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  1. No, it hasn't shipped. The charge appears as pending and hasn't posted yet.
  2. Bingo. I purchased $100+ worth of hangers yesterday, and I haven't received the e-mail mentioned earlier. I clicked on save offer, and I can see the offer went to the "my offers" list. Is there something more to do?
  3. As a data point, I had the same issue with New York Sports Club several years ago. After I quit my membership, I neither received a final bill nor had the last payment debited from my checking account. It slipped my mind after a while, and I received a call from a collector many months later. I was pissed the final amount was sent to collections without anyone at NYSC contacting me. I told the collector to send me a bill, and I'll pay it ASAP. The bill was equal to my monthly gym fee, so I knew it was mine. I paid the bill over the phone when she offered, and it didn't show up on my credit r
  4. Yes, but if you're going to get an American Express Blue, then I wouldn't waste an inquiry with the Bank of America Cash Rewards. If you get the Blue Cash Preferred, you'll receive the same 3% on gas in addition to the other benefits.
  5. Glitch in the Matrix? Sometimes inquiries take a few days to appear, but that isn't the issue here, so perhaps it was a promotional inquiry that was just coded incorrectly.
  6. So i guess im the only first one who notices the individual utilization on this department store charge card is at about 44%.... im sure a good portion of your decrease is the newness of these accounts and the percentage of utilization on that department store card.. you want that AT LEAST under 15% Yes, you're the "only first one." In all seriousness, while your assessment makes all the sense in the world, I'm pretty sure the OP is referencing FAKOs since he or she is "[c]hecking directly on CRA web sites."
  7. Could the lady of the house possibly have initiated it?
  8. Good looking, man. I overlooked this card thinking it was only 1.5% for purchases made from travel.
  9. As a word of caution, Barclays will pull TU for approval, but they have softed my EX every so often once I had the account open.
  10. I've seen similar posts, and I think it could be one factor of many. My first purchase on my Blue Cash was $2,600 at PayPal. I've made numerous PayPal transactions since (always paying in full), and so far so good. At a basic level, I wouldn't be surprised if American Express had a list of factors, and having a certain number of checked items causes a financial review.
  11. Someone may come along and suggest opening a secured card, but I don't believe you'll need to. If you're able to generate a score, I would determine the categories you're spending the most money in, and go ahead and apply for the card (only apply for one right now) of your choice that's fitting. If you're declined, then recon and explain the situation. Sign up for CreditKarma and Credit Sesame and report back with your score. Don't buy anything just yet.
  12. I love posts like these. Having an American Express doesn't mean you've made it or say anything about you except that you wanted an American Express card and/or can use some of the perks. Of course, I didn't always feel this way. It wasn't until I started earning a decent income when I realized that I didn't need to purchase a luxury car to display my new lifestyle because I was actually too busy enjoying it. Similarly, some people who apply for the American Express card do so just to have the illusion of wealth since that's generally a card that a lot of wealthy and rich people carry. Wh
  13. Pics of sister ala FW style? Just kidding. In all seriousness, which Barclays card do you have this offer on?
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