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  1. Thanks for pointing the out, but luckily i should meet the spend on most of these by the 1st month. Taking the family to Disney world and decided to take my two nieces and nephew with us since they have never been and are going through some family issues with their parents getting divorced. I know its going to be rough but I cant wait to see there faces. Plane tickets, lodging park tickets etc for 8 people! Needless to say I should be reaching the spend requirements. I feel kind of low using the bonuses to help, but I do plan on keeping most the cards. The platinum is good for the travel credits and I like the saphire preferred for primary car rental coverage.
  2. Im not accustomed to open so many accounts at once I thought I would drop to sub 700 was curious if that would happen Credit Karma says my average age of accounts is 2 years before App spree FYI
  3. I remember a few years ago I was here getting help score was 580 and now its about 790. This year I think I messed up guys I opened 5 new credit cards at once. I tried to play the chase the sign up bonus game to take advantage of some things. How bad am I screwed? Cards opened Amex Platinum --Travel benefits 50,000 points and Statement credit Chase Saphire preferred - 45,000 bonus sign up Chase Southwest ---50,000 point bonus ----------------I plan on closing this one because I over looked there was an annual fee Barclays Arrival + $500 travel statement credit Citi Thank you premier $40,000 points
  4. Credit score is 760 Planning a vacation for 7 of us and getting towards the end of the budget though. I just opened a Chase Saphire preferred card and spent the $4000 to get 52,000 points which I transfered to SWW to buy tickets. However, now I'm thinking about getting a SW CC to take advantage of the 50,000 points offer. Any long term damage I should know about before I do this? I have like 9 open CC with all zero balances
  5. I didnt know where to ask this but does anyone know if I get this offer if I can use the points for a flight for someone else or does it only work on the card holder? Thanks
  6. DO you think I can transfer from wifes NFCU to mine and get the low APR?
  7. How do you calculate a 2.99 monthly interest on $5,000? Thanks
  8. Is there any update on NFCU holding a balance transfer promo anytime soon? thanks
  9. I was just curious if anyone knows if NFCU is doing any balance transfer offers soon
  10. Thinking about buying a Camaro and came across this deal. Is anyone familiar with how hard it is to get that 0%? perfect credit or what?
  11. I read somewhere that the average gamer is over 21. I am 20 years past 21 and I can honestly say that the last video game I played was qbert, in some bar back in the 90's I play game and Im near 30, but I don't play as much as a I use to. My first game was Duck hunt
  12. Why can't they do it? Anytime my daughter says what she wants to be when she grows up I support it. Might not be feasible but I'm going to support her
  13. Answer was that account has not been open 60 days. I looked on credit karma and it shows account was opened on the 22nd. The limit is $1000 and since May I have charged about 3800. Right now balance is 300

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