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  1. LCJW

    BK vs bad credit

    Hi busymom, so, you think is better to try to dispute charges based on SOL and tackle them one at a time than bk? I am so concerned than once my divorce is over I just go down with all this mess.
  2. LCJW

    BK vs bad credit

    This debts are on my name only. My divorce is taking over 2 years to finalize because my husband refuses to share house (2) selling profits, retirement, so on and so forth. so, this unsecure debts have been in collection as a charge off from the OC for the last year and a half. Even if I try to repay this to the collectors it will be on my credit and I still have to battle the collectors to show "paid in full" instead of whatever they want (we know bill collectors can not be trusted) so, I do not know if it is better to dispute the charges, and try to clean up my credit, or file for BK and get it over with. Thanks,
  3. :(Hi everyone, I have about 10,000 in unsecure debt, I am going thru a divorce and I can not pay them.. would it be better to file BK, or try to fix my credit. Please help me with an sincere answer I do not know what to do. Help! lcjw
  4. Hi Sassy, I also noticed no postings from you. Get well!!!. Will keep you in prayer for you to get back on your feet soon. I missed your wise advice to all of us in need of that. lcjw.
  5. LCJW

    experts help!

    No, I have not. I know that the experts send us newbies to credit 101, but I have read and read and read, the topic and I am not sure of what to do. lcjw
  6. LCJW

    experts help!

    Hi guys, I send my first DV letter to a collection agency used by Providian 2wks ago, I received a response letter from Providian, not the CA. Providian is not validating the debt only acknowledging tht I do not want to be contacted by phone anymore. What do I do next? Do I just wait for the 30 days period and then demand for the CA & Providian to be removed from my CR? Please help!!!!!! thanks, Lcjw
  7. Thank you so much! I hae asked this question many, many times and no one responded. Thanks again. I am new at this and it is very hard to understand everything that is going on; also, I noticed that I am not the only one. Most of the newbies are in the same boat. Thanks! lcjw
  8. How do I do this: delete old addresses, name etc? Thanks ya'll!!!!
  9. LCJW

    Help guys

    [ Have you deleted old addresses, name misspellings, SSN typos, old phone numbers from each CR? TU, EXP, EQ? I would do that right away if you have not already. How do I do this? delete old addresses, name etc?
  10. LCJW

    Help guys

    Thank you Pavlov!!!!!!! What about the SOL? if Iam still whithin it CA can sue me? Do I still take a chance and send DV letters to them? Do I need to do the same with the OC? Thanks! lcjw
  11. LCJW

    Help guys

    I know that you guys suggest to read the newbie section first, but I have read it and read it, and read it again and I am not very clear in what I have todo. Please, please, please, advice. I have accts sent to CA from: Capital 1 2003 2600.00 Providian 2003 2700.00 Target 2003 2900.00 I have optout I have sent the CA DV letters to one of the CA. SOL in TX is 4 years. I am very confused about sending the DV letters because if I am within the SOL then I can be sued; however everyone of the experts on this board advices to send the DV letters. So, what do I do? Also, what about the OC do I send them the DV letters as well? I know that for the experts I might sound stupid but this is very new to me and there are so many threads and discussions that I do not know what do . Please help guys! Thanks, lcjw
  12. I don't know how to thank you all for your sincere and knowledgable advice. So, I'll just say thanks to all of you sincerely! Well following your advice: I have opt-out I have sent the dispute letters to the CA But how do I take care of the OC? do I send them letters of dispute as well? Thanks guys! lcjw
  13. Thank you all and God Bless! Lcjw
  14. Thanks. Am I still on time to "optout" I've notice that many people have received the "you are too late to optout". when is too late? lcjw
  15. What is "opt out" I 've seen it several times but I have followed so many threads and read so many topics that sometimes I've got lost and I have not been able to find out what "opt out" is, or means?

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