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  1. It was sent out to a collection agency/law firm and they told me it would be deleted. When I disputed it I even gave experian said contact at lawfirm. So annoyed. I just got all of my irs crap off only to have this put on there.
  2. before notifying the CRA's and having it added as a collection I am annoyed. I had a $36 collection added to my experian score from an old cable bill from a previous addess 8 months ago. No one called me or tried collecting the amount they just put it on my credit and then my score took a massive hit. They said they were going to delete and of course they lied. I disputed and of course its been verfied by them. I would have paid it if I knew it was owed. How can they just stick it on my credit without trying to contact me for the money?
  3. Here is her explanation The day before I quit, I submitted an expense report through Concur that included that flight and some other corporate charges. The day I quit ABCD, ABCD closed my AmEx card. My Manager told me that I would have to pay AmEx directly for those charges. I flipped out and said I shouldn't be responsible for these charges myself because they were things was told to expense (i.e. holiday gift cards for my bookstores-which I also turned over to my manager when I turned in my laptop and car). She told me to contact the finance manager. I spoke to that finance manager and she said that they would send me the cost to cover the business expenses for everything except the flight charge. They sent me two different checks about a month later for the expenses that said they would agree to pay. I held off on paying because I didn't know what was going to happen with my dispute for the flight charge.
  4. I misunderstood her. She was not paying for it personally. It was paid by a 3rd party that was stricly used for paying expenses. I am going ot have her call jet bue and find out the fees for switching it. Here is the kicker her new company is switching to american express in two months. I wonder if they will deny her because of this.
  5. I am a little annoyed about this because it just came out today. My wife worked for a major corp and had a company credit card. She is saying she never signed for anything and they just gave her the card. She had racked up a $1000 on the card for work expenses. $500 for a flight and $500 for supplies. The $500 flight was never used because she was offered a job at another company and never attended a company sales meeting. However her company got pissed and stuck her with the flight. She didnt need the flight so they have been fighting about this for the past 6 months. She had been reimbursed for the other $500 and it has been sitting in her account while she finds out about the flight. Now she has an $1100 collection from AMEX on her credit which dropped her scores from mid 700's to 670's. My thought it how can they put it on her name personally? I am thinking they cannot do that. She has no idea where the flight voucher is or how to get it either. What would you suggest is the best plan of attack? We can pay it in full but it sucks she is getting stuck with the flight.
  6. which bureaus. Today I pulled my credit and to make a long story short I have gone from the low 500's to a 589 experian 715 transunion 731equifax The scores in the 700's are the irs's removal of my tax lien which is still pending on experian because you have to mail them this information instead of faxing because they seem to operate in the 80's Any how the 589 experian also has a collection for 36 that I just found out about from an old cable bill. Which I paid 6/28 and was promised it would be removed but its not of course. I am sure they will tell me now that I cant have it removed either. So finally to the point. I am going to Spain in 8/3. I really wanted to get a capital one card as the currency exchange is best through a credit card and they have no europe fees. The bank manager at capital told me they pull transunion but I figured I would ask here first. Are there any cards that pull transunion and equifax only?
  7. Unreal Transunion just responded back to me and updated the lien as paid but did not remove it Such a lovely nussiance to deal with today in 95 degree heat
  8. Rates are without a doubt going up. The fed is no longer propping the market it up with the purchase of the bond so everyone is dumping them and the 10 year has moved....
  9. so whats the best way about getting this removed from the bueraus so its done the quickest way???

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