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  1. Have yet to see any mandatory tipping regulation. So until that happens, its at the discretion of the consumer. Most persons consider it rude not too, yet I think its rude for owners to pay subpar and have the consumer bare the brunt of the ired employee. (and yes I worked in waitressing)
  2. contingent on his credit score and wages, he could possibly be approved for a consolidated loan. What is his plan though once he consolidates? To rack up more charges , cancel cards... or let them be placed away . ? Why is he seeking an auto loan in the process of this debt accumulation? Maybe I am not understanding his goals...
  3. Congrats on being able to continue service with budgetary mindfullness. Be aware that they will mess up your billing next. Been down that path and its taken three months for proper credits to be applied. As to the "New Customer" manuever, good luck! Once your Social sec # is in their system you are not able to be a new customer no matter how many months transpired. I was out of area for two years thru a local mom and pop cable service, Two years later I came back, found out Comcast was the ONLY service provider in my area. Tried to apply under new customer deals and they said , nope! we have you as being a customer previously so this does NOT apply . They can say whatever they want over the phone, its all in their policy what they deem NEW customer. Our municipalities get kick backs from making Comcast the only cable provider and their logic is....Its either money from them to fund the municipality or money from the residences thru increase taxes. I thik that is narrowminded of them as there can be more providers willing to give "kickbacks" for being in the area...but apparently its not as deep pocketed as comcast.
  4. Do not call them! Everything in writing. No Money til they agree to: an Accord and Satisfication and a vacate thru the courts. The Certified check can be brought to the court hearing on the matter so the judge can make final ruling and see that the check is valid to hand over to the plaintiff. It should only take 15 minutes to have the matter heard and resolved. Do not send any money directly to the legal firm no matter what malarky they hand you. Remain firm . What state was this judgment rendered? that can play a key to how the process works.
  5. NEGOTIATE with the creditors directly. Be annoyingly persistent. Keep annoying them til you get the interest rate that keeps the payments do-able. I was super annoying to my one creditor and had to make a concession with the low rate, but it was worth it! Trust me, most can go as low as 2% yet they will force you to around 12%-14%. Don't let em, Simply say, this is where I remain firm, How close can we meet on this target rate?
  6. Noticed this topic went in a different direction. So If I may, I'd like to contribute to the original thread. Concept that are annoying.... : "I saved XX $". really now? then where is it? Which pocket? Marketing gimmicks are meant to give folks a false sense of security that they somehow "saved". In Accounting 101 there are few columns and none of them are a "saved" Column. Its either an asset or a debit. There is no third column for what was saved. It doesn't compute in the accounting world. The reality may be that one did not SPEND as much, but if its cash out...its "spending". the "Buying Power" may be a true concept, yet it still involves expenditures. I dislike Marketing and all its mind games played, between how they phrase a "sale" to how they promote a product. I read a pharmaceutical brochure and til I was done, I was not about to take that medication. The risks were counter productive to the cause if that makes sense. Sure- relieve my pain but let me have a damaged liver in the process.
  7. Be objectively honest. My boss is perpetually late. Its one of his flaws. So to say on the survey 'He can use improvement on time management' is a true and objective view statement. Or maybe his temperment is scattered - It could be stated " His directives are sometimes unclear or carry brevity" Basically keep it objective, positive and honest. Feedback in a company is important. The Challenge though is knowing what all their duties are and how they handle them on a daily basis. Some folks in a larger company assume the boss has a specific task and it may well not even be his to manage.
  8. Adam- It would be wise to at the very least contact a bankruptcy attorney. They do a brief consult and from that have your important questions answered. You need to make the best decision for your future and where you are currently. Never hurts to understand your full options before proceeding with partial pay offs or such. Just my two cents, gather some legal advice before taking too much action. The lessons come later....after things move in a particular direction.
  9. Ganto, Breeze is giving sound advice. Start the Process if the lawyer encourages it. Not everything gets thru BK. Some creditors have been known to challenge and win. Make sure your lawyer walks you thru each debt, owners, and explains the procedures.
  10. Thanks Dockworker. Morgage- 15 year: @ 5% Loan amount: 365,000 , Interest paid : 154,000. That is a 44% waste in interest payments .
  11. Seriously, Bravo for saving and being diligent. In what way is it silly to pay cash for a home? Do share as I find it illogical to NOT pay cash if its readily available. Why line the banks pockets or worry in cases where employment would be lost? The tax incentive is a farce in more ways then owning.
  12. Banks are required to follow any legal document presented on accounts from govt or courts. So Its 99.9% doubtful that you are safe from any funds being left should that happen. They can also garnish your wages so really its rare to play keep away when its money the creditors or govt is after. Not sure where you reside that you are "allowed" to keep a base amount in your account. Never heard that one, can you recite the law or provision ? My sister in law had to deposit her checks into her sons savings . The problem became she could only withdraw twice a month with little to no penalty. With more Employers now requiring direct deposit, its open for anyones hands to be in the kettle so to speak. Tupperware and tin cans are rare to confiscate though
  13. How old are these accounts? Have you been served on any of these? Sometimes its best to allow them to fall off your report. Sometimes Disputing the accuracy can also make them go away. There are various avenues to take., ready the Stickies on this site for some possible solutions. The main thing is to refrain from offers that may come back and haunt you.
  14. I had Travelers and they got tight with their provisions. Far too many "buts" and "nots" to feel that there was any lea way. Not a good customer service company. Staying with Progressive has been a blessing. Minimal increases and they always work with me on payment schedules and any claims. All three accidents in the past 7 years have been the other persons . Why change when its low payments and great service!

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