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  1. Hubby and I went to the car dealership to try and get a loan for a new vehicle. That night were were told no that most of their banks came back with an auto decline. However, the financial manager is out of the office and he will try to work his magic the next day (yesterday) and they will call us if they can make it work. I got a call yesterday evening saying that one of the banks talked to the financial manager and said that because I had a fraud alert they wont even look at the application. The sales man gave me all the info on who the fraud alert was with (EQ) and said if I can get it removed they will try again. The crazy thing is I never asked for a FA to be put on my file and I would have had it removed before hand if I had known it would affect me like this. I called this morning and the lady said she has removed it but it can take up to 24 to 48 hours for it to be off my report. Is this true or is she just giving me a worse case script? Megan
  2. I was trying to get my TU report online last week and couldn't because they said they couldn't verify my identity. OK, no problem a quick call should fix that. So I called this morning and the first person I talked to said I needed to call a new number to get my report unlocked because my last name is different now (even though I have gotten my report since I got married 3 years ago). Called the new number and the lady said It was a TU issue and to call the number I had just called. I thought I was talking to TU but whatever, called the lady back and she said nope the other person was mistaken and she called and confirmed that I needed to call and unlock my info because of my last name. I called the number back and the lady I got said that my report isn't available online for free and that I can pay for my report or go to annualcreditreport.com to get my report. I said no, I was denied credit because of TU and I am entitled to my report. We went back and forth so I gave up and spoke to a supervisor. This guy was very nice and after about an hour and a half on the phone trying everything we could think of something is going on with my file and it doesn't exist in the system. He asked if I disputed anything and I said no, not in over a year. He said he can see the previous report that was generated in the system on the 31st (the first time I tried to access my report but was told they couldn't verify my identity) but nothing is coming up now. He asked me to try again in a week to see if anything changes. He isn't sure if them updating my last name in the system messed with anything. Has anyone else had this issue? Was it corrected easily? What if they can't find my file still in a week?
  3. How does the CRA know your income? 90% of our income is non reportable and non taxable so it isn't filed when we file our taxes at the end of the year. We have proof of our income (VA disability and VA Caregiver pay). I am curious how they figure out our debt to income ratio and if the fact they don't have current income could be causing that to be high.
  4. If you read around a bit you can find a cease and desist letter and send that via CMRR, that will get the calls to stop.
  5. I am livid right now. I s got a notice saying derogatory action as taken on my credit. So I logged in and to take a look. Fed Loan Services (where my student loans are held) reported 60 an 90 day late to all my reports (6 times over as that's how many accounts I have with them). I am in school and on deferred status and it even shows that I am deferred on my report and in their system. I am so sick of playing this credit game. It seems like I take 1 step forwards and pushed back a mile.
  6. I have nearly the same problem but my Ins company at the time (Tricare) is saying its been too long and try wont accept a claim now. My ER visit was Jan of 2012.
  7. I was looking at my reports last night and there are thing on there that I've not lived at since I was 17, maybe 18 (I moved when I was 17 but some mail may have gone there). There are also a few addresses that I've not been at in 7, 8, 9 years. Even if these are attached to a TL can you argue as obsolete? I think one address is attached to a positive TL, would the CRA just delete the (positive) TL as obsolete too? Irk, there were also addresses that are clearly made up on my report too. The house number is repeated 2 times, or the street name was repeated (in one case they added a few letters to the end). I have 2 with a correct house and street name but a city I've never lived in. If some of these addresses are attached to a TL how do I get them removed if ie never wen lived there or if someone jar made up a portion of an address (or added to an address)?
  8. March 2012 I went to go back to school at a local community college and I found out I had an over payment from University of Phoenix. I paid over the phone with a debit card so I can get my classes started right away. Fast forward to March 2013 my tax refund was garnished for the exact same amount that I paid. I have been trying to fight this for a while now and I am not getting anywhere. How can I have an over payment not paid and still get approved for a pell grant to go back to school? Well I pulled my credit reports and UofP (Apollo financial) is showing a charge off.... but they got their money TWICE. What the heck can I do about this?
  9. What is OOPS? Do you mean get a goodwill letter from Chase? Do you think a Goodwill letter would work at getting the 30 day mark off the credit report? How long does it need to be out before the late isn't as bad? We are not thinking of actually moving forward with a new car loan until about July or August. That is when we think his backpay from his new disability claim should be coming in and we will use that for the high down payment.
  10. Hubby is the one financing the car, my name is not on it. The late was paid on Jan 29th (the 30 day mark was the 26th). I am not sure the problem on our finances. It feels like we should have more than enough money to cover everything but it seems all of our expenses are being juggled every month. The last few months have been easier. We have sat down and made a budget and we are sticking to it. We have gone to a cash allowance system and getting gift cards for gas each month so we don't over draw the account for gas. Just little things that seem to be helping. Next month we will be all caught up with the juggle of high bills and what not, so that is encouraging. In Jan December we updated new bank info with the VA for our direct deposit. We had to get a new acct number because of possible ID theft (electronic checks were coming through that we did not authorize). Even though we thought we gave them enough time when our DD in Jan didn't come we had to wait for the bank to return the funds to the VA and the VA send us the money. In the next few weeks my husband's disability claim will be updated and the backpay we are getting will be going towards bills and cleaning up our credit.
  11. But in this case (and I have had cases like it) you have no idea what it is about or who to send a letter to.
  12. Thank you everyone. I save a PDF version to my hard drive, is that fine? I do have old printed copies in a file cabinet, but the new stuff is saved, should I just print them out?
  13. Another post made me think about NFCU for an auto loan. Right now we have a Honda Insight Hybrid that we got brand new in Jan 2012. We went with the Honda dealer and they found us an auto loan with like 19% interest. The payment we have is still in our budget and we are fine. The auto loan is with Chase Financial, so it is nice it is more of a mainstream bank type loan instead of an off brand lender. But seriously a 19% interest is crazy and if we can we would like to get a smaller interest. We need to buy a new car (again) because 2 months after we got this car I found out I was pregnant with out 3rd child and we do not fit in this car. We can manage but really it isn't doable much longer and we need something bigger. We have had a NFCU account since 2010 and haven't had many issues with it. The only problem is we overdraw the account almost every month the last week of the month. We only get paid once a month and if something pops up towards the end we have to juggle. We always come current on the 1st as all of our pay is directly deposited into the account. But how negatively will this look when we apply for a loan with them? The loan will be in hubby's name and his credit is about 580. We are not upside down in our loan at all, but I don't believe we have any equity in the car either. Will they look at the current loan when they factor the debt to income ratio, because we will be trading in the car when we get a new one. Our loan right now is current, we have paid a few times late but not 30 days late (like a week here or there). But sadly we do have 1 30day late because there was an issue with VA disability payment and you can't force the VA to do anything, we just had to wait until they got their stuff together. We will have money to put down on the car (a high dollar amount), but is it worth trying to get a loan with NFCU? Do you think Chase would finance another loan since we have had 1 30 day late and have paid a week or two late here and there? Should we just go back to the dealer and let them figure it out? I just don't want them to send our info to 300 different lenders.

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