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  1. An update (sorry, been more than 24 hours so I cannot edit): Wasn't an Egyptian at all finally! Penfed = 2000 to 12,500 Caught 1 EX and 1 TU inq (starting B* there anyway) for 23,250 in CLIs, so can't complain
  2. While I'm still sitting back on new cards, a few of my cards hit 6+ months, so I figured I'd bump them up too As far as I can tell none of these did hards (instant approvals) which is nice, but I'm waiting on another PenFed request that will be a hard with a likely Egyptian Forward = 10,000 to 11,500 BCE = 6,000 to 15,000 (should have asked for the full 18 apparently ) Walmart = 5,000 to 6,000 Priceline = 5,000 to 6,250
  3. 723 -> 718 My util may have increased a little, but once I pay the NFCU BT off this'll go back up a bit and will only be AAOA negatively affecting it
  4. 755 -> 723...I suppose letting a 98% balance on my NFCU (18% total UTIL) report explains the drop
  5. True story, I wish there was some way I could do that.
  6. 700 -> 722 You have a short credit history.
  7. After about how long of being a member and/or having a card did you guys start getting preapprovals? December is my 12th statement, and I've yet to even see a hint of anything.
  8. a SSN is not always needed to obtain a credit report. if you have a police report you should be able to freeze for free. I would do it for a few months anyway. Ah, I'll have to look into that then, thanks for the heads up Thanks for the heads up, not sure how to watch my claims, but I'll call them and have them cancel/re-issue my card if possible.
  9. D'oh, my mistake, edited my first post. I had the cards that were in my wallet reissued (with new #s of course). Do you think so? I've been watching my inqs like a hawk, and my Social Security # was no where in my wallet at all.
  10. So this thread isn't really to complain about it, as it obviously stinks and has happened to other people before, but to make sure I didn't forget to do anything/check anything. I cancelled the current cards (in the wallet) and had them re-issued. 2 cards had fraudulent transactions; I filed a police report, and informed the issuers. They seem to be handling this easily enough, which is nice. Neither of them were able to obtain the times of the transactions though, which may be a pain for the police officer. I ordered a new drivers license, and that should get here eventually. I need to notify my health/dental insurers, but not sure that someone could actually use those cards without ID. Other than that, what might I be forgetting/what else may I need to cancel/get/obtain? Thanks.
  11. I had an awesome year credit wise, I'll start with 12/2011 since that's when I joined here/really started with credit and learning about it 12/2011 -------- Cap1 ($39 AF) $750 Target $1,000 Forward $4,500 12/2012 -------- Target $1,000 Citi Forward $4,500 -> $5,700 -> $10,000 State CU (not PSECU) (EQ only) $4,500 Discover More $3,000 -> $3,250 -> $4,250 AMEX BCE $2,000 -> $6,000 Penfed Rewards $2,000 Walmart Discover $3,000 -> $5,000 USAA World MC $8,700 -> $12,000 Priceline 2% $2,500 -> $5,000 Sallie Mae 2% (now Rewards MC) $4,000 -> $7,000 NFCU cashRewards $15,000 Citi TYP $6,500 Signing Bonuses ------------------------- BCE $150 Penfed $250 Priceline $50 Sallie Mae $100 or $150, I forget TYP $400 (haven't earned yet)
  12. 755 -> 760, still complaining about AAOA Still my highest from TU, but wouldn't mind 800
  13. Forgive me if I'm misunderstanding something, but why should we archive our EQ reports?
  14. You are on the C* list so you need 3 daily pullers. Thanks again for the heads up Bob, went from 19 (+1 during the block) to one left as of today (and I shouldn't C* until Friday). Cancelling everything but USAA today, and getting back to normal.
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