07 per point, but for the most part if you use your points to stay at Westin's, Sheraton's, and The W, you're looking at $0.02 per point. I stayed at a Sheraton once for 3,000 points, and the room marketed at $200/night. Usually you'll get a room for 12,000 points which would cost you $400/night. The Platinum might have better service than any of the other cards [except Centurion]. When I got approved for the card, they overnighted it to me. That was nice. I have a canceled BCP, which only has a domestic toll free number on the back. My BSP card has an international collect number, which tells you that AMEX likes BSP card holders more, or they think BCP holders don't leave the country. My SPG, HHonors, Zync and BSP all have the same International Collect number on them. My SPG and HHonors card have the same domestic customer service number on them, with additional numbers for hotel stuff. My BSP, Zync and Platinum all have unique domestic customer service numbers, and if you PM me, I'll give you the Platinum number so you can get in on AMEX Presales through ticketmaster You can check creditpulls to see who is getting qualified for what, I wouldn't know which of my cards was the hardest to get because so far they've approved all of my applications. I'm sure that when the phone lines are busy, I'm getting through on my Platinum quicker than you are on your BCP, but I think we all talk to the same customer service representatives. Outside of the AMEX world, I would say the Green, Gold and Platinum cards carry the most prestige. Many people know that these are Pay-In-Full cards and that you don't have one unless you have your finances together. Many people also know that they carry an annual fee and have no preset spending limit. Only bad thing is the Platinum Optima looks alot like The Platinum Card, which is the exact opposite
  14. I purchased a United $50 gift certificate a week ago and the charge hasn't been credited yet. If I can't get $200 in United gift certificates each year, I don't think I want this card anymore. I already have a zync, SPG, BSP & HHonors. I'd like to keep my account history since I have a nice high balance on the Platinum. Maybe I'll downgrade to a green or a gold [non PR]. I have better cards for rewards, I just like this card for the concierge and ticket access. The presitge isn't all that great either. I get way more compliments on my Chase Sapphire Preferred, since it is made out of metal. Maybe I'll trade that in for a Palladium If I'm going to spend $500/y and not get the united certificates, I might as well go with Chase and get some precious metal!
  15. Yes: Chase, Fidelity, SF Fire CU, No: Citi, AMEX, PenFed, Discover

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