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  1. From the time my Chapter 7 was filed all of my accounts were listed as “Chapter 7 Bankruptcy” and the payment history was blank. Yesterday I got an alert of a change to my credit report on Experian and one of those CC accounts now shows full payment history with CO and 120 day lates. How should I approach this? I haven’t made any disputes and was just humming along on rebuilding my credit.
  2. I have been denied cards while rebuilding for the reason of poor credit history with xxxxxxx. I got Capital One off with a random dispute of not my account and then as soon as it came off the report I was able to get a quick silver card.
  3. So I’m 15 months post Chapter 7 discharge. FICO Scores plummeted from 740 to 450 when the discharge hit. Currently I’m sitting just below a 700 FICO, I have a Capital One QS with a 3k limit ( they were IIB and came back 12 months post discharge, a new 40k auto loan at 3%, a Secured SDFCU card with a 1k limit, 1k credit builder loan with a local credit builder that will be paid off in September. What is holding me back is the 7 accounts that are listed as paid, closed, and included in bankruptcy. How should I attack these? Should I leave them and just work on building a solid histor
  4. Pulled the trigger and got a $3k limit. Was surprised at that limit to restart my journey.
  5. I’m 13 months post CH7 and currently have a SDFCU secured card with a 1k limit and a credit one unsecured with a $500 limit. I just paid off my reaffirmed its loan (29k) and opened a new 40k auto loan which hasn’t hit the resorts yet. I was thinking of spring another card or so while I have the one loan paid in full and the new loan hasn’t hit the reports. Annual income is 89k and my FICO is 685 and CK FAKOs are 698 and 693. Capital One preselector has me pre approved for the platinum and quick silver at 26.99 APR.... Yikes... I mean the were included in the CH7 on 3 cards for $400
  6. Yea I passed on all that. They pushed hard for the GAP to be purchased their but I walked out with a 3.99% APR on a new 47k Lexus with 7k in rebates bringing it down to 39k without all the dealer fees and taxes. I’ll probably refinance it shortly, but I’m surprised that Toyota financed me 355 days post Chapter 7.
  7. Salesman called me and said finance looked at credit and said there are no issues. He’ll have more for me later as it’s super busy as it’s the last day of the month. Curious about the rate but I guess it’s safe to assume I’m good with the 2000 down?
  8. Still haven’t heard back yet but a credit report were pulled first thing this morning when they opened. Unfortunately they pulled only Experian which is my lowest score... Carvana is about 2 hours away and will be writing me a check for my current car and paying it off so I’ll have another grand to put down. I’m sure someone will pick me up for an auto loan for 39,500 the question is how much the interest will be. I expect them to come back with some high rate and tell em to refinance in a year....
  9. Ended up going to a different dealer. The car is on its way to the dealer this week and they put our name on it to hold the allotment. Total price is 39950 plus dealer admin fees and tax title and license of 2178 for a total of 4200. Was hoping to put down a payment to cover the 2178 in fees. MSRP on the suv is 45970. Im nervous about the financing portion as I fill out the application at home, I still feel like 684 and 695 FAKOs and an auto score of 680 ish. They are trying to push me towards no incentives and taking 0 percent financing option but I doubt I’ll qualify for that. I t
  10. Going in tomorrow to hopefully finalize the deal on a manager demo car that is essentially new. It’s a BMW X3 with 5500 miles on it. MSRP new is 51999 and they had it listed at 41999. Should be looking at financing 41500 plus tax and title with the trade in being for my payoff. I have 2k cash in hand for a down payment and more in savings but I’d prefer to no touch my savings. Do you think a component finance guy can make this work? I’m 1 year post Chapter 7 tomorrow. I’ve have 6 closed current paid on time auto loans still on my reports and they were with banks like USAA, Navy, Ally,
  11. Does it matter if I sell my car to someone else?
  12. Is most of this automated through the dealer app and if somethings close the Finance office makes calls to lenders? I ask because the dealer has new cars for 4K more. Looking at 44 to 46k with 2k down. Do they need to know how much I can put down up front? I’ve had it where I tell them what I have and it comes back as you can do it with zero down and other times they say you need x amount down . Would me selling my current car today Carmax today and buying at another dealership hurt the finance offer or do I just need to show proof of sale so it doesn’t look like I’m trying to get
  13. What would you say is a purchase limit for someone with my scores? Income is 7300 per month and all I have is my current $667 per month car payment. All cards are 0 balance but have only been open 7 months.
  14. Thanks. We are actually looking at cheaper vehicles around 32k. I have the Capital One offer to fall back on. So I have the dealer we are going to use just run my social and see if he can beat the capital one offer? Their offer said to just tell them to run Capital One.
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