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  1. I didn't end up going with Navy Fed. They wanted about $16k in closing costs, including 3 points. I actually got pre-approved for $310k which blew my mind. We're going thru USAA now but I'm really discouraged by this VA process. We're out $2,100 because our appraisal came in $20k below asking price and the seller won't budge. We shelled out money for application, inspection, appraisal, and earnest all for nothing. USAA has been unresponsive throughout the process. We don't have much money and now need to save up for all the aforementioned all over again and hope it plays out in our favor. Ole fully by then interest rates will still be low enough do we can afford something decent. So upset.
  2. Hi. We're in the process of getting our first mortgage with USAA. The only thing standing in our way of that is an old T-Mobile bill that is being collected by Midland Credit Management. My wfe's name is on the debt but she DV'd it as an an authorized use of her credit. Now USAA is saying that it must show paid in full in order for us to proceed, but Midland REFUSES to to let us pay it. We sent them a fax stating that we're willing to pay but get no response. We're under contract for a house now and stand to loose $1,000 in earnest money not counting what I've already paid for good faith deposit, application, home inspection, and appraisal all another $1,150 all together. Our closing day is January 25th. HELP!!!
  3. I don't have great credit. All three bureaus are reporting around 570ish due to a collections from 5/6 years ago that has since been paid. I monitor all three bureaus monthly, so my 570 was nothing new. Anyway, I joined Navy Federal before I got out of the Army so I'd still be in their field of membership. For sh*ts and giggles, I applied for an NFCU Visa card and low and behold was approved for a $6000 limit. Until this point, my highest limit card was Chase Slate, $1500. Needless to say I was happy! I was also approved for a $29600 auto loan at a very low rate which I didn't take. To the point: I'd like to buy a house. I didn't think I could due to a denied application a few years ago due to my credit scores. I then figured that I'd give Navy Federal a shot since they had been so liberal with my CC and auto loan. So I apply and get "pre-approved" for the requested amount, $173k, at 2.75%. I was shocked. Navy Federal disclosed the scores they used for my pre-approval and they were in the 670s, not the 570s like I had been monitoring. Why the difference? I guess my main question here is what are the chances that I'll find a home, get ready to close, and Navy Federal will back out? I've read HORROR STORIES about them doing this for one reason or another. Makes me nervous. Also, I'm "pre-approved". They pulled my CR's but haven't verified my income or assets. They state that this is different from "pre-qualification", but other than the credit pulls, I don't see how. Sorry for the rambling. Any thoughts?
  4. For the better part of 6 months I subscribed to 2 credit monitoring services. Equifax (all 3 scores) and USAA CreditCheck Monitoring (Experian). While I was doing this, my Experian scores on USAA and Equifax sites were always different, sometimes off by as much as 40 points. I no longer use the Equifax service and rely on USAA for my monitoring needs. Does anyone know why this could be?
  5. Perhaps I'm a bit ignorant and not seeing the light, but are USAA and Navy Federal CU really that great? I've been a USAA associate member since 2006 and an NFCU member since last year. I joined both because I was in the military and was surrounded by soldiers who banked through them so I figured, "why not". Now I come on here, a very informative site, and find every 5th topic or so is about USAA or NFCU! Anyone can bank through USAA but NFCU, like any CU, has a FOM. Why does everyone want to be a member? Maybe I don't realize how good I have it? Can someone help me understand?
  6. I'm not sure having your grandfather's DD214 would do any good. I mean no disrespect, but since he is not living, it appears you do not meet the FOM requirements. I've recently joined NFCU because I'm about to get out - and without joining - that would've put me outside the FOM. I figured it was worth the $5. You need to call NFCU directly for a real answer. Good luck!
  7. So, should I pay it or risk it going onto my credit reports?
  8. Nekom, One is a USAA American Express card, the other is an American Express Green Card. Nothing special! Also, I believe at the time I was at about 650 Fico.
  9. Hello All! Previous reader, first time poster. You've all got a great forum here! I'm in a bit of a situation regarding collections. I recently received my first notice of an attempt to collect a debt from RJM Aquisitions (New York), on a Key Bank checking account that was overdrawn in 2006 (-$600). I admit that I knew about this, but to date it has never been posted in my credit report (any of the three) and to my knowledge Key Bank never attempted to get ahold of me. It was a student checking account, so I figured that may have had something to do with it. I've read some pretty shady stuff about this collection agency on other forums out there, so I'm hesitant to pay it in full. Since I got my act together 4 years ago, I've paid off everything on my credit reports in full and increased my FICO score from 493 to 630 at the present, and established a few credit cards (2 AMEX, 1 MC). My concern is that no matter what I do, pay in full, pay in installments, or simply ignore it, it will end up as a collection account on my credit reports and take my credit score back down to where it was 4 years ago. Why would I never hear about this until 6 years later? Could they report this even if I paid in full? Should I even pay in full? I'm very concerned regarding this matter and would appreciate any advice or comments. Thanks in advance!
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